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First of all, I love anime.  InuYasha, Blood+, Naruto, Moribito, ect.  I write mostly about life experiences.  Except for the demons and such. I can honestly say, I've either witnessed what I've written or had experienced it first hand.  I started writing as a way to get out the frustration I feel and to improve my typing skills.  I never thought I had the talent to write.  I try to answer all my reviews as fast as I can.  Also should any of my readers ask a question about a particular story or character, and the answer wouldn't give too much away in the storyline, I answer just as quickly.  My stories are somewhat long, and they can drag out some.  But when is life ever smooth at all time?  As I like to remind my readers, "Sometimes, one needs to spin their wheels before they can get anywhere."  I hope my readers enjoy my work.  I enjoy writing.  I also enjoy pleasing my readers, but I write mostly for myself, as a sort of therapy for me. So if you should have any questions about my stories, or opinion of how it's written, (other than it's dragging out,)  I would be pleased to hear from you.  Hope you like my work.  Bobcat Lady


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Series by Bobcat Lady
Summary: A three part tale of Kagome and InuYasha life together.
Parent Series: None
Categories: Legends
Characters: InuYasha, Kaede, Kagome, Kikyou, Miroku, Naraku, Sango, Shippou
Genres: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Friendship, Hentai, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Aggressive Sex, Explicit Sex, Rape/Non-consensual
Challenges: None
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