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Reader's Corner: What all of you should know...
Last updated: December 28th, 2007


Hi everyone, and welcome to my corner!

I've recently posted some of my InuKag fanfiction on here... I hope people enjoy it! Eyes Like Yours is up to chapter 10 and 72 Hours is now officially completed.

Please review once you've read the chapter(s) and tell me what you think!


Personal Writing Philosophies

I believe in...

-Detailed, constructive reviews, which show the growth and improvement in each story's chapter (whether I write them, or someone writes them about my/other chapters)

-Quality story chapters versus quantity story chapters--quantity chapters being "lengthy" but perhaps "filler" chapters.

-When writing story chapters, authors should take their time, and not make definite deadlines--when chapters are rushed and posted "because they have to be once every two weeks or else..." the story is not written to its best ability (My story deadlines are not definite; they are just a guideline)

-Excellent grammar, spelling, paragraphing, and varied usage of vocabulary

-Whether you write fanfiction or constructively!


Story Stats:

My "story stats" section is simply a convenient way of checking when the last chapter was posted, and approximately when the next one will come out. Things written in the "story stats" section are subject to change. (Delays, possible "on hold" statuses, etc.)

72 Hours
Last posting -- December 28th, 2007
Last chapter posted -- 5
Current status -- Complete!
Frequency of new postings -- N/A.

Eyes Like Yours
Last posting -- November 23rd, 2007
Last chapter posted -- 10
Current status -- A work in progress.
Frequency of new postings -- Weekly(ish).

Overcome and the sequal, Overcome: The Aftermath
Last posting -- September 14th. 2007
Last chapter posted -- Overcome (sequal not yet posted and/or finished)
Current status -- Incomplete; a work in progress.
Frequency of new postings -- Will be updated soon.

VOLUME I: It's All About Her: All You Can Eat
Last posting -- September 14th, 2007
Last chapter posted -- Part One of (hopefully) Three
Current status -- Incomplete; a work in progress.
Frequency of new postings -- Unknown.

Reagrdless of how long a chapter update might be, I don't abandon my stories. Even if it'll take me years, I will painstakingly finish each and every chapter for all of my fanfictions.

Personally, I hate it when authors have a really great story going on and they just give up on it. It's unfair to the readers, fans and to the writers themselves, as they lose credibility. Because of this, I will never be like them. Well, that and I couldn't bring myself to half-ass something and not even finish it.

Please don't harrass me (well, not negatively anyway--friendly reminders are always good) if I'm taking a long time to update. Remember that I'm always here, my email address always has room for a review and that I always read every message I get from my fans or readers. This includes fanfiction reviews, personal reviews from your email addresses and so forth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a clearer picture of my values, and that more importantly, you take my words to heart.


Many thanks for your attention and patience.

-DarkCrystalis (aka DC)

P.S. Questions? Comments? Get my email/information from the links in my profile! Ask me anything you'd like, or email me just to rant--I'm usually around!

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