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Bio: I'm a huge fan of Inukag and I HATE Inukik!!! Inuyasha is one of my favorite anime. I'm 18 years old and I graduate high school in June. Yay!!!! Finally!!! I love to read and watch Naruto, Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon, Kaze no Stigma, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Rosario + Vampire, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Fairy Tail is my favorite though. There is just something about it that makes me want to watch more. Maybe it is the action and adventure, or maybe it is the slight romance going on between Natsu and Lucy, Erza and Jellal, Gray and Juvia (because we all know he really loves her), Levy and Gajeel, Romeo and Wendy, Mira and Laxus, Cana and Bacchus, and eventually Lissanna and Bixlow. There is just so much tension between them that isn't really obvious, but is just noticeable. They are just so damn dense!!! Everyone but the ones involved know that they love each other!!! I mean, sure Natsu protects all his nakama, but none as fiercely as Lucy!!! And Gray literally died for Juvia in the battle against the dragons!!! Like that doesn't show he loves her!!! And Gajeel, well, he isn't the type of guy to protect just anyone with his life. Yet time and time again, he risks his very existence to protect Levy, not realizing that her happiness is with him!!! And Jellal, he thinks that he isn't good enough for Erza!!! She should be the one to decide that!!! Yes, he has done some terrible things in the past like try and kill her, but clearly she forgave him!!! She tried to kiss him for god sakes!!! And it was like he was in his right mind while doing these things!!! He was being controlled!!! Sorry for my paragraph long rant but I just get so damn frustrated at the characters denseness. It irritates the hell out of me!!! As you can clearly tell by the paragraph I have written about them.😝😝😝
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Home by KeiChanz Rated: Reserved starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 10]

Inuyasha comes home.
Categories: Fables
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Kouga, Miroku, Other, Sango
Genres: Alternate Universe, Family, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Military , Oneshot, Romance, WAFF
Warnings: Language
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 5186 Read Count: 339

[Report This] Published: February 14, 2015 Updated: February 14, 2015

Reviewer: Lizzy529 Signed
Date: March 02, 2016
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Home

This story made me cry so bad!!! It's so happy!!!😭

It Happened One Night by Angelhart Rated: Salacious starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]

Kagome is awakened by a noise downstairs in her house in the middle of the night. Who would disturb her sleep? (one shot)
Categories: Fables
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome
Genres: Oneshot, Romance
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Oral/Hand job
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 5600 Read Count: 194

[Report This] Published: March 25, 2015 Updated: March 29, 2015

Reviewer: Lizzy529 Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 02, 2016
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: It Happened One Night

Omg!!! Poor Shippo!!!