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Hi my name is Kristen,you can call me Ayame36 though.I love Inuyasha and I love the band Green Day.♥My idols are:Billie Joe Armstrong,Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt,William Shersphere,Inuyasha and others on the show, Rumiko Takahashi,and other people.I suck at spelling I know so don't bother me about it please.I hate people who are full of themselves so if you one of them don't bother even trying to talk to me.I love my friends to death so if you mess with them you get hurt by me.I am a very outspoken person so if you don't like it then I don't really give a crap.I can be annoying when I want to be and nice when I want to be.When Inuyasha ended I cried.The show I've loved for as long as I can remember is over.So to really now me your gonna have to talk to me.Well I guess that is all I wanna say so


Gender: female
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