Penname: fangremtom2 [Contact]
Real Name: Kadi
Member Since: December 22, 2010
Membership Status: Member
Bio: Age: 19...

Gender: Female

Aspirations: Psychologist/ Lawyer/ Novelist ( I am serious -_-)

Hobbies: Reading, surfing the net, playing football sometimes...( I have become lazy) dreaming...checking out really cool music...

A lil' about me: I've been reading fanfics and plotting my own would like to say forever but, it's been since around 2001. I am a University student pursuing my BSc in Psychology (then where the hell do I find the time?!). I travel back and forth between two parts of the world and call them both 'home'. As home for me is not one place, but where the heart is at the moment. And my heart is into travelling. I hope to make it to Japan and explore its rich cultures from within one day then 'trek' it across the rest of the world... one day.

Just like my train of thought...My feet are just as nomadic. I can't and won't stay one place AT ALL.

"*hesitates* ...I can't do this to myself any-more ..I can't be kept locked up in your glass jar... Parts of me are escaping through the cracks; I am not whole any-more I need to be one with myself again. I am the wind dammit! ...I must be free..."

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Inuyasha. And that is an understatement. I've recently taken back up writing to assuage my self of the problem I call a lack of a social life. (I've tried having one once, and if that is how it thank you I will remain vitamin D deficient for all eternity.)

I'm open minded, spontaneous...and full of sarcasm.

I like to dance with fairies and disappear into the dark recesses of mind and pretend I'm in another my own continuation of fanfictions that were so good yet not completed and simply abandoned by their authors. Ah well... Everybody's just a little bit crazy is what I always myself...when I'm myself. :)

lol. Enough of that. Feel free to contact me etc... etc... regarding anything...even if it's just for some random stranger to talk to. I don't mind. I really should be developing a social life anyway before mother starts to worry... -.-

I'm on ; under the same Pseudonym fangremtom2 .

twitter: @thisboygeorge
skype: kadi-kun ( yes I am a female, but the kun stems from some other personal reasons...that you should figure out eventually...)

Hippie Praises. Kaleidoscope Dreams.
Gender: female
Skype: kadi-kun
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