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Real Name: Kayla
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A few things you may like to know:

Zodiac: Pisces

Birthday: March 5, 1993

How I found InuYasha: I rolled over in bed and switched on the TV at seven in the morning, to find a red-clad hanyou fighting his older brother.... every girl's fantasy, right?

Home: Alabama USA

Favorite InuYasha character: Sesshoumaru, InuYasha, or Inu No Taisho

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster. Figures, I have chickens... and a rooster named Hedwig.... how typical... 


I HATE SessxKagome stories. HATE them. They are the single least likely couple out there. Notice how many times he tries to kill her? She belongs to InuYasha, and Sesshoumaru belongs to no one as far as canon goes.

Some people have even tried to pair Kagome with InuTaisho! :O

I also hate it when people come on here, they don't even write a story, and they go around posting low ratings and bad reviews, just to screw up a good story.

I get writer's block a lot, so feel free to contact me and tell my that I need to hurry the hell up.

I want to say just how much I am eternally grateful that my art was featured! I love you guys! :)

Yahoo IM: kayeh687
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Gender: female
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