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Arrive in Tokyo? Check. Go shopping? Check. See the sights? Check. Get taken advantage of in a dark alleyway...? This is what she got for not only failing to study the language, but wandering away from her class during a school trip to Tokyo...
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[Report This] Published: July 04, 2010 Updated: November 13, 2011

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: September 13, 2010
Chapter number: 8
Title: Chapter 8: Cruelty IS Love

I ALMOST PEED IN MY PANTS WHEN I SAW THAT YOU UPDATED! This whole update just made me ENTIRE NIGHT! Thank you, thank you! I was DYING from how the last chapter ended! I'm being completely honest when I say that whenever I daydream (which is quite often) I almost always find my mind wandering off to this story. It's ironic because I actually checked the site in hopes of seeing some type of update and if there was no update, I probably would have just read the story from the beginning again. Michiru is sweet, incredibly sweet and I'm glad that he's so gentle with Kagome. Although, I can't lie and say that I don't want Kagome to end up with Inuyasha, even though he's put her through so much already. I just don't understand why he put her through all those awful things, like the gangbangs and "training". I was happy to see Sango's point of view, I was starting to really dislike her character. I can understand her better now and I'm happy to have some type of insight on Inuyasha's head and its working. I'm just SO happy that you finally posted this chapter, I was definitely not disappointed. Before I even finished reading this chapter, I was already excited for the next. Hope to read another chapter soon!

Author's Response: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I'm glad to see you enjoyed it after all! It really makes me happy you enjoy my story so much! Hands down, this probably one of my favorites. (Don't tell the other stories that. -___-) Lolz! And when creating Michiru, I strayed from his video game personality and made him the sort of guy *I* would date. Oh, sigh....where are all of the sweet, sensitive "I will honestly take a bullet or seven for you" men! X3 Isn't InuYasha a tool? Seriously! He's a douchebag. In short, he's a spoiled-ass brat. And to be honest, I almost want him taken out back and shot. But!!!! He WILL redeem himself. Eventually. His "love" is about as subtle as a flying brick to the head. I'll be updating HOPEFULLY soon, since I'm buried up to my skull in hair homework. (My lazy way of saying cosmetology homework.) lol! Thanks so much---your reviews SERIOUSLY make my day! <3

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: August 26, 2010
Chapter number: 7
Title: Chapter 7: ...Warmth.

OH MY GOSH! I'm beating myself up for not reading this story sooner. Inuyasha is absolutely disgusting... I can't tell you how many time my mouth was dropped open in shock from what I was reading. I've read quite a bit of your stories and there's a certain tone they have that make them obviously yours. A lot of the time, the plot line is just completely baffling and Inuyasha's just such an ass that I feel like hitting him, but they're so addicting to read about. I constantly found myself stunned or excited or disgusted with the things happening to Kagome. In his own twisted way, I think Inuyasha does actually care about Kagome. He must care about her, atleast I'm hoping he does and that he isn't just some sick, sadistic man. I can't even try to predict what happens next after this chapter, because eveytime I try to predict something you throw a curve ball at us and have something completely different. I'm just so excited to read the next chapter. I actually almos teared up when I got to the end of this chapter. LOL! I'm just really wondering what's gonna go down now! I'm REALLY looking forward to the next chapter! I can't wait!

Author's Response: THANKIES!!!! X3 And yeah, even while writing these, I'm like, "GOD INUYASHA WHO MADE YOU SUCH A PRICK?!?!?!" Oh....wait. Right. *shuffles away slowly* Lmao! This is actually the first time I'm writing some damnbly dark and sadistic, you know? But, I really, REALLY wanted to make InuYasha the bad guy! I'm only sorry my review response AND update took so freaking long! Hope you're enjoying the updates!!!!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: November 02, 2010
Chapter number: 9
Title: Chapter 9: Progress To Him Means One Step Forward---One-Hundred Steps Back

OH MY GOSH. I died at the whole milk thing. HOW MORTIFYING. I can't believe Kagome did that, I was cracking up so hard imagining it. MY GOSH, I always get so happy reading updates from this story. Seriously, it makes my day. I make sure to like read EVERY SINGLE WORD! No lie. (X Will Kagome bugging Inuyasha like that cause problems? Other than the fact that he may or may not have sex with Kikyo? And speaking of Kikyo, when it was mentioned that it was a a "former american teacher" I instantly thought of Kikyo. Geez, you really know how to give cliffhangers dontcha? -___- I believe you enjoy giving me near panic attacks when I find out that there are NO MORE LEFT TO THE CHAPTER AFTER A NEW ADDED TWIST. Sheesh. I'm somewhat worried. Will there be some kind of romantic history between Kikyo and Inuyasha. I have nothing against Kikyo, I outgrew my childish hatred for her when I passed my preteens. (X Lolol! BUT, I still have extreme jealousy over Kikyo. I always feel like Kagome when it comes to relationships between Kikyo and Inuyasha. I'm honestly freaking out right now, but I'm not even trying to figure out what's gonna happen next between Kikyo and Inuyasha, because I can never get inside that brain of yours. (X SHEESH! I was laughing so hard at how jumpy Inuyasha was with Kagome's new found kindness. PWAHAHA. Hilarious. OH! And I admit that when Inuyasha mentioned something about Kagome just being a "fuck-toy" I almost jumped out of my seat. It had me worried a bit, but then with all the times Sango mentioned how Inuyasha just didn't know what love was, I was calmed down a bit. Plus, Inuyasha's obviously more affectionate, so that soothes me a little more. (X 




GAH! I'm still stuck on that cliffy you left us with. *tear* I'm going over possibilities in my head, but then as I said before, IT'S HARD TO GET INSIDE YOUR BRAIN! I'm desperately trying to figure out if Kikyo's going to be a romantic rival or if she's there to do something along the lines of taking Kagome back.

 *sigh* I'm probably going to end up continously rereading this chapter until the next update....and everytime I get to the end of this chapter, a little part of me will get a bit hysterical. (X


OH! OH! And I use to watch SuperGals! That show was pretty damn entertaining. (X 


...LAST NOTE! I love that song! I never knew the actual title of the song, I just dubbed it the "Kikyo/Inuyasha theme". Hehehe.. WAY back, I actually had it on my myspace when I still used a myspace.. LOL. 


Ok. I think I should probably end this review now... I think it got too long just with my random blabbering. (X

Author's Response:

LONGEST. REVIEW. EVER. AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!! X3 I always love reading your reviews! Kind of...a LOT. 

And I laughed the entire time writing the whole milk thing. I'm like, OH GAWD, really?! DID I REALLY JUST RIGHT THAT?!?!? XDDD But I couldn't help myself. I got the actual inspiration from my friend the other day; we were out and about and I had vanilla-flavored milk (the ONLY milk I'll drink lol) and he said, "MAN that looks thick. Looks like jizz!" and it didn't help I was wearing cat ears as a part of my halloween costume either and I'm just like......."OH MY GOD." And blamo! And then I saw the "Nyan nyan" commerical on Macross, and I was like, OH YES. I absolutely LOVE your reviews, btw, if I didn't say that before. They ALWAYS make me grin like an idiot and LAUGH. XDD And YES! Kikyou is back. I ALMOST considered leaving it at "She's a former American teacher" and letting the readers wonder, but then I was like...Naaaah. Too much of a cliffie. I'm almost done with the latest chapter! AND SAME!!!! I really outgrew my childish hatred of her. I started getting annoyed when ALL of my friends formed the "We hate Kikyou" fanclub. So, just to piss them off, I came dressed up AS Kikyou to an anime club meeting one day.

They were NOT amused. I seriously bawled my eyes out during the last few episodes of "The Final Act" like you wouldn't believe. Poor Kikyou. So tragic; but I am SO glad InuYasha ended up with Kagome!!!! I wouldn't change that outcome for the world, given that I remember the first InuYasha/Kagome moment I saw made me squeal and start having fits of hysterics. That was a typical night back in high school; watch the new episode of InuYasha, call up friends and squeal about it until parents made us go to bed, then see each other the next day and STILL squeal about it. XDDD

Yeah, more and more I'm liking Sango's character; she provides something of an insight into the way his head works, because NO ONE knows but her or Miroku. Miroku actually knows more, but he's just like, "Meh. I like watching her sweat." But, I'm glad Sango's becoming a character I can stomach, haha! As for InuYasha...yeah...he really doesn't know what love is, so he's more uptight than spandex on my fat aunt Harriet trying to figure Kagome out. And you gotta know that their relationship is COMPLEX as hell. Kagome is always going to have the moral dilemma of falling for the guy who kind of stole her virginty in a back alleyway, where as InuYasha is...well, InuYasha is just complex inside and out.

AND YES!!!!!! VIVA LA SUPERGALS!!!!!! I love that show SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Did you ever read the manga? OMG Ran is my effing HERO. I especially love that Luci Christian dubbed her in the english version because Luci is SUCH a badass and she REALLY made Ran's character shine through perfectly. YAY FOR RAN!!!! X33333 Oh, also, I think Yuya is a hottie. Kind of a LOT. He's such a nice guy. Uh-oh. Probably shouldn't have said that; he HATES being called a nice guy, lmao!!!!! Poor Yuya. 

BUT! I'm glad you liked that song! I didn't even know it existed until just the other day. I had always enjoyed listening to the music (the short, non-vocal version) in the show, and I thought it's so sad. But then when I learned that it was MORE and found the lyrics and the full song...I BAWLED my eyes out. Like, NON-STOP. 

LAST NOTE! (Tackey is a SEXY mo-fo!!!! GOOD LORD!!!! XDD)

Never be afraid to leave LOOOOOOOOOONG reviews! They always, ALWAYS make my day and I love responding to them! MUAH! TAKE CARE!!!!


Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: November 03, 2010
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: “Nihongo nanase masuka?”

*cough* JUST to respond to your review-response...


*ah-hem* you ready for this?


I totally understand you bawling your eyes out on the episodes of Kikyo's death in the final act. I remember seeing the manga and reading the manga of Kikyo's final death, and I was touched by it, it certainly made me sad, but I didn't cry like so many other people did.

 Then, when I watched it happen in the anime, you better believe I was sobbing hysterically. I'm talking full out water works! I'm happy you weren't cruel enough to leave it as, "a former american teacher" but dang, at where you left off, I'm still pretty hysterical. That cliffy is terrifying. Too many differenet possibilites you can come up with guuuuro! And I never expect the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome to be normal. No relationship that started off that crazy can ever be normal. 0__0

LOL. EEEEK! I'm practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation for the next chapter! I NEEEEEEEEEEED to find out what Kikyo's new role is in the story. (X


..Okay, I'm done now. XD

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: November 13, 2010
Chapter number: 10
Title: Chapter 10: Sayonara. Return.

OMFG. I saw the alert for an updated story in my email, but I totally didn't expect the update to come from this story! Since you are still recovering from HHNF finishing up and all, but this was definitely a nice surprise. I'm always ready to piss in my pants when this story's updated. LOL! No lie! I was biting my nails, anxious to finally see what happened with the whole Kikyo thing. I can't believe that one of my guesses was actually partially right! I didn't think that Kikyo would be an evil character, because you've never made her evil in any of your stories. I have to admit, although, I was as torn up about Kagome leaving as she was that I was still a bit relieved that Kikyo wasn't going to be a romantic rival. I'm terrible in handling situations when Kagome and Kikyo are competing over Inuyasha. I didn't expect Miroku to be so fuckin' brutal. I didn't expect that, I thought that he was more human than Inuyasha, but damn was I wrong! What an asshole, I wanted to knock him unconscious and have him gangraped. Shit! ASS!

The scene when Inuyasha and Kagome had their last time together before she left was pretty damn sad. One of the saddest sex there is, is goodbye-sex. I'm pretty terrible at handling those scenes too. I'm surprise I didn't start crying, knowing how emotional I am! LOL! I thought that you would leave us hanging to when Kagome gets back to America, but I'm so happy that you didn't! 

When Kagome did get back to america, I just kept waiting for something to happen. I just wanted Inuyasha to show up again! Shoooot! (X Then, you leave us again with a cliffhanger. I think you really enjoy leaving us with our jaws hung open. -____- Lol! MY GOSH! When Kagome shouldered the chem/bio teacher, I was hoping that it was someone familiar; I was especially hopeful when Kagome was called down to apologize for her rude behavior. 


"You know, I don't recall you being so impolite Kagome,"

 She froze at feeling two, strong hands on her shoulders, but nearly lost it when she felt a pair of lips brush her hair away from her ear. All at once, a ferocious heat began spreading through her body. She listened to the dark voice behind her chuckle, before posing a question:

"Perhaps, more training is in order?"

GAAAAAHH!!!!! TOTALLY KILLED ME!! I almost jumped for joy because there was a huge possibility that, that was Inuyasha. 


BUT then, in your little note at the end you say, "Keep an open mind; it coule be anyone."

That terrified me. It kind of crushed my hopes. LOL. Okay, so if it isn't Inuyasha, then could it be Michiru? Or one of the guys apart of Kagome's gangbang? Could it be Miroku ready to be an ass again? Or could it be Inuyasha's dear ol' daddy? I mean.. that's kind of far-off but hey, it's a possibilty because well.. ANYTHING IS A POSSIBILITY when it's you writing! --with how much you like surprises and all! GAH! I'm so fricken juiced for the next chapter, excited and any other synonyms for it would all be under-statements.  


Author's Response: *Looks around* CLEAR!!!!! *SHOCKS YOU* Well, you DID say that killed you, lmao! Welcome back! I'm ALWAYS glad to read your reviews as always!!! And lmao!!!! Yeah, Miroku is kind of cruel; I never see a CRUEL Miroku in most stories, so I really, REALLY wanted to make him sort of a villain! But! With the new chapter up, I am looking forward to seeing another of your reviews! :) Take care, love!!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: November 15, 2010
Chapter number: 11
Title: Chapter 11: Sinning Hearts

OH MY FUCKING SHIT. You don't understand how surprised I was at this update. I went to check out your review reply and then I see reviews talking about Kagome marrying Michiru.. and I'm like... what the shiznit? IMAGINE HOW FAR MY EYES BUGGED OUT WHEN I REALIZED THAT YOU ADDED A NEW CHAPTER!!! This has got to be the speediest update from you, I'm use to usually waiting around for a few weeks for an update, and I felt so spoiled getting another chapter so soon. YOU ARE BOMB. I was genuinely happy for Kagome and Michiru, she does deserve someone gentle like that, and although I was still itchin' for some Inuyasha... for the moment, I was content with Kagome being with Michiru. Then, when Inuyasha popped back up, I -you wouldn't believe it- cackled... like a demented coot. I was seriously cackling, and I wasn't sure why I chose to cackle instead of my usual shrieks and squeals, but yeah. I thought that the chapter would end with Kagome just staring at the stars, but I definitely pleased when the chapter kept going. (X I love lengthy chapters, they make me so happy, especially coming from favorite stories.

I wasn't sure how Inuyasha was going to act with Kagome, I was kind of nervous that he was back to being some evil asshole again, so I wasn't unsure about how I felt with how calm he was. When he went, "so is our daughter." THAT WAS WHEN I SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER. I didn't expect that one, I didn't even think about the possibility of Inuyasha having children with Kikyo, it just never crossed my mind. 

 The ending of this chapter was so fricken sad, it was sweet, but intensely tragic to me. I just hate when they're apart, I'm such an obsessive InuKag fanatic. It breaks my heart when they're kept apart. LOL. Though, I do feel awful for Michiru. He just loves Kagome so much, and he's such a good guy. A part of me wants to slap Kagome for even cheating on him, but then a larger part of me (ya know, the crazy InuKag fanatic) is cheering like crazy because there's hope. Maybe? is there? HOPEFULLY. *crossing my fingers* I'm FULL of hope here that no matter how tormented my favorite couple is right now, that they will have a happy ending. You know I love my happy endings. (X 

THANK YOU FOR SUCH A SPEEDY UPDATE!!! This update made my night. (:

Author's Response:

XDDDDDDD Dammit, everytime I read your reviews, all I can do is grin like an idiot! X3 Especially because I'm all icky and under the weather, so I especially love your reviews! I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter so much, haha! I think I'm throwing everyone off with my speedier updates so they are all like, "HUH?!?!?!?!?!?!" Lolz!!!

And YEP! Inu is an Inu-papa now. *evil smirk* I couldn't resist. I had to throw SUCH a massive wrench in there, that the whole machine starts breaking down until eventually it EXPLODES! XD I hope that made sense; I tend not to be coherant on Nyquil. (Evil stuff.) 

BUT! Yeah, I was actually struggling with how to reintroduce InuYasha into the chapter. Believe it or not, I was going to have him stop Kagome at the airport, say, "You belong here." and have her go rushing into his arms all tearfully and all that jazz, and then BAM. Happy ending. BUT. Conflict is so much, lol!!! As for what InuYasha said at the end of this chapter: "I never pretended to love you; I'm definitely not gonna start now", EVERYONE is taking that so differently, it's amazing!!!!! It makes me so happy! Was it a love confession? Was it honest cruelty? WHICH ONE??!?! XDD Anyhoo, that's enough on my end! I'll HOPEFULLY have the newst chapter up soon!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: November 20, 2010
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: “Nihongo nanase masuka?”

Yeah, I thought that since you replied there was another update that would have me going, "HOLY SHIT. This girl's updating faster & faster!" LOL. I'm extremely excited to see what happens next. Oh my gosh, YES, the confession at the end, I initially squealed over it because of course, I wanted to believe that it was a love confession. Then, when I read it over, I saw that you interpret it in so many different ways. Still, Inuyasha clearly cares about Kagome, so he has to love her. So there. I'm trying to calm myself by repeating that statement over and over. (X Thanks for the review reply. I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON TOO! <3

Author's Response: Awww, thanks, girl!!! And I decided to wait to respond to this, only to tell you: (PSSSSSSST! HEY! A NEW CHAPTER IS UP!!! X3) There! No false hope this time, lmao!!! Hopefully it's one that really makes you smile! :)

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: November 21, 2010
Chapter number: 12
Title: Chapter 12: The Hedgehog's Dilemma and The Cure

I nearly woke everyone up with how loud I screamed when I decided to check my email before going to bed. I mean, it is 3 in the morning and all. Then, I instantly saw an alert for a story being update on ik-eternal and I just had my fingers crossed that it was an update from you.

And tada! I got my wish! WOOOOT! I felt crappy, pretty much this entire day, especially when it started raining like crazy with thunder and lightening; I ended up having to stay home and not going to watch a play that I've waited to watch for a week. It was closing night too. -___- *sigh* Of course, this just made my entire night--er.. morning? 

 I still feel awful for Michiru, and I feel awful for Kikyo too. She's a good person, and her character's extremely kind in this story. It's difficult not to feel terrible for Michiru and Kikyo. Still, I, of course can't resist sweet moments between Inuyasha and Kagome. I thought that the Hedgehog Dilemma was a perfect comparison of their relationship. Clearly, Kagome and Inuyasha are both pretty damn ill in the heads. Usually, I would absolutely hate how Kagome is acting. It's like how a woman in an abusive relationship acts, and often times, women who keep going back to the men who hurt them irritate the hell out of me. But, I'm a hypocrite when it comes to Inuyasha and Kagome. LOL.

When I read the ending line of the chapter, I was scared that, that was the end of the entire story. I was so relieved that it wasn't, because I would have been going crazy thinking of what happened after. I'm incredibly curious about where Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship is gonna go now, especially after they basically proclaimed their love for eachother. 

 I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the next chpater!!!

Author's Response:

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER ceased to be amused by your AMAZING reviews!!!! I'm really glad I could make your day a little bit better, love! And yeah, it's getting ready to be bad weather here as well. Ugh. I HATE winter. I love the snow (when I don't have to drive in it) and how pretty the landscape is after the first snow, but MAN do I hate the cold.

And it suchs because I'm born in February! BAH!!!

But, back to teh review! Yeah......they are definitely the most sympathetic characters in the story. I feel almost guilty for doing what I do to them, you know? :( And I LOVE the Hedgehog's Dilemma. I thought, "There really is no better way to describe their relationship" given that they are so fucked in the heads, you know? And I for one HATE how Kagome is acting (yeah, like it's TOTALLY her fault, lmao!!!!!) but at the same time, I always try and justify why she does what she does, like the same way I try and justify why InuYasha acts the way he does (though I do NOT condone the horrible acts and mental mindfucking he did to Kagome). I can't exactly say I applaud women who REFUSE to leave abusive relationships. In fact, they are pitable and stupid. NO WOMAN should have such weak and low self-esteem to subject herself to that sort of torture (says the girl who is WRITING the damn story, lol), so unless it's an EXTREMELY serious case,I just cannot have sympathy for women who WILLINGLY return to abusive men and make excuses for them. No man should put his hands on a woman. EVER.

And you are actually the EXACT reason I put up the disclaimer at the end saying, "THIS ISN'T THE END!!!!!" XD I'm like, "OMG THAT LOOKS LIKE THE END!!!!!!!!!" and I didn't wat to alarm you! *HUGS!!!!* And YES, the newest chapter will be up in like, three minutes. Not even joking. I hope you enjoy this one!!!!!! <3

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: November 28, 2010
Chapter number: 13
Title: Chapter 13: High Tensions


That's exactly what I screamed at the TOP of my lungs when I got an alert about an updated story and saw that it was from you! WOOOOT! I'm never not excited when you update. I was practically foaming at the mouth, reading this chapter. LOL.  GAH! My GOSH, the drama. I'm glad I prepared myself for drama, since it was obvious that no "and they lived happily ever after" is going to come anytime soon. LOL. Kagome's character is just so confused, it's like, she doesn't know what she wants. She keeps shifting emotions. One minute, she loves Inuyasha and doesn't give a fuck about anything else. The next minute, she loves Inuyasha, but she can't be with him. Then, she remembers her temporarily forgotten love for Michiru. I think her ever-changing emotions are the moments when her young age is the most apparent. I still feel awful for Kagome, just thinking about how she never really got to live her life, then being torn between two men. When I was reading this chapter, I was getting more and more worried as I read on. Kagome was cutting her affair short, choosing Michiru over Inuyasha, and attempting to let go of her feelings for Inuyasha. Scary shit man, scary shit. I understood Kagome's choices, really I did, because Michiru is a good man. He's been the perfect husband to her, and that's why I can't stand to think of Michiru being hurt, because he's just such a sweeeetie! BUT, I'm such an InuKag stan that it's horrifying for me whenever Kagome and Inuyasha are apart. XD No seriously, absolutely terrifying. LMAO. 

 Then, the ending of the chapter was coming along and it seemed like Inuyasha was back to being a huge asshole, BUT THEN HE SAYS IT! LIKE FINALLY SAYS IT! HUGE ORGASMIC MOMENT RIGHT THERE! LOL. 

OH! And let's not forgot the lesbian action, dude, dude, dude... I totally had thoughts about Kikyo being in love with Kagome. I just bushed it off a lot because well... I thought I was just being silly. BUT DANG, when that moment came, I just started wailing, "I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!!!" LMAO. My brother stormed in my room going, "YOU KNEW WHAT?" LOL.  I think I woke him. OOPS. (X 

Have you ever read Haou Airen? By Mayu Shinjo? This story sort of reminds me of it, not very much, but just  slightly because of some small similarities. You should check it out, if you haven't yet. Haou Airen had me sobbing like a baby for days. One of the saddest manga endings, I've ever came across. I really hope you don't make me cry with the ending to this story. I have a bittersweet relationship with tragic endings. I love them, but I hate them because I'm so emotional when it comes to stories/soap operas/movies/etc that I start blubbering and crying for a pretty long time. LOL. 

 Thanks for the update! I can't wait to read the next chapter. I really want to see what Kagome says, and where there new... err - love-quadrilateral? LOL. GAH! I CAN'T WAIT! 


Author's Response:

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your reviews ALWAYS get me laughing! Apologize to your brother for me because of all of the outbursts! XDDD You seriously, SERIOUSLY crack me up! XD 

Yeah, in the new chapter (THAT'S UP NOW!!! WOOT!!!) I wanted to convey her age, so I made a chapter note about that towards the end of this new chapter, you know? She really IS young, and she's been thrust into this adult world and it's really, really difficult given how much shit has happened to her. I feel SOOOOOOO terrible; I want Michiru and Kagome to stay together, but there's a gameplan in motion for InuYasha and Kagome!!!!! X3 HENCE THE LITTLE I LOVE YOU AT THE END!!!!!!! Everyone who read it was FREAKING OUT so bad and it was just so hysterical!!! XDD

And YUSH!!!! So much lesbian action in this chapter; Kikyou definitely is in love with her, and it was like, everyone HAD their guesses, but they weren't really sure, you know? And then when I saw I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your brother came in, I laughed my ass off. XDDDDD

I am SUCH a huge Mayu Shinjo fan (ESPECIALLY KAIKAN PHRASE!!!!!!!!! OH SAKUYA!!!! SO MUCH SEXY!!!!!!! And believe it or not, next to Bethany of Dramacon, Aine is actually my favorite shojo heroine), but I haven't had the pleasure of read Haou Airen; I probably won't until I finish up this story, because I don't want to make it seem like any ideas I took are straight from there. :( But once I am done with this story (which won't be for a while), I promise you I will read it!!! And if it has a sad ending (I am SUCH a stickler for happy endings) I will definitely be bawling right with you. And DITTO!!!! I'm such a horribly emotional person when it comes to stories/soap operas/movies. It's like, a normal person would cry a little, but I'm bawling my eyes out. XD

I hope you enjoy this next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: December 02, 2010
Chapter number: 14
Title: Chapter 14: Then She Realized: She Was Still Just A Little Girl

Oh. my. god.


WHAT IS WITH YOU AND THESE KILLER ENDINGS?! Seriously, each ending for each chapter has left my mouth hanging open either in shock or disbelief. -____- You're tryna kill me here. LOL. (sigh) I really should be doing my homework, and I was making progress restraining myself from clicking the link to this chapter, BUT OF COURSE, I STILL CAVED! I couldn't resist the temptation. GAH! 

I liked how you emphasized more on Kagome's age, because she really is just a teenager. She hasn't even experienced her life to the fullest yet. She's been raped, gang banged, given away by her parents, fallen in love with two men, and then married! Yet, she still hasn't gotten the chance to really live like a teenager. Sneaking out late at night, worrying over huge tests, highschool crushes, and college isn't even an option for her since she already plans on starting a family. She's missed out on so much, and she's still missing out. It's pretty tragic once you think about it. 

 So, I'm assuming that Inuyasha wasn't surprised with Kagome's statement since it was mentioned that his impulsive decision was purely based on the nature  of Kagome's call. Michiru's a sweetheart, he really is, but like I said... it's scary shit when my favorite couple aren't together. LOL. SERIOUSLY. GAAAH! But dang, Michiru's freakin' Mister Perfect over there! I can't stand the thought of him getting hurt, yet I'm still over here cheering Inuyasha on to get his girl back. Even when Michiru's obviously the good guy here. What a damn shame, I'm over here wooting for the bad guy. -___- LOL. Sheesh, I'm just as bad as Kagome. I can't fully make my decisions. >.<

Kagome's reaction from Inuyasha's proclamation did surprise me a bit. Simply because I did expect more of a romantic moment between them, but it still makes sense that she would be terrified of it. She's 16, and confused as fuuuuck.   GAAAAAH! Training? I certainly hope this training isn't multiple rape sessions again like all the previous times Inuyasha "trained" Kagome. Then again, I doubt that it would be... but I can never be sure. I'm just so freakin' pumped for the next chapter. I'm wooting and rooting for Inuyasha, but I'm still cheering Michiru on for being the story's sweetheart. -___- AGAIN, a damn shame! ABBY NEEDS TO PICK A DAMN GUY. (X 

You are getting more and more amazing with all these speedy updates. SHOOOOT. AWESTRUCK. (X

Oh! And as for Haou Airen, when you do read it, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS ON IT AND YOUR REACTION TO IT! LOL. That manga had me crying for days. No lie. Days. It certainly helped me out with my dramatic monologue though, because when I finally performed it in class, all I had to think about was the damn ending for Haou Airen and I began BAWLING my eyes out! LOL. I definitely think that you'll fall for Haou Airen's Hakuron as much as you fell for Kaikan Phrase's Sakuya! GAH! SAKUYA! <3

I LOVED Kaikan Phrase, and I wished Haou Airen ended as sweetly at Kaikan Phrase did! I LOVE Mayu Shinjo. My favorite are probably Kaikan Phrase, Haou Airen, Akuma na Eros (I can't believe I cheered on the devil and not the angel in this one), and Love Celeb (though this is probably my least favorite out of all of them).

 Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what's up with Inuyasha and Kagome next chapter! I have to see how the hell this all plays out! 


.. And you know what? I bet that the next chapter's ending gonna drive me crazy too, because you just love feeding us all this suspense. LOL. (X  

(Sigh) Now, I have to go back to homework. Smh. 


Author's Response:

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 you for reals! And DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!! (......Says the girl who still has a paper on tricology to write.) -____-

I'll get to it eventually! X3 And really, I felt the need to express Kagome's age more in this chapter, because you're right; she is just SO young and hardly had a chance to live out life normally. It is so sad, but hopefully, it won't be that way forever....(Hint hint, lolz!!!!!)

And yep! You assume correct; pretty much, the call went like this:

InuYasha: *Groan* Who the hell is calling me this late...? *answers* Hello?

Kagome: H-hi. Did I wake you?

*InuYasha sits up in bed, surprised to hear from Kagome so soon*

"No, I was awake" (total lie)

"Oh." (hesitance) "Good." (Silence for about thirty seconds) "Um...were you serious training?"

"If this an attempt to get out of it..." (actually hadn't fully planned what to do about her training)

"Oh, n-no! I mean...*pause*....I want to."

"*SHOCK*...*PAUSE*...I'll be there tomorrow."

And that's pretty much how it went, lol. He was so shocked, he had to make sure this just wasn't some trick and went to see it for himself. ONLY love can make you jump on a plane on impulse is what I say lol, so it's pretty clear that InuYasha's feelings for her are concrete at this point, whereas Kagome has resigned herself to love him, she just can't be with him because in her own way, she's also "loyal" to Michiru.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! SAKUYA!!!!! SEX! SEX IN LEATHER PANTS AND NECKLACES!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD Oh, Sakuya. So much sex. His pheramones SCREAM "Yes, I know I'm sexy." Kaikan Phrase was actually the first "M for Mature" manga I had ever read and I didn't even know what sort of Manga it was, only that I loved seeing Aine (a GREAT manga heroine) in charge for the most part and I'm SUCH a romantic, and then when I started seeing WHY it was rated "M" for Mature, I was like, "SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" I have ALSO read Akuma no Eros and Love Celeb (I'll agree with you on Love Celeb; not a fave, but I don't mind reading it again) and IALSO cannot believe I was cheering hardcore for the devil in Akuma No Eros!!!! X3333 But it was hard NOT to cheer for him! Oh, Mayu Shinjou, how your works turn some of us into "bad girls" lol. And I will DEFINITELY get around to reading Haou Airen, probably towards the end of THIS story, because I don't want to take any ideas and I will DEFINITELY tell you if I was bawling my eyes out (which I will undoubtedly be doing lol). I'm so excited!!!!!!

But, I'm dozing hardcore, I'll see you next chapter! *HUGS* Thanks so much, as always!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: December 05, 2010
Chapter number: 15
Title: Chapter 15: Leave It To Me

OH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My mouth dropped at seeing this update. MY EFFIN' GOODNESS! I was in disbelief, a very pleasant disbelief. AAAAAHHHH!!!!! I was so happy that Sango reentered the scene. (X YAY! LOL. 

What if she was truly asking him to condition her because she wanted to be a worthy woman for Michiru? He couldn't stand the thought of being used like that by Kagome

That scares the SHIT outta me, because isn't that what Kagome is basically doing? I'm scared, very, very, very, very scared. D:

I really hope nothing goes awry because of this, I love Michiru's character like crazy, but I'm definitely dead set on InuKag, so I wish (even if I feel awful for it) that he'd just fall in love with someone else. Of course, where's the drama in that, right? Initially, when Kikyo's orientation wasn't revealed yet, I was playing around with ideas of... "Ooh, maybe he'll fall in love with Kikyo or something," even if that's pretty far off. LOL. Just wishful thinking. Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship is never going to be easy. >.< It started off difficult, and it's obviously going to continue being difficult. Still, I feel so awful for Michiru.  He's such a sweetheart. I can envision him being the nice guy in the end, if Kagome and Inuyasha actually end up together (WHICH I HOPE THEY DO!!!) and just letting her go for her own happiness. However, if Kagome does leave Michiru for Inuyasha, then that could end up being the cause of Michiru going from nice guy to a scorned villian. Shoooot, I'd probably be pissed as a motherfucker and go on a rampage for revenge if that ever happened to me. (Sigh) There are no winning sides here. Then again, that's what makes everything so fuckin' delicious, because we keep crawling back in hopes of seeing what else happens between those two. Plus, all the other drama going on. Drama, drama, drama... why the hell is drama so addictive? (X

When Inuyasha was training Kagome with the gun, and then he mentioned how it was turning him on, I cracked up so hard. How very 'Inuyasha-like' of him. (X LOLOL.  But if I do imagine a pretty girl in a school girl uniform, holding a gun, I guess that is...rather hot. If the gun isn't pointed my way that is.

Izayoi is so beautiful, I remember seeing her in the anime/manga/movies and thinking of how aesthetically pleasing she is! Seriously, she's one of the most eye-pleasing characters of Inuyasha.  

I'm wondering if that story about the beautiful women that shot her lover under a cherry blossom tree is going to be important in this story. It sort of seemed like there could be a possibility that it would have a decent sized role in this story. 

I loved the comparison Inuyasha made with strength, weakness, and love. Now, he really sees the full picture of what love can do. If only he saw that a few chapters ago. -___- LOL. BUT, then there would be no addictively delicious drama going on right now. So, Inuyasha's entire denial about his feelings were actually positive, I guess. I'm SO freakin' juiced for the next chapter. I can't wait to see what happens between the trio, and what Izayoi thinks about Kagome since she managed to capture her son's heart and yet she's married to a family friend of theirs. Trouble, trouble. OH! And of course the bonding between Sango and Kagome. (X I love reading about female bonding, it's always a nice break. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING UPDATING SKILLS. Guuuro, I can't WAIT for the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

As promised, here is my reply! I absolutely LOVE your super long reviews because they are just SO much fun to read and it's nice to get an indepth review of the story. 

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! Your reviews always get me! XDDDDDDDDD  And believe it or not, I was TOTALLY going to have Michiru end up with Kikyou, but then I'm like, "Mmm...nah. Kik's too in love with Kagome, so I kind of peg her as a if she can't have Kagome, she doesn't want anyone type". And that's pretty much how it stuck. Poor Kikyou and Michiru, lol. And LMAO!!!!!! "How very Inuyasha-like of him" XDDDDD He WOULD get a boner by looking at a school girl shooting a gun! He TOTALLY would! And I LOOOOOOOOOVE Izayoi so much. I mean hands down, she has got to be THE most goregous character in the entire InuYasha series. (More so than Sesshoumaru's mother---I swear to God, everytime I see her, I think, "I bet Rumiko Takahashi intended for Sesshy to be a woman, and just recycled THAT idea and created his mother!"

Seriously! You know she did! X3 

And OF COURSE InuYasha would totally get a boner seeing Kagome in a skirt while firing off a gun! Naturally! Anyhoo, I'm strapped for time, but I PROMISE I'll give you a MEGA long reply next time! Promise!!!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: December 21, 2010
Chapter number: 17
Title: Chapter 17: Shattered Reflection


When I woke up this ... afternoon, checked my email, and spotted the little alert saying a favorite story of mine was updating, I has my fingers crossed that it was yours, and I wasn't disappointed! (X 

The backstory with Inuyasha's parents was nice to read, and Izayoi's such a sweetheart!  The age thing was a huge shocker though. 13 and 28... *whistles low* Yeah, shocker. It reminds me a bit of Hugh Hefner and his playmates. Maybe, it is in Inuyasha's genes to be into younger women. (X 

I was SO relieved when Kagome admitted that she can't walk away from Inuyasha, and that she still loved him and wanted to be with him. I was scared shitless that she was seriously going to use Inuyasha and just go back to Michiru. It was SO fricken adorable when Inuyasha showed up and was all, "how 'bout we make them jealous instead?" with roses and everything.... I was straight up giddy at that point, cooing and crooning all over the place! LOL. Of course, I expected no less of you to bing some drama at the end and leave us all in shock again. I was half expecting Michiru to make an appearance, so I wasn't too surprised when his appearance was made known, but it was still startling. Shoooot, that's some scary shit though. He's been such a sweetheart, and when nice finally blow up, they BLOW UP. A furious "nice person" is worse than anything maaaan. They're crazy when they're pissed. Oh man. I would be just as terrified as Kagome. Shit. I have a feeling there's gonna be one big gang war now... or something akin to that. Tsk, tsk. Oh, the dramaaaa! LOL. GAH! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the next chapter! Thanks for the update! (:

Author's Response:

OH HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was getting ready to respond to your other review when, surprise! You sent me another one! X3 Sorry if I'm distracted; my adorable little nephew is looking for attention, haha! Anyway, I figured that the age would be VEEEEEEEEEEEERY shocking, but the boy had to get it from somewhere, lmao! I like older men, but my limit is five years older than me, haha! (aka, 26 and in a month and a half, 27 since I'll be 22!) And they have to be a SEXY sort of older man! Like the men you see in Cosmopolitan's 100 Sexiest Bachelors.

(Hi, I'm Jaqui. I live in a TOTAL fantasy world, lmao)

And YES!!!!!!! A furious nice person IS terrifying!!!! BUT! New chapter is up and everything! Here's hoping you really enjoy this new one! Talk to you soon!!!! *HUUUUUUUGS*

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: December 22, 2010
Chapter number: 18
Title: Chapter 18: Try, Try Again


I seriously, almost had a heart attack when I realized that you updated this soon! SERIOUSLY. OMG. 

I saw the alert of an updated story on ik-eternal and I was all, "Nah, couldn't be from NNM, that would be too soon. Don't give yourself a a heart attack Abby." THEN, I realized that it WAS from NNM and that I wasn't  hallucinating, and I practically SCREAMED at the top of my lungs. This is one of my favorite gifts ever. EVER. LOL. Because you see, I consider this super early update a gift for the holidays. I mean, I knew that it was possible for you to update early since you have done it many, many times, but I don't think I've ever read an update from you RIGHT AFTER you just updated. Geez, I'm not even making sense right now. I'm just that juiced. Shooot. This is exciting. Swear, this made my entire day. Now, I'm in the mood to bake cookies and pass them out to neighbors. LOL. Yeah, weird, right? BUT DAMN, you are fuckin' bomb. Seriously. I just wanna hug you right now. 

This was by far, the CUTEST chapter of the entire story. It was also one of the saddest though. ): Poor Michiru. My heart broke for the guy. He's been such a sweetheart, and I honestly expected him to go buckwild on both Inuyasha and Kagome. I didn't expect him to be Mr.Nice guy once again and leave the readers heartbroken because of his limitless sweetness. ): Man, he's such a good guy! I almost cried for him. 

And I still feel awful, because even if I'm heartbroken over Michiru, I can't help but be elated that Inuyasha and Kagome are together again! GAH. Oh my goooodness, that propsal was SO adorable. 


"Practice your Japanese, Sensai." GAH. Cracked up so hard.  Oh! And when it was revealed that Inuyasha didn't actually give them privacy and was sitting beside them in a booth all along, I was dying! That was hilarious to me, and I couldn't help but "aww" when Inuyasha was trying ti stifle his tears while he eavesdropped on Kagome's and Michiru's conversation. LOL. GAAAH! Thank you so much for this chapter! I'm looking forward to seeing what else happens between these two lovebirds! Happy holiday! (:

Author's Response:

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your reviews, as always! I KNEW You'd like this one! I can almost BET you'll like the new chapter that's posted! X3 Abby, seriously, I heart your reviews so much! LMAO! And you're making total sense! No worries!!!!! *HUUUUUGS*!!!!

I felt SOOOO bad for Michiru, because really, he is the SWEETEST guy in the whole story! And I hated doing him wrong, but unfortunately, he had to be the sacraficial lamb in this one. (Doesn't mean he's outta the picture for good though, kukukukukuku...) 

Long live InuYasha and Kagome pairings, woot!!!! And I absolutely HAD to add that little awkward proposal at the end! X3 I promise, I'll get around to reviewing your other review you posted like two chapters ago!!!! Promise!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: December 23, 2010
Chapter number: 19
Title: Chapter 19: Home


I think I just had an orgasm. 

LOL. NAH, NAH. That's kind of too much info, and really weird and uncalled for. Shoooot. No, but seriously, with how loud I shrieked... *whistle* you don't even know. OH MY FUCK. OH MY FUUUUCK. 

You're trying to kill me...

WITH KINDNESS. Seriously. OH MAN. I feel like I just ate a bunch of chalupa's (from taco bell.. because I just love chalupa's. alot.) and chocolate chip cookies and maybe even a dash of coffee flavored ice cream... OH, and let's not forget my favorite hot cheeeetos with LIME. LOL. Okay, basically, this SPEEDY, sweet update makes me feel like I'm in freakin' Utopia right now, pigging out. Man, it's beautiful, I almost wanna cry. LOL! GAAAH! *CODDLES*

YOU, missy, are a greek goddess right now, and I shall bow down to you. Repeatedly. AGAIN, this update made my entire day. I'm just in such a good mood after reading this. I DARE someone to try and take this good mood away. Shoooot. IMPOSSIBLE. THIS WAS SUCH A SWEET CHAPTER! 

I'm happy that Kagome finally has some  closure from her mother, I don't think I could ever forgive someone like that. So, I don't blame Kagome for how she reacted to her mother. Heck, Kagome was plenty nice enough for even going to see that woman! I'm not sure that I would have even tried to see her, after she sold me and all. What kind of parents does that? Hard times or not. That was a load of BS.

I was floored when Kikyo requested her identity to be left unknown to her own daughter. I was just as surprised when she said she got her tubes tied. Dang, she really doesn't want to be a mother. I know there are tons of women in the world who don't want children, but I was kind of hoping that Suikotsu would have popped up and turned Kikyo straight or something! (X But you are right, in this story, Kikyo does seem like the type who wouldn't want anyone else if she can't have the one she wants. So, it shouldn't have suprised me that much. Still, I feel awful for Michiru and Kikyo. They deserve happiness to. ): 



I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn't the last chapter, because it really did feel like a conclusion. I'm so happy that sadistic part of you didn't go through with clicking the "complete" button. I would have died a little inside. No lie. LOL. Although, it would have been a sweet ending, but I would have still been going crazy trying to visualize what else happened between Inuyasha and Kagome after finally settling down in Japan. I think I would have cried had it ended here. LOL. ANYWAY, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ANOTHER MIRACLE! LOL. THANK YOU! 

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO pumped to reading about the happenings in Japan between our favorite couple. (X

Author's Response:

Oh, Abby. Every time I see your reviews the length of a bible, it really makes being an author all the worthwhile! <3

I. ABSOLUTELY. FELL. APART. reading your review; it was just SO damn funny!!!! X3 Sorry this chapter couldn't be up yesterday! :( Hope you had a great Christmas and everything! 

As for Kagome's parents: it's a TOTAL mutual consensus--they SUCK. Period. Seriously. Believe it or not, I was channeling all of the rage I felt for Kira's mom in the manga "Mars". I don't want to give away the plot if you haven't read it (READ IT!!!!! Then watch the Taiwainese Drama based of it---OH MY GOD VIC ZHOU IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!! X3333333), but pretty much what Kira's mom does is knowingly sacrifices her daughter so that she can have a comfortable life. I have SOOOO much spite for her. Ah, but this is DEFINITELY not the end we shall be seeing of her parents! Kagome's, I mean, lol.

And SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! About the Suikotsu part, I mean! *wink* (Okay, so sue me, I already have a plot out for them, but I don't wanna reveal too much!!!!!!! I LOVE that pairing SOOOOOOOOOO effing much that when Kikyou (finally) died, all I could do---after I was done blubbering---was think of how she and Suikotsu reunited in heaven. It would be SO wonderful to see that!!!) I might just do a little one-shot fanfiction on AFFN about that! X3

As for Michiru...this is DEFINITELY not the last we have seen of him. Whether or not it will be in a good light or a bad light is yet to be seen, however, as a hint: Remember when I first introduced him and everyone was spazzing out trying to figure out if he was going to be a good guy or a bad guy...? Yeah, keep that in mind; that hasn't changed at all. *insert devious smirk*

BUT!!!! Hope you enjoy this next chapter!!!!! (And trust me, I would have died a LOT on the inside if I had just hit the "Complete" button to be a TOTAL lazyass, haha!!!!) And I'm really glad this story makes you so happy!


Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: December 26, 2010
Chapter number: 20
Title: Chapter 20: Settling In

OH MY GOSH! THIS IS SO AWESOME. I'm always so excited when I get these alerts from your story. This story really does make me happy. Like, a lot. LOL.

THIS CHAPTER WAS SO CUTE! It was HILARIOUS. There's so many parts that had me cracking up. How mortifying! Your inlaws/parents walking in on you doing the dirty! I would have died. I can't imagine ever being alive if my parents ever walk in on me doing that, evne if it is with my soon to be husband. SHOOOOT. That's treading some dangerous territory right there. I'd get my hair pulled and dragged to the bathroom.(The bathroom's my mom's favorite place of punishment!) LOL. GAH! I'm just so... lively after reading chapters from this story, especially sweet chapter with fluffiness from my favorite couple! I almost wanna cry from elation. LOL.

You always manage to cheer me up with updated, I woke up today with my period, and I was pissed as hell. Periods are just evil little things, I'm so bitter about guys not having to deal with the pains girls have to go through. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I wish that guys had like.. their balls twist every month or something, since girls bleed outta their vagina monthly. Shoot. It'll only make things fair. LOL.

OH MY GOSH! Another part that I found abso-fuckin'-lutely hilarious was the part when Inuyasha was all, "...maybe she'll just cry herself to sleep," and in pain because he wasn't getting laid anymore. LMFAO. Laughed. So. Hard. I could just imagine so many guys saying the exact same thing. LOL. Oh! And when you mentioned in this story how they had enough rice, I was laughing so hard. For the most part, I'm filipino and we never run outta rice. Never. Asian people and their rice. HAHAHA!

I'm surprised that Kagome wants to finish it all in one session. I'm such a little wuss when it comes to physical pain. No lie. I would never be able to take getting a tatted. Scares the hell outta me, thinking of a needle drilling my skin. GAH! I'm such a wuss. Kagome gets major respect points for that.

GAH! Your response to my last review has me on edge now, about Michiru. You just scared me. Seriously, scared me. Now, I'm expecting him to pop out and make all of us hate him. I'm dead set on thinking he's gonna end up being a villian now. I really do hope you don't plan on making us cry in the end of this story. Maybe cry from happiness, but I hope no crying because of any tragedies. I don't know how I'll take that. I have a feeling that if you decide to be sadistic and end things not so happily, I'll probably be bawling my eyes out for awhile.

Kikyo and Suikotsu are so cute. I like them together, and I think Kikyo should have met Suikotsu before Inuyasha in the canon-manga because they would have made a perfect match. She would have been able to live a fairly normal life like she wanted with a handsome, human husband who loved kids as much as she did and who was a healer like she was. Then again, if that happened, Inuyasha and Kagome probably wouldn't have been fated to meet. I have no problems with Kikyo's character now that I got over my stupid little hatered of her eons ago, but I'm always jealous of her for Kagome. Does that make sense? LOL. Anyway, does this mean that you plan on actualling making Suikotsu woo Kikyo to go straight? That would be cute. Sexy little biology teacher and sexy doctor, or whatever Suikotsu would end up being in this story if you plan on Kikyo being with him.

This is a really long review, huh? like super long. I think it's even longer than all my other reviews. I babble alot. Like alot. (cough) Last thing to say is DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN Inuyasha and Kagome are freaks. FREAKS. Blood, vibrators, anal, clit bullets, whips! Like damn. They were going at it for sure. It sounded like some scene outta true blood between horny vampires. LMFAO.

You're a freak aren't you? Have you tried ALL that too?! LMFAO.

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! I love these speedy, all-nighter updates you've been so fond of lately. *HUG* I can't wait for the next chapter!! :D

Author's Response:

Even though there isn't a new chapter up yet (It's in the works!!!!), I HAD to respond to your review because I am laughing SO hard, I am crying. I mean I am in absolute hysterics!!!! XDDDDDDD I would HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE being walked-in on my my parents, which has actually happened! Not even kidding! My (now) ex boyfriend and I were doing laundry at his mom's place, and we started fooling around in the laundry room and suddenly his mom comes running down stairs like, "OHMYGOD THERE'S  A MOUSE UPSTAIRS! COME KILL IT!!!!"and then she see us (we weren't doing anything too bad, haha!) and is like, "WOOPS! My bad! Sorry!" I'm like, OH GOOD.

AND YES! AGREED!!!!!! I will be spiteful right next to you; men NEED to have something akin to our sucky periods every, single month. That way, they know EXACTLY what we're bitching about and WHY we have the right to bitch. God, mine ALWAYS suck SOOOOO effing bad, especially because I'm anemic and yeah, I TOTALLY need the extra blood loss. -___-  GAH! Men need them. Period. (Pardon the pun) In fact, if you REALLY want to even the score, the woman can be pregnant all she wants----but the MAN has to gain all of the weight, wear all of the materinity clothes, and go through the painful twelve hoursof labor while the wife sits there, filing her nails, and saying, "You're doing good, sweetie!" XDD

And I'm so glad you found this chapter hysterical! XDD I really wanted it to be light and really funny, what with InuYasha and Kagome adjusting to new parenthood. I pretty much tried chanelling EVERY new father who has FINALLY gotten their non-pregnant wife in the moon, and then start's crying and poor dad has blue balls for the next year, lmao!!!!! Poor, poor, Inu....See, this is karma. Mamiko knows he was a bad daddy and now she's wrecking havoc on his sex life!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD

I absolutely HAD to add the little bit about the rice. I dated an asian guy once and there were these MASSIVE bags of rice EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERYWHERE. To give you an image, Iwent into his cabniet for a bowl one time; an enormous bag of Botan rice fell out and got me right on my head. Not even joking. But, it's not like I can talk either; I have all these boxes of rice because I absolutely HAVE to have it with every meal lol!

And Kagome gets MAJOR props from me for wanting it done in one session. I have two tattoos; both sizeable. One on my chest, the other on my back. The one on my back HUUUUUUUUUURT like a mofo because it was right on my tailbone. I was gritting my teeth and praying to every God that if I lived through it, I would become a nun. Um, yeah, there went that, and i'm working on my next tattoo, haha! So, Kagome gets MAJOR props. 

And once again, muahahahaha!!!! What will happen to our wonderful Michiru? Will he be the scorned lover? Will be the villian? Will be the nice guy who sorts of fades to black??? Only time will tell!

Yes, you make total sense about being jealous for Kagome in regards to Kikyou, lolz! I love seeing Suikotsu and Kikyou together; they are just so cute! X3 So, I will say expect happiness from that pairing in this story, though how they get together will be VERY interesting, since Kikyou is a lesbian only for Kagome. I really, REALLY hope that makese sense, lol.

And you know I LOVE your super long reviews!!!!!!!!! 

Lastly: ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!! I WISH MY LOVE LIFE WERE THAT EXCITING!!!!!! Trust me, first I have to find a GUY first and then we can talk about getting down and dirty like that! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Oh my God, that last part had my CRACKING UP!!!!! Yeah, I wanted one big, happy orgasm festival for the two since 

1) They hadn't slept together since Kyoto

2) They needed to hurry up and get theirs in before Mamiko woke up! XDD

And GOD, I really need to get into TrueBlood. I'm not big on the whole vampires x werewolves x dumb bimbo who needs to be saved by them, but I started getting into it and then I lost my cable. XDDDDD Nevermind the fact I LOVE "Bad Things" by Jace Evertte. Sexiest song like every. I am definitely gonna get back into TrueBlood, make no mistake! Anyhoo, working on the next chapter as we speak! Take care!!!! *HUG*

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: December 27, 2010
Chapter number: 21
Title: Chapter 21: Blood and Ink

I do believe that I've just climbed to the pinnacle of Utopia again. You are seriously awesome. Amazing, amazing, amazing updating skills. I could care less about any minor erros about age, you're still fuckin' bomb. Shooooot.

SHIIIIIIIIIIT. That's exactly what I kept saying once the sacred ash ritual was described. OH MY FUCK. What the... BURNED? That's a cringe-worthy picture right there. I can't imagine how painful that must have been. That's crazy, I probably would have taken my ass and ran butt naked away from the damn temple once they told me that they were gonna take a branding iron and BURN a tattoo into my skin. WHAT THE FORNICATION? LOL. (I always wanted to say that) That's some crazy shit right there, crazier than that true-blood-vampire sex last chapter. My mind was fuck, penetrated into oblivion at the thought of ever being branded with a steaming, weltering, scalding iron. I'd probably have begged for death, and I can gaurantee that if I had went through with it, my ass would have fainted before they even slapped the iron onto me. Shiiiit. I would have passed out just from seeing it. GAH! Major, major, major respect points for Kagome.

I LOL-ed when Kagome was all, Inuyasha better know how much she loved him. Damn right he better! Kagome a ride-to-die chick after going through ALL THAT! Goodness. I still can't get over the fact that she literally got a huge dragon burned into her back.

You know, I was actually wondering if you'd reintroduce any of the characters that gang-banged Kagome, and now my questions have been answered. If I was Kagome, I would never want to see those guys again. That was one brutal gangbang she had to endure. Damn, if Kagome ever wants anything ridiculous when she's preggers from Inuyasha, and he wont give in. All she has to say is, "YOU HAD ME GANGBANGED, YOU ASSHOLE! YOU BETER GET ME THAT PICKLE AND COCONUT ICE CREAM WITH FRESH, IMPORTED PINEAPPLES." When I think about all the stuff that Kagome had to go through because of Inuyasha's sadistic little ways, I'm pissed all over again. He's lucky that I can't stand for them not to be together. Shoooot. LOL. The ending of the chapter was so cuuuuuute! I was frightened that you would have had Inuyasha leave with Kouga and Michiru pops up to do something evil. Yes, I'm aware that he's not a gauranteed evil character yet, but I'm on my gaurd after your little warnings in your responses.

Oh, oh! Let's not forget about Suikotsu being introduced! Yessssss! I can already see the romance. GAAH! I'm so excited for that romance to start up!

Thank you for ANOTHER speedy chapter! I'm looking forward to what else you have in store for us! :D

Author's Response:

Just an FYI: I expect your review to the newest chapter to be OFF THE WALL. I mean seriously, I cannot WAIT to see it! XD Clearly, that means I have done something horribly dubious in the newest one! XD

And yes, BURNED, my dear! Right into her skin. *SHUDDERS* POOR KAGOME. Seriously; girl has my utmost sympathy, as I torture her for fun on a daily basis. Poor thing. You'd think I'd give her a break. AH! Once again, I LOVE you for using "WHAT THE FORNICATION" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I've used it twice now; everyone thinks it's positively hysterical! XD


Can I just tell you how much I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF at that?! Damn straight InuYasha better get her whatever she wants!!!! XD I started slow with introducing the gangbangers: Shippou came first (technically Miroku, but details, details), then they met Sesshoumaru's father in New York (many people didn't catch the connection AT ALL XD), and then we have Kouga and Bankotsu, woot! I wanted to make Kouga SUCH a sweetie, especially because he's Mamiko's godfather and InuYasha's cousin and NOT a total dick in this story, lol! 

And as promised! Suikotsuness! He kind of got shoved aside in all of the excitement of the recent chapter, but he's there, I promise! I hope you enjoy this final chapter of 2010!!!! <3

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: December 31, 2010
Chapter number: 22
Title: Chapter 22: Crimson Lies

OMFG. can you believe this shit? I typed up a VERRRRRRRRRY long review for you with my instant reactions, and this review seriously broke MY personal record of long reviews, and MY INTERNET WOULD CHOOSE TO FUCKING DISCONNECT AT THAT VERY INSTANT! GAAAAH!


I guess I shall start from the beginning again. *tear*


 Yeah, I'm still sitting here shrieking that, repeatedly, in my head. 




Once I read your response to my review, I was already readying myself for the big, "OMFGOMFGOMFG" moment, and I STILL WASN'T READY FOR THAT! OH SHIT. Like. OH SHIT. I just can' OH SHIT. I can't even form a proper sentence without breaking into, "OH SHIT'S" again. I nearly had a stroke when Miroku revealed that Inuyasha had a damn lover, but THEN I find out it's a MAN LOVER? 

I was not expecting that. Fuckin' hell... OH MY GOSH! GAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

You're trying to kill me. Oh my gosh. I see why you spoiled us with fluffiness because you were trying to break THIS news to us slowly. You know what? BRING MICHIRU BACK. shit, Kagome deserves a lover now too. GOSH. LOL. I know, I know, that sounds so contradictory and selfish... BUT SHIT, I feel like Kagome right now, and dammit... I WANT KAGOME TO HAVE A SIDE DISH TOO! Hell, bring in Kikyo to be her lover, anyone will do! LOL. 


My mind is FUCKED forwards, backwards, six days from sunday, and every other damn way it could be fucked. I just can't beleive this shit. Like, SERIOUSLY. And, I feel Kagome too. Shooot, it's even worse that Inuyasha actually CARES about this person. LIKE GAAAAH! This chapter seriously had me bugging out as badly as when I read, Tales of a Youkai Fraternity House and Inuyasha pulled the whole, "I never loved you, I was really fucking your mother," shit! THAT had me going CRAZY, just like THIS chapter has me going bat-shit INSANE.

You ALWAYS, ALWAYS find a way to have us all staring at the screen sputtering in shock. Like, seriously, you're trying to kill me. >.< This chapter nearly gave me a stroke. No lie. I seriously went AS BUCK WILD AS YOU PREDICTED I WOULD BE! I KNEW, I just KNEW that Kurenai would play a huge role in this story with all the hints you kept dropping in. I was readying myself for her appearance, and I damn well didn't expect her to be a he! OF COURSE YOU WOULD find a way to make things evenc crazier huh? I'm just in awe right now. I keep going back and rereading things, and no matter how many times I read it, my jaw always drops.

Does Kurenai have a penis? Or did he/she get a sex change?

ANYWAY, don't think I stopped my ranting missy! You REALLY WOULD end this entire mind-boggling chapter with, "liar" as the final line. Like, you REAAAAAALLY just went there. -_______- But, didn't Inuyasha say that Kagome was the only person he felt that way for? And at the risk of sounding corny, didn't he say that Kagome was the only person he loved? But, he sure as hell seems to be in love with lover boy over there! NOT ONLY is he basically cheating on Kagome, but he's cheating on her with a MAN. Like, you WOULD find a way to make things even crazier huh?! SHEEEESH! Inuyasha BETTER not take back what he said, HE IS GOING TO LOVE KAGOME AND DAMMIT- HE'S GOING TO LIKE IT! NO TAKE BACKS! LOL. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'm going insane over here. I should have known you were warming us up with fluffiness to prepare us for some crazy stuff! AND I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT YOU WOULD DROP A BOMB ON NEW YEARS EVE! OH! OH! AND KAGOME'S MIA now too?!!! What did HER crazy ass do this time? Fly off to Hong Kong to surprise her cheating, bisexual, fiance?!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: January 09, 2011
Chapter number: 24
Title: Chapter 24: Labyrinth: Part 2

Huge, huge, huge mindfuck.
No lie. My mouth was practically flopping around from how many times it hung open from these last two chapters. Oh. My. Gosh. I definitely, definitely was not expecting any of this. At all. I didn't think I could have been more shocked than I was when Inuyasha went to go have sex with another woman/man, but the shock I'm feeling now is certainly a billion times magnified.

Initally, in Part 1 when Kagome was captured, I thought that maybe the twist would be that she lost her memory or something, but obviously it was a MUCH BIGGER twist than that little cliche'.
So, I'm guessing it was Michiru that helped Kagome fly off to Hong Kong? Man, I'm still stuck wondering if Michiru's gonna turn out to be a bad guy conspiring against all of them in the end. I kind of hope he stays lovable and sweet. We have enough assholes. -__- Particularly, Inuyasha. His secret - yeah, that was a mind-fuck right there. It was nearly as much of a mindfuck as Black Swan was and that's definitely saying something 'cause Black Swan was one of the creepiest movie I've EVER watched. But, still, Inuyasha is a fuckin' hypocrite. I mean, now I understand why he's so fucked up in the head and why he's pretty damn insane, but STILL. He promised Kagome that he wouldn't ever, ever touch another woman. I understand why he touched another man - Kurenai - since it was explained, but he was still going to fuck Kagome when he didn't know it was Kagome yet.

..Did that even make sense? (sigh) Well, hopefully it did. So, he was still going to fuck another woman to test out the "goods" and then when he did find out it was Kagome, he roughed her up and raped her. Like, damn right he better cut off his fuckin' hand and maybe his dick while he's at it too 'cause apparently his dick is more fuckin' dangerous than a damn gun. SHIT. Seriously, I'm just pissed at Inuyasha. I pity him, but I'm pissed. All his promises are meaningless. He promised never to touch another woman, and he still does it - or aleast plans too. He still lies to Kagome, and then he damn near kills her with his dick. She's still healing from the tattoo, the fuckin' asshole, and she's emotionally distraught 'cause her fiance' lied to her to go fuck another man but does Inuyasha care? NOOOOO. He still fucks her until she bleeds all over the place. SICKO.

*Takes deep breath* Okay, I'm better now. Yeah, Inuyasha's a deranged, hypocritical, asshole. Then again, no wonder. He was raped by Naraku as a kid. But you know what I hate? When victims of something end up doing the same exact thing as the assaulter did to them. For example, when men complain about living around abuse and talk about the horrors of having to watch their mother beaten by their father yet end up doing the SAME EXACT thing to the people around them when they're older. I hate that. Hate it. If they were traumatized by it, why do they traumatize others too?
Inuyasha hates Naraku, but he still ends up being just as cruel and twisted as him? I know it's possible, but it never makes sense to me when victims end up imitating their assaulters. It just pisses me off.

And, Kagome! MY GOSH. I don't know how the hell she can still stand to be with him. I'M being a hypocrite because I WANT them to be together, but I HATE when women stay in abusive relationships. I've dealt with so many women in my life that continued to stand by a disgustin man's side even with all the shit that man puts them through, and I always, always lose respect for the women. However, here I am, STILL rooting for Kagome and Inuyasha to stay together even though Kagome's pretty much doing everything I hate. Yeah, I really need to stop contradicting myself all the damn time. -___- (sigh) Seriously, I'm just like - gaaah! I don't even know how to properly convey all my thoughts in words. There's just so much to say with everything that was soaked in these last two chapters. I'm sure you are relieved to have finally gotten this huge breaking point typed up. I can just imagine how good it feels to know you've finally got this huge part down and finished.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things I wanted to say, that I'll probably remember later, but I'll end this little ol' revew here and thank you for the monsterous update! So, thank you! *Coddles* Even if I'm probaly gonna be walking around all day just mind-fucked. LOL.

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: January 09, 2011
Chapter number: 24
Title: Chapter 24: Labyrinth: Part 2

Okay, okay.. last little input here!

It's just that, it really seemed like Kurenai and Inuyasha were romantically interested in eachother, especially when Kurenai was first introduced in Chapter 22. I don't understand why Kurenai would be so "responsive" to Inuyasha if he brutalizes her/him in every way possible. Unless, Kurenai actually enjoys being brutalized during sex. 'Cause I'm aware that there are people with kinks of that sort. Before this review gets any longer - which it really shouldn't, since I've already left a monster sized review a few minute prior deciding to add a bit more (cough) I'll end this note here. I'm still stumped on the dynamics of Inuyasha's and Kurenai's relationship. Even if it was already thoroughly explained why they even have a relationship because it just really seemed like they had atleast an inkling of romantic feelings between them with Inuyasha's declaration of never letting anything separate them and with how touched Kurenai was. I would assume that Kurenai would want Inuyasha to stop seeing him/her because of what happens when they do meet once a year. So.. yeah. Anyway, this time, I'm really gonna end this review. (X Hahaha. LOL. I just bable way too much for my own good.


Thanks again for the monsterouse updates!

Author's Response: I. <3. YOU. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! I look forward to your reviews more than you look forward to my updates, lol! I seriously SMILE every time I see your reviews because they are just SOOOOOOOOOO long and I LOVE you for that!!!! You say EVERYTHING that comes to your mind and that is just INCREDIBLE!!!! You are the type of reviewers authors live for. Not joking. And you know on that note, I don't care if your reviews are FIFTY pages long; I'll always enjoy reading them.

To answer your question: Kurenai and InuYasha's past and full relationship......will be revealed in the next chapter (which is in the works, lol). Though, I can tell you now (the chapter is half done) that it'll be probably one of the more disturbing chapters, so steel your stomach, lady! Though, I will ALSO say that Kurenai never denies InuYasha, and yes, while he is brutalized by him, there's more to it than him just enjoying it (despite the fact he does lol). Kurenai's motives are pretty clear though---she actually WANTS InuYasha and Kagome to end up together. (Note the subtext---I love that word---of how she could have pushed Kagome aside when InuYasha was dying, but let her take control and even told her that he was dying). Kurenai DEFINITELY has ulterior motives, but whether they are good or bad are yet to be seen, muahahahaha.

Speaking of ulterior motives, love how Mikuru pops outta nowhere? Here's another hint: Michiru had absolutely nothing to do with Kagome getting to China. *SMIRK* Betcha didn't see that one coming lol!!!!

HOWEVER!!!!! Getting back to your other review, YES, InuYasha is truly fucked in the head. It's like everyone but the mildly sane ones (Ie, Kikyou, from what I can tell lol) has any sense. Well, that and Suikotsu, but there have to be some good apples in this bowl of mixed nuts. InuYasha is mindfucked beyond all reason, Kagome (who I feel ESPECIALLY sorry for, given she's so young) can't tell her ass from her elbow half the time, a minute....well, she has her issues too. Miroku is a dick, Izayoi gets all aroused at the thought of seeing her husband covered in blood after brutally murdering someone, Taishokomaru....well, yeah, he'll mentally fuck with someone's mind in the worse way, make them think they're okay, and then kill them and then go and enjoy a fine wine and wonder about laundry lol. No one in this story is really pieced together well.

And that's what makes this story so wonderful, haha! Seriously, there is NO excuse for InuYasha's cruelty AND I COULDN'T AGREE MORE: I hate people who are victimized, swear up and down and left and right when they would never do it, and then turn around and FREAKING DO IT TO SOMEONE ELSE. I mean, I can understand it, but that doesn't make it excusable.

Needless to say, Kagome has her work cut out for her. I'm going to hire her a psychiatrist; I feel like she'll haunt me in my dreams and try and kill me in a Freddy Kruger sort of way for what I'm doing to her, lmao! Anyway, I'll talk with you soon!!!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: February 12, 2011
Chapter number: 25
Title: Chapter 25: Pure Death

YES! An update! I was wondering when I'd see another alert for this story, and I'M mighty pleased to wake up to one. (X I already have an idea to what Kagome planned, but I still want to know her exact plan. This story just keeps going on with mind fuck's dude. Seriously. And that's what makes it so damn lovable. XD LOL. Everyone is just so twisted in the head, and obviously now we see why Inuyasha's so fucked up there. I hate rapists. I hate them so much. They should all be castrated as punishment. I can't imagine what Inuyasha's going through, and I'm afraid that he'll just slip right back into his traumatized stage. Now, as for the explosion... well, that scares me. 'Cause it's be awful for anyone to die. I have a feeling that this plan isn't going to work out as planned, and that Inuyasha's going to still end up traumatized... I hope I'm wrong though - hope I'm SO wrong that what really happens is a galaxy away from what I'm predicting in the back of my mind.

*cough* Now, lemme get my mind off of the serious matters for awhile and tell you about how much I giggled when Kurenai was all dolled up as a man and fiddled around with Kagome. Hmm.. I don't know if 'fiddled' is the correct word to conjure from my thoughts, but for now it'll have to stay because I can't think of any better way to describe it.

I shall now desperately wait for the next chapter. Thank YOU for another freakin' fantabulous update though. Now, I'm just stuck trying to get in that head of yours to see what you surprise us readers with next time!

Author's Response:

YES! An update, which is awesome because I JUST updated again! :) AND YES, castrate the rapists and then send them to prison. If there is one place you DON'T want to be a rapist/child molester/rapist, it's in prison, because those innmates, especially those with daughters/kids/wives, will KILL him. I watch Lockup a LOT and there was one documentation on this child rapist/molester who was killed by inmates. What's amazing is that these inmates racially and socially, all HATED one another. I mean, for one moment in time, just to advenge a child, racists, christians, catholics, murders, bank robbers, black, white, asian, name it, ALL banded together just to kill this guy. 

And I hate to say it, but I APPLAUDED them. See how you can set aside differences like that?

Okay, getting too vocal now, lol. Sorry, I am SO passionate about stuff like that. And isn't Kurenai YUMMY as a male?! Oh, good Lord, I had so much fun with that! I WOULD have let it go further, but you know, they had to focus on their mission! Now, onward! :)

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: February 25, 2011
Chapter number: 26
Title: Chapter 26: ...So, Just Pull The Trigger

My god. SERIOUSLY? Like, really? I can't even pinpoint everything that I'm feeling right now. But, I'm positive of one thing - SHE CAN'T DIE DAMMIT! I'll be so heartbroken. I probably would make an excuse not to get out of bed for a week.. well, I obviously can't do THAT, but hey... I'd dedicate an entire weekend to ice cream eating from a tub 'cause a dead Kagome/Inuyasha in this story would be like getting dumped. LOL. I'm so tired right now, I'm dozing off as I type this, but I saw your facebook comment and I HAD to read this update before going to bed. I've had a craptastic week with minor dilemmas and very little sleep, so this was a HUUUGE treat for me. You already know how obsessed I am with this story guuro! Shoooot. XD
I can't believe Kurenai died, I can't believe Inuyasha was so willing to die in return for killing Kurenai, and I can't believe that KAGOME WILL POSSIBLY DIE TOO! Like.. WHAT IS UP WITH THESE SUICIDAL CHARACTERS?! *sigh* What's even worse is all this angst is what continues to reel us in. Thing is, I still have my fingers (and possibly toes) crossed for a happy ending with cute children and some normality. Something that would give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that Kaikan Phrase's ending did. XD You know? Because with everything that tormented characters have to persist through, throughout the entire story, as a reader... well - you're rooting for them to finally have their happy ending. Of course, I do hope that this story isn't ending anytime SOON. it?

Yeah, well.. I nearly had a stroke from all the happenings of this chapter. I mean, I was screaming like a drunken monkey as I read this update. "NOOOOO!" was a favorite phrase.. and I just pissed off a whole bunch of people at home with my shrieking, but they'll live. LOL. Can't stop a girl from getting into a story right?

I'm aware that you're busy, life has a tendency to get the best of you most times, so I'm happy that you continue to update. (: Thanks for that.

Author's Response:

"I'll probably make an excuse not to get out of bed for a week". LMAO! You poor girl!!!! Then I'D feel bad!!!!! =( Once again, your reviews ALWAYS make me laugh and smile, especially when I need it the MOST. Lemme tell you girl...I'm having a rough go at life right now. It's not fun. BUT! Yeah, Kurenai died...and I HATED myself for offing her the way I did. Someone like Kurenai deserves to die peacefully in their sleep at like, 100! :((((( But, it had to be done...(*trying to convince myself*).

And I knew NO ONE would see InuYasha trying to kill himself over Kurenai, but then the BIGGER double-whamy came with KAGOME doing so. However, there IS an update! WOOT!!!! Hope you enjoy it, girl! Thanks for sticking with the story for so long!!!!! XDDDDD And really, thanks for understanding my late updates---I really appreciate it and love ya for it! PS:

Yeah, well.. I nearly had a stroke from all the happenings of this chapter. I mean, I was screaming like a drunken monkey as I read this update. "NOOOOO!" was a favorite phrase.. and I just pissed off a whole bunch of people at home with my shrieking, but they'll live. LOL. Can't stop a girl from getting into a story right?

Thank you for making me laugh for the next week. <3

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: March 31, 2011
Chapter number: 27
Title: Chapter 27: Tied Up; Tied Down; Tied To You...

I was relieved, so so SO relieved with Kagome's recovery. See guuuro, I had faith in you! *cough* ;D LOL. I knew you wouldn't force me into "ice cream er.. slash hibernation"..? Gosh, this update made my week. It was the sweetest, most adorable chapter ever. Ever, ever, ever, EVER. I've been a bit down lately from the happenings of life so this treat was definitely welcomed with open arms. The only thing that scared me throughout the chapter was trying to figure out if this was the end of the road for the story since things seemed to be resolved. I would have been a tad disappointed not to get a peek of their married life, so I'm glad you've decided to keep on pumping that gas!

... is that even a saying? or did I just combine random sayings and sound like a total ditz?

Pffft. Whatevs.

You see - instead of studying for the plethora of tests I have tomorrow (like I should be) and writing papers, I decided to read this chapter.. Yeah, I am truly a rebel. Bad to the fuckinnnngg bone.

God, I'm so lame. LMFAO.

"Fuck me until I break."

I admit, I BLUSHED - like seriously colored at that point. Just damn. That's completely different from, "I'm very inexperienced, so please be gentle."

I loved the descriptions of Kagome's wedding dress and how you balanced Western and Japanese traditions.. OH! and how could I forget - Inuyasha cutting his hair! L.O.L
Damn right it's justice. If anyone ever cut my hair off without my consent just because THEY want MY hair short best believe I will be cutting something in return ..

and it wont be hair.
*bows humbly* Thank ya m'lady for this lovely treat.

Author's Response: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU ALWAYS GIVE THE BEST REVIEWS!!!!!!! I know you already told me this on FB, but I absolutely love your reviews!!!!!!!!! (And yes, InuYasha was a TERRIBLE dick for cutting Kagome's hair hahahahaha DIVINE REVENGE!!!!)

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: August 08, 2011
Chapter number: 28
Title: Chapter 28: Dragon's Eye


If only you could see me right now, I'm trembling - like honestly, this quivering mass. If I do anymore shaking, I'd probably melt into pudding! YOU UPDATED! OMFG!

When I got two alerts - one for a review response and another for an update - from ED, my jaw seriously dropped. I was like, "NO WAY!" I have to admit, I was a little scared to open them up because I didn't want my hopes up - BUT YOU DID UPDATE YOU, BEAUTIFUL AUTHORESS, YOU! It's obvious that you've been busy with life, and it's awesome that you moved out to LA to pursue more outta life *insanely jealous over here!* so I definitely understand that you've been busy. In fact, it's ironic because just today I was wondering what would happen in the next update to NNM - whenever it may be - AND THEN I MAKE THE LOVELY DISCOVERY THAT YOU ACTUALLY UPDATED TODAY I almost peed my pants. LOL.

*deep breath*

Okay, on with my ramblings of the chapter itself. XD
It was super nice to read about how Inuyasha and Kagome settled into their married life. I can see why Inuyasha would still be wary about his happiness, I mean they went through A LOT of shit just to finally get there. When Inuyasha had the dream about the mysterious new Tengoku no Ryu, a buzzer just went off in my head. So, when Izayoi asked Kagome that question in the end, I felt obliged to scream, "I KNEW IT!" at the top of my lungs. *cough* That may not have been the smartest move since my roomies practically barged into my room demanding why I was screaming. LOL. Whatever, I felt mighty accomplished, and I think I deserved to puff out my chest a little like superman.

Really enjoyed the chapter! (obviously, right?) I can't wait for the rest, and I can't wait to see how long the happiness lasts before something decides to be a buzz-kill. No rush, of course! You do have a hectic schedule. (: Thank you for the update!

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: August 25, 2011
Chapter number: 29
Title: Chapter 29: Doubt

It's 5AM, I have no sleep, and it's my 1st time ever getting a little tipsy so I'm kind of not in the right stage of mind at the moment... Off topic (as always right?) but I don't see why other people like alcohol so much - tasted like medicine to me. LOL. AND ALL IT DID WAS GIVE ME A HUGE HEADACHE... BUT anyway.. I knew right when I saw your wallpost that I just absolutely had to read the chapter. You always get me so riled up. I was ready to knock out right before I saw your wallpost, but now I'm just wide awake! I didn't expect Inuyasha to start questioning whether he was the father of the baby, but it made sense - somewhat, and yes... he is such a spoiled brat. *Le sigh* Some things will never change. Ha! I love how you totally amped up the squeal factor at the end. TWINS! Fuckin' twins! LOLOL. I feel so spoiled right now. You give us TWO updates back to back. How awesome are you? PRETTY FREAKIN' COOL IF YOU ASK ME. LOL.

THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE! Even though I am way too riled up right now... it'll be a tad harder to knock out instantly after cooing and squealing over little Inu-Kag twinnies! How adorable!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :D

Reviewer: Say0mi Saki Signed
Date: August 27, 2011
Chapter number: 30
Title: Chapter 30: The Birth of a God and Goddess

God, you're just spoiling us with sweetness. I started craving for some chocolate by the time I got to the middle of this chapter! Although, Abby has to admit that the ceremony with the blood and all... got her a little queasy. I kind of turn a little green at the thought of blood. It scares me. LOOOL. No, but seriously - wow, these past few chapters have been so adorable. It sort of makes me nervous 'cause in past chapters when it got too sweet, you would always bust out and surprise us with new drama. I'm not sure if you still plan on doing that with us now though since it is getting close to the end and they all really do deserve happiness after all they had to go through in the beginning, especially Kagome! My god, sometimes when I think of how it all started - the rape, the gangbangs, the trafficking, I'm pissed all over again, but I'm really happy to see everyone so satisfied.

WHICH REMINDS ME... Michiru making plans to marry? THAT was one of my favorite parts of this chapter even though it wasn't a huge deal, it still made me really happy. Michiru's too nice of a person to not find love after.

Thank you, thank you for the chapter! It eased me out of my "school's-on-monday" slump a bit. *Le sigh*