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Bio: true blue female comix book fiend. yep we exsist!!!! rare like a good marvel movie. snicker let's see I've seen over 300 anime movies, shorts, experiments etc... and YES it shows in my wonderings as a writer. I also post on Fichaven and MediaMiner. Why?! because I'm great at writing smut, oops PWP too!! favorites: anime - Heavy Metal series - Colombo, Nightstalker, Battlestar Galactica (both), The Magician movie - Dark Crystal, Bladerunner, Usual Suspects, Man Under Fire music - all (yeah even country) Quote - We don't remember days, we remember moments So if your reading my works review!!! it's the only way I get a clue if it's good. toddles peeps viva la differance!!! live long and prosper nanu nanu
Gender: female
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