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Not much to know about me. hmm. well....

Random info. : I have two cats. One by the name of Tweak, the other Squee. My room mate lovingly pointed out that together they are Squeak. XD Also, I did a logo for a insane asylum. Went to a store in Japan called Wonder Goo. (Best place Ever!!! XD) Which has used comics, CD's, and Video games. Some new stuff as well.  Once drank out of a coconut. Shortly after I split it in half and feasted upon it's meats. :P

 Other series I like: Ouran High School Host Club, Trinity Blood (Worth seeing for Ian x Ester) ,  Hanazakari no Kimitachi E ( the Taiwanese drama version.... Was into Gundam Wing as well, love Duo. And Gundam 008 war in the pocket was good but really sad. ( 2 to 4 eps) And my guilty pleasure ( aka not sure why I keep reading ) is Zombie Loan.

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