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Midnight Snack is that short!citrus!story coauthored with anime-patriot that's 3/5 chapters done (60% complete). It's told in the narrative POV of an insomniac!flustered!hungry!Kagome. Next, Chapter 4: "A Full-Blown Lemon"!
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Do you hate the SessKag pairing? Then come on in and read this! I rip apart Inuyasha's most unlikely pairing, and reveal those cliche plots and ideas that have been used time and time again! WARNING: NOT for SessKag fans.
Disclaimer: Rumiko Takahasi owns all these featured characters. I don't...yet. Gimme a few years.
Categories: Fables
Characters: Kagome, Sesshomaru
Genres: Comedy, Oneshot, Parody
Warnings: Language
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 2821 Read Count: 257

[Report This] Published: January 30, 2007 Updated: January 30, 2007

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: September 27, 2010
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: How to Write a Sess/Kag Fic

*laughs on forever*

 HAHA, hoho, hehe -

INUYASHA: That's creepy.
PP: That it is; that it is. -.-

But this was just plain awesome. ^.^ I'm InuKag 99.9% and SessKag .1%, and this just made my day, pointing out all the horrifying cliches in SessKag fanfiction. Shows who the better pairing is, eh? XD

Anyways, loved it. Best thing I ever read. :D

Treasures by ebonizy Rated: Reserved starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 7]

When Inuyasha and Kagome are separted by the well, what happens in 500 years
Categories: Fairy Tales, Fables
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippou
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 2554 Read Count: 937

[Report This] Published: August 05, 2007 Updated: August 05, 2007

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 01, 2010
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Treasures

*bursts into tears, cries for eternity before running out of tears and wheezing*


I'm not lying what I said I was crying; I actually think I feel a few tears coming on... *dabs away* This was so cute, so sincere, though: how Inuyasha went through his centuries and the deaths of their friends, waiting for her, and getting all these things to make her happy. :) I was wondering what he was buying things for (and began tearing up when Miroku died), and to know that he did it all for Kagome, to make her live better and give her the things she could ever want... Wow. Just effing amazing. ^.^

This was too sweet, in all honesty. Not an inch of bad writing or fauxness in this beautiful fic. :) Not to mention, you don't often see fics about demons being in the future and Inuyasha waiting for Kagome after the well closes; it's all "KAGOME RETURNS!", so this being different is intriguing. :D 

Must I continue ranting on this story's total impact on my heart (and tearducts)? XD I love it. Really. No other way to proclaim my love for this short story except it's adorable, magnificent, and -

KAGOME: REALLY! Each passing second of your ranting slowly kills off Inuyasha's testosterone!
PP: My bad. -.-'

Yes, anyways, you get the point. :D If you ever write any more sweet stories, I'll be sure to check them out! ^.^

Author's Response: Thank you so much that really meant alot to me! =)



Arrive in Tokyo? Check. Go shopping? Check. See the sights? Check. Get taken advantage of in a dark alleyway...? This is what she got for not only failing to study the language, but wandering away from her class during a school trip to Tokyo...
Categories: Legends, Fairy Tales

Past Featured Story
Characters: Ayame, Bankotsu, Hojo, Inu no Tashio, InuYasha, Izayoi, Jakoutsu, Kaede, Kagome, Kagura, Kikyou, Kirara, Kouga, Miroku, Rin, Sango, Sesshomaru, Shippou, Souta
Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Hentai, Hurt/Comfort, Psychological, Romance
Warnings: Abuse, Aggressive Sex, BDSM, Blood/Gore, Body Modification, Domestic Violence, Drug Use, Explicit Sex, Fetish, Graphic Violence, Implied Pedophilia, Implied Rape, Language, Male Dom/Female Dom, Masturbation/SoloM/F, Molestation, Oral/Hand job, Orgy, Pedophilia, PlayPen/Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Punishment, Rape/Non-consensual , Roleplay, Sensitive/Controversial Subject Matter, Slavery, Threesome, Underage Pregnancy, Underage Sex, Voyeurism
Chapters: 32 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 215589 Read Count: 28258

[Report This] Published: July 04, 2010 Updated: November 13, 2011

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: June 28, 2011
Chapter number: 27
Title: Chapter 27: Tied Up; Tied Down; Tied To You...


So, I pretty much put off reading this for ten chapters (no idea why, except I'm a first-class procrastinator), and then I just pulled an effing all-nighter to read the last ten. And even though I was somewhat lost at first since I hadn't touched this story in forever, I managed to fall in love with it all over again.


I love how you portray characters, and I don't even mind the non-series characters in here. Usually, I dislike OCs with a passion, but in this, it's like they NEED to be there. (I repeat: HOW? :U) And then even though I hate the angst, it gets to me every time and keeps me begging for more. (Not to mention the citrus and D/s in this is delicious. Yum~) I adored how everything just fell into place as time went by, with all the relationship developments and Inuyasha/Kurenai's pasts - how, as things happened, all the small details were beginning to make sense. (Stories like those, like this is what blows my mind, no joke.) All of the characters' pasts are interesting, defining, and so their own, and all of the events, whether they be monumental or not, keep me captivated and waiting for more. (I wonder how the hell you got so creative. Really. It's envious.) I love how you incorporate different cultures into this, show the characters' feelings so realistically, and the character development...! *faints at your superiority*


Wow. Quite literally, I'm about to put a ring on this story's finger and elope with it. (Your argument on the matter as its mother is invalid. And so is the question of my sexuality. >.>) I am about ready to bow at your feet, kiss your toes, and stalk you daily. (Now THAT part I'm kidding about. XD But the marriage... Yeah. Don't be surprised if whatever innocence this story has retained is gone after the honeymoon.)

Okay, all in all, in normal terms, I love reading this story. I can't believe I put off reading its updates for so long. D: I know the moment you update this next, I'm going to devour that chapter as if I hadn't eaten in a year. (You- You rock on and stuff, 'kay? Keep being awesome and making my lifetime.) This story, it's just rocked my socks off, and then it stole them, and I didn't even care, because the overall fact it can do that is AMAZING. (I don't care if they were the toes socks with rainbow print. I don't even care. I just love this story so damn much...! *ELOPES*) Really - this is the definition of fantastic, you are the definition of awesome, and I look forward to reading your next update! :D

Author's Response: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, GOD, where to start?!?! Okay, I'll go bit by bit!!!! :)

If you elope with this story, seriously, INVITE ME TO THE WEDDING!!!!! I'll be that loud, obnoxious guest BAWLING her eyes out like, "HOO HOO!!!!! MY LITTLE STORY IS ALL GROWN UP AND GETTING MARRIED!!!!!" Hahahahahaha, I love you AND your reviews sooo much! They are probably more awesome than the story!!! XDDD

Hallow Honey by Desenchanter Rated: Salacious starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 4]

Higurashi Kagome's an emotional devoid girl that wants to become an expert at certain 'techniques' for her considerably older boyfriend. That's where her best friend Taisho Inuyasha comes in handy for 'practice'. The problem is he likes her, a lot. Lemons.
Categories: Fairy Tales
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Kouga
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Friendship, Hentai, Romance
Warnings: Explicit Sex
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 14890 Read Count: 1051

[Report This] Published: August 27, 2010 Updated: August 30, 2010

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: August 27, 2010
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is so great. How it switches POVs every so often, and the whole concept of it is interesting, eye-catching, and well-written. :) I feel really bad for Inuyasha, though, being used and whatnot, while Kagome's being used to, but is weird and not responding to it. Honestly? It's a tough situation I can't wait to read about some more. I look forward to reading the next chapter! ^.^

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: August 30, 2010
Chapter number: 2
Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Awesome! :D Kagome's really complicated in this story - and I love it. ^.^ I'm happy she dumped Kouga - YAY! - unless there's some twist, like she's secretly dating him or something... o.O I also love how you went into Kagome's past; I thought it was interesting kind of seeing her thoughts on things. :)

Man, I love this story; it's so great. :O I'm anticipating the next chapter! :D

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 01, 2010
Chapter number: 3
Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

*sniffles* IT'S OVER! DX *bursts into hysterics*

/cue time-skip/ 

Okay, I'm done now. :)

But this story? I love it. :D At first, Kagome was this block of ice even worse than Sesshoumaru, and for those chapters, I kind of - um, hehe - hated her. o.o But this chapter really helped out: Kagome begins showing emotions, even though she's manipulative, and somewhat opens up on her past. ^.^ I like how things fell together, even if Kagome's way of coming back to him was strange, and the ending was a suptle way of, well, ending it. XD

Whenever I read the title, I automatically have the image of honey that's hollow - like, something sweet with no filling, or something like that. Maybe that was supposed to portray Kagome: sweet on the outside, yet has nonexistent feelings...? (I honestly don't know; that's the best guess I could word out correctly. -.-')

Anyway, I LOVED it! :D This is definitely one of the best short stories I ever read, and I can't wait to see updates for your other stories! ^.^

My entries for the Sake list from Challenge Destiny's Sanno Matsuri. See: two crossovers! A humiliating bet! Miko hunting! And more!
Categories: Myths
Past Featured Story
Characters: InuYasha, Kaede, Kagome, Kouga, Miroku, Rin, Sango, Sesshomaru, Shippou, Souta
Genres: Action-Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Challenge Destiny Entry, Comedy, Crossover, Divergence, Drabble, Drama, Fluff, Hentai, Horror, PWP, Romance, WAFF
Warnings: BDSM, Explicit Sex, Fetish, Language, Male Dom/Female Dom, Mild Sexual Situations, OOC/Out of Character, Oral/Hand job, Slavery
Chapters: 18 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 7492 Read Count: 3953

[Report This] Published: September 11, 2010 Updated: September 11, 2010

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Maybe Tonight You'll Be Gone

O.O WOW! That was super-neat, how everything was put together and the nightmare turned out to be real! :D I think was really made this was Inuyasha saying the last line, though, after he and Kagome saved Souta from Freddy. ^.^

Author's Response: That one was not easy to do. It seemed simple at first- just have Souta have a Freddy nightmare, then it had to fit a word limit.... I hate word limits.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 2
Title: Chapter 2: What A Man's Gotta Do

Haha, for a Twihater like me, this hits the spot. XD All the men plotting against Twilight, and saying "Crystal" doesn't matter, and Kouga saying they should "blow the fuckers up"... All of it was just too funny. XD XD XD I think that much humor was illegal in 49 states. XD (And I keep making the "XD" face because I can find no other one to show my amusement... o.o) But still, it was great! ^.^

Author's Response: Oh don't get me started on Twilight. I spent a whole evening at work ranting about it to the girls who wouldn't shut the hell up about it. But really, I couldn't not do it for that prompt.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 3
Title: Chapter 3: The Joy Of Victory

Poor Kagome. *shakes head* -.- That's what she gets, I suppose, for trying to trick him, apparently an "almighty hanyou". XP I expected her to get agitated and at some point in here, inconspicuously sit him, but you exceeded those expectations. ;P

Author's Response:

I try not to use the sit a lot, because I hate it. Besides, if he was making her do that without her sitting him, just think what he would have done if she had.

It's not so much what she gets for trying to trick him, it's what she gets for going against a dog when territory is on the line. Sango makes that same mistake later.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 4
Title: Chapter 4: The Agony Of De-feet

Inuyasha's too in-character that it's unbelievably accurate and enjoyable. ^.^ (And yes, if you haven't caught on, I REVIEW EVERY CHAPTER! :O) Poor Kagome, having to kiss that little piggy and that one... D:

INU: Keh, why're you feelin' so much sympathy?
PP: ...
INU: *comes to realization* Oh.
PP: o.o
INU: o.o

Author's Response:

He has a lot of lording over to make up for :)

Poor poor Kagome. This series is why she got him as a servant on the other list (which is in Danga's Pit).

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 5
Title: Chapter 5: Drastic Measures

Haha, this is HORRIBLE! XD (Yes, I'm amused by the fact that it's horrible. XP) Dang, now they're BOTH suffering... Too good, too good... XD Haha, and I love the ending, how Miroku decides to make his first appearance when Inuyasha's being pampered. ^.^

Author's Response: This one was written entirely for the Miroku's line at the end. Then for the next one I was like "hey I can use this..."

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 6
Title: Chapter 6: Slow Burn

OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO! *laughs on forever* Dang, this is too funny... I should've seen this coming, where Miroku somehow got Sango as his slave, but I didn't, and even when he and Inuyasha agreed to it, I forgot Miroku would've probably groped her... -.-' But that was too entertaining, no joke. XD

Author's Response: Originally, he was going to fall under Inuyasha's service as well, but then I thought that was too much. Besides, the getting Sango thing worked out better, and allowed me to Kouga-bash.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 7
Title: Chapter 7: The Return Of Osuwari

I was thinking he'd use the kotodama on Sesshoumaru, but I think I like it better on Kouga. XD And of course he's naked... I didn't expect him stripping and being perverted like this at all, but it should be expected when you have power over the opposite sex. XP

Author's Response:

Miroku planted that perverted seed.

Sesshoumaru wouldn't have been a bad idea, but Kouga annoys me more.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 8
Title: Chapter 8: All Soaped Up & No Place To Go

Eh... Nothing to say... o.o I can't really review limes all that well... Keh...

(Note: That statement says otherwise. -.-')
PP: AM -
INU: Osuwari.
KOUGA: *plows into ground*
INU: *looks innocent* What?

But still entertaining, nonetheless. I really like the "Bet" series, how poor Kagome's forced to do things against her will, and Inuyasha's personality has changed to a confident jackhole. ^.^

Author's Response:

This one and the lemon were really hard for me to write. Just completely out of my comfort zone.

Inuyasha is how I picture him if he doesn't have to worry about being sat.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 9
Title: Chapter 9: The Master's Mark

I didn't expect Kagome to be so giggly about it (WHO'S THE SCHOOLGIRL NOW? *glares at Kouga*), but I enjoyed it, nonetheless. Not bad for your first lemon. ^.^

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 10
Title: Chapter 10: Day Off

Yay for fluff! ^.^ (Not really, but whatever, I can review this easily! :D) Inuyasha? Being mindful and considerate? *looks at calender, wondering if it's 2012 despite it being total bogus* Okay, so the world's not ending... WHAT CAUSED THIS?

INU: "Canon divergence", meaning partially AU.
PP: ...Ah. *nods* I knew that.

Author's Response:

He can be mindful and considerate.... Sometimes....

Really, I just couldn't keep writing him as such an asshole. I thought I was writing him where he was crossing the line into abusive.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 11
Title: Chapter 11: Dinner & A Show

Oh, Miroku, and his perverted jokes. XD "Master Hentai" = awesomeness. ^.^ And, of course, as always, Inuyasha's personality in the Bet series is just too entertaining. :P

Author's Response: The polishing the wrong staff part is the whole reason I wrote this one. I wanted a small glimpse into the Miroku/Sango thing since I usually neglect them.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 12
Title: Chapter 12: A Full Moon On The New Moon

Oh, Gods, Miroku in this... He's just too funny. XD I love how the kotodama still worked; for a moment, at the beginning, I was thinking, Crap, I would've LOVED seeing him be sat again. And, tah-dah, it happened! :D Love how Kouga's more of a slave to Inuyasha now than Kagome is; that's how it should've been all the way from the beginning. *evil smirk*

Author's Response: I'm an unapologetic Kouga-basher. There's no way I was writing him getting one over Inuyasha like that. And he's only a slave to Inuyasha when he comes around and annoys him. He has an out, unlike Kagome (til her time is up).

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 13
Title: Chapter 13: Slavery's End

No more arrogant master, but there shall always be an arrogant mate. XP Personally, I wouldn't be too pleased if someone cleaned my feet with their mouths... Just eww, you know? >.< Aww, but the fluff of cuddling... What a nice way to end the Bet series. ^.^

Author's Response: Yes, it is gross. I was more thinking he liked just completely humiliating Kouga. The dude's been molesting Kagome and insulting (and at times standing on) Inuyasha since he showed up. I think that would make the lickee get over the "ewww feet" thing.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 14
Title: Chapter 14: Forbidden Fruit

Haha, the idea of Kagome and Sango's perverted dreams, and how Miroku was the nincompoop who ran ahead and decided to make them come true... Classic. XD By far, one of my favorites, especially when Inuyasha accidentally spoke up as well. :P

Author's Response: Lol. Can't you just see that happening?

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 15
Title: Chapter 15: Thrill Of The Hunt

Poor Inuyasha, being sat with a hard-on. XD And I figured he would've smelled them or something, and I was right! :D I absolutely love Miroku in this as well; he's too perverted and eager for his own good. XP

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 16
Title: Chapter 16: Captive Prey

Gosh, predator!Inuyasha really shows in this. o.o (And I mean like animal predator, not the illegal kind! DX) First person POV, though, was interesting, and he actually sounds like a hunter in this. :O I can also see Kagome doing this: completely hiding how she really feels while acting scared. (Pff, she cannot escape the cheetah!)

INU: Inu-hanyou. *cocky grin*
PP: ...Whatever. T.T

Author's Response:

I usually don't do first person, since I usually end up mixing up he and I. I'm not sure why I chose first person for this...

Of course she can't escape. Even if she didn't want it, a naked hanyou approaching would shock anyone into standing still long enough to get caught.

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 17
Title: Chapter 17: Trauma

*dabs away tears* THAT'S HORRIBLE! *cries all over again* But it was even more horrible hearing Kagome and Shippou blame themselves. (For some reason, guilt is contagious. o.o Or maybe it's the fact that your awesome writing caused me to suffer with them... -.-) But I'm glad that Inuyasha woke up, and his clothes were at least fireproof. *dabs away tears happily*

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: October 12, 2010
Chapter number: 18
Title: Chapter 18: Hello Nurse

Haha, well, that's one way to make one's boyfriend take their medicine. XD I swear, I loved the variety in each chapter, how it all felt new, and I love this whole list (despite it being over). :) Awesome ride, I tell you, awesome ride! :D

Author's Response: There's still other lists (plus the unedited versions of these ones) in Danga's Pit.

Defiled by Say0mi Saki Rated: Provocative starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 5]


Once upon a time she was unjaded, fresh faced, and disgustingly sweet. Virginal in every sense of the word.

Once upon a time, he wasn't a monster.

Categories: Fables
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome
Genres: Drabble, Drama, Ficlet, Oneshot, Songfic
Warnings: Abuse, Domestic Violence, OOC/Out of Character
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 726 Read Count: 156

[Report This] Published: November 25, 2010 Updated: November 26, 2010

Reviewer: purduepup Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: November 26, 2010
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I loved this. :O I mean, I hate how there was no happiness, but it was awfully realistic and shows a different POV on mating. I mean, everyone thinks it's such a great thing, and this kind of makes the question pop out: "Is it really so great? What about the downsides?"

Man, just thinking of Inuyasha's demon being abusive... *shakes head* The descriptions and situation was brutal and scary, yet I loved every bit of it because it's something you don't see every day, you know? :) Just imagining it all playing out, I have the shivers, and the thought that this occurs often makes my eyes go 0.0 - for realz. XP

So, yes. Very serious fic and very well-written; I loved every bit of it, even if there was no romance but much angst and heartbreak. Great job, Say0mi! :D

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! Geez, you have no idea how much you flatter me. (X I'm happy you liked it, even without any romance. hahaha.