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A girl loves the Dog eared hanyou and wishes all guys could have ears.. I have an obsession with rubbing the Inu ears.

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Reviews by Inu Hanyou Nikkie
The Best Gift by inuyashaloverr Rated: Risque starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 14]


It is said that music sooths the savage beast, but what of the soul.

On a holiday, a certain Hanyou reflects back on his, and sees all as 'The Best Gift'.

Categories: Fables
Past Featured Story
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome
Genres: Oneshot, Romance
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 2090 Read Count: 992

[Report This] Published: November 25, 2007 Updated: November 25, 2007

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: November 26, 2007
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

*bawls* That was sooo beautiful!!!! *sobs* ... heads to big chair with big puffy comforter and curl up to sob and sighs....

Author's Response: Awww, no bawling now. *hands Puffs to Nikki* But am so glad you liked it. I really am. Hugzzz...

Scared by Knittingknots Rated: Reserved starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]

InuYasha and Kagome talking the day before she goes home for her graduation.  Contains mild spoilers for manga chapters 521-530
Categories: Fables
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome
Genres: Drama, Oneshot, Romance
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 1161 Read Count: 608

[Report This] Published: November 27, 2007 Updated: November 27, 2007

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: November 27, 2007
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Oh mys!! That was sooo adorable!! Is a beautiful and very very touching story! I love how solid and portective Inuyasha was presented! A towering structure of strength for Kagome!

Loved the way he gently teased her about her marks. So sweet how they discussed Kagome staying in her time for the battle and her openess to Inuyasha about her devotion and love for him.

And yea... I get all goooey whenever Inuyasha rests his chin on Kagome's head.. Soooooo Romantic!! Swoons!!

I love each of your stories and every one of your poems!!

The depths of their bond and the way they don't need to say the words to each other outloud the way they fight so fluidly together!

When Rin Plays Cupid by Ayamegusa Rated: Risque starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]

When Rin is asked to do a special task, will she be able to complete it?
Categories: Fables
Characters: None
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Oneshot
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 5136 Read Count: 212

[Report This] Published: December 15, 2007 Updated: December 15, 2007

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: December 16, 2007
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Oh yes!! Inuyasha Again!! I loves it!! Rin is the perfect little devious girl to help Sesshoumaru with those two! Sweet! I can't wait to see and read more!! I loves how you keep them all in character and so easily to embarrass!! I think I loved it when Rin tricked Kagome into "saving" Inuyasha from the evil Youkai! They will never be able to let it die or fade away... Miroku will always use it and Rin saying she saw everything too!! lol!!

Author's Response:

Rin tried to get them together, but I don't think it completely worked. Only plenty of embarrassment. If I think of anything, I'll write something, but all I could get was something about Kouga turning up. I'm glad you think I keep them in character, it's easy yet so hard to...

Maybe Miroku would try and coax the miko to learn how to be like him, lol! 


A Parody from the old poem, Twas The Night Before Christmas written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1822.

I really should be glad Inu wasn't round for this... hehe.

Categories: Fables
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Other, Sango, Sesshomaru
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1151 Read Count: 529

[Report This] Published: December 28, 2007 Updated: December 28, 2007

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: December 29, 2007
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

That is Bloody Awesome!! The best ever twist to the old faithful!! I loves it!! *glompage* Poor Inuyasha -he kept true to character- he didn't get anything for all his troubles!! You Totally Rock!! I loves it!! The birds! The snickering! The firplace! Inuyasha's perfectly timed comments!!

Author's Response: After I had it up I kept thinkin I shoulda named it Inus 'nightnare before Christmas, lol. cause he sure wasnt havin much of a good time there was he, lol. Am so glad you liked it and it brought a smile to you. ;)  *glomps back*

Vices by kirarakat55 Rated: Salacious starstarstarstar [Reviews - 7]


Kagome is tired of Inuyasha's reckless partying and has decided it is for the best that she leaves. When the unsuspecting hanyou comes home to an empty apartment he decides to take measures to get his true love back.

Categories: Fairy Tales
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Fluff, Hentai, Romance
Warnings: Drug Use, Explicit Sex, Language
Chapters: 7 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 15815 Read Count: 1038

[Report This] Published: January 03, 2008 Updated: February 06, 2008

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signed
Date: January 11, 2008
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: The Break-Up

hmm. Interesting story you have started. Wonder where it's going.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment, it is very much appreciated. As for where it is going you just have to read to find out lol. Thank you again.

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signed
Date: January 11, 2008
Chapter number: 2
Title: Chapter 2: The Decision

I like this second chapter! You really have the emotions going. I really like that Inuyasha is using the buddy system and making his friend seek help as well.

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signed
Date: January 12, 2008
Chapter number: 3
Title: Chapter 3: Help

The realistic way Inuyasha researched/contacted those Rehab centers was a very nice touch. I do like the way Miroku is sticking by his side even if his exclaimations of "I don't have a problem.." is so true of an addictic. I was unhappy with the way Miroku wanted to pin all the blame on Inuyasha's shoulders and mind. With his personality he would have harrassed Inuyasha non-stop until in order to get any peace Inuyasha would have had to agree.

I like that you are showing both sides of the drug problem.

Author's Response: thank you for your review! I didn\'t like how Miroku\'s personality came out either, but thought he is an addict. The alcohol has damaged him to the point that he is not the same as he once was, and the fact that did place the blame on Inuyasha just proves how deep the alcohol goes.

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstar
Date: January 15, 2008
Chapter number: 4
Title: Chapter 4: The Facility

yea... I know about those little problems with snoozing in a moving car...

I am sad that Miroku now wants to stay at the Re-hab because mostly of the women. I do like that he is still sticking by Inuyasha (though with the vocal complaints).. I'll be laughing if he got the same wake up call... that the girl he likes will have nothing to do with him because of his problem.

I am wondering if Inuyasha will have to fight off the attentions of other women while at the center...

I think right now.. my favourite part is when Inuyasha called Kagome to let her know where he was and that he was getting help to get her back. I was so proud of him!

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signed
Date: January 15, 2008
Chapter number: 5
Title: Chapter 5: Steps

I do like the way that you have Inuyasha getting frustrated with the group sessions. It feels so real... Kudos to the research! I do love how Inuyasha found he inspiration he need to stay the course! Kagome as his wife! So sweet!

The doctor is aweome too!

Glad Kagome gave Sango the run-down of Miroku's unpleasant qualities... she won't be unaware of when they met up. Kagome looking out for her friend. Though I am also unhappy that she has also set Sango up with so much pain. Miroku is a sex hunting commitment-phobic guy. He isn't going to change that way of life overnight or within a couple of months either.


The ongoing adventures of two fanaticl fangirlz, Nikkie and KK, and their sidekick Pink the plotbunny, as they travel with InuYasha and Kagome in the never ending quest to get Naraku!

Categories: Fairy Tales
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Kagura, Kikyou, Miroku, Naraku, Sango, Sesshomaru
Genres: Comedy, Parody
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 815 Read Count: 86

[Report This] Published: January 20, 2008 Updated: January 20, 2008

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: January 21, 2008
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Go Fish

I still love it!! lol!! Now we need the others!! Rubs hands evilly!

Author's Response: Hey, I just wrote an intro for all of this.  Go read it. DA.  Snark Monster is cracking the whip....

Kagome gets Pregnant by Ayamegusa Rated: Risque starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 8]

Kagome is pregnant!? What will everyone say about this?
Categories: Fables
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome
Genres: Comedy, Fluff
Warnings: Language
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 7300 Read Count: 753

[Report This] Published: February 15, 2008 Updated: February 15, 2008

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: February 15, 2008
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

...and severe pain befalls Shippou.. I can just picture his expression when Inuyasha beats it into his thick fuzzy skull that he has really hurt and upset Kagome with his lies. I hope Inuyasha enjoys rubbing it in it may be the one time he'll get to have the tables turned! I can picture how Kagome is going to punish him... no sweets for a month! and he'll get his own spot to sleep in for quite a while. LOL! Go for Inuyasha... clobber the twerp!

Great story!! I loves it!! Poor Sesshoumaru... I wonder who Shippou should fear the worst... Inuyasha, Kagome or Sesshoumaru.... I can see Sesshoumaru making Shippou wash out thoroughly Mokomoko-sama then dry it followed with fluffing and brushies... LOL! and the comment about the other mokomoko-sama was that in reference to your piccie when Inuyasha as a pup used it to terrorize a poor rabbit?

Author's Response:

Poor Shippou, he'd have to run very fast if he knew what was best for him.

I guess I did use that pic as a reference without even knowing it! lol 

Earthshake by SugarRos Rated: Risque starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 19]


Nominated Best Darkfic/Horror in 1st Quarter IYFG Awards!

Natural Disasters are nothing to laugh at... and so Kagome realizes as she's trapped, hundreds of feet beneath the rubble of what was once her school, with her classmates dying one by one, and absolutely no hope of rescue.

Categories: Fairy Tales
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Other, Sango, Shippou
Genres: Angst, Drama, Fluff, Romance, Tragedy
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 14090 Read Count: 726

[Report This] Published: February 17, 2008 Updated: February 17, 2008

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signed
Date: February 17, 2009
Chapter number: 2
Title: Chapter 2: Earthshake: Affirmation


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A Captain's Prize by chanda Rated: Salacious starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 48]


Kagome Higurashi was a normal woman about to be wedded to a fine solider. On her way home from a short vacation her ship is attacked. With her being the only survivor, Kagome must now rely on a Pirate to become her rescuer; but she never expected to fall madly in love with him. How will she explain this to her father, and more importantly to her fiancé?

This story is now being Beta'd!

Categories: Legends
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome, Kouga, Miroku, Naraku, Rin, Sango, Sesshomaru, Shippou
Genres: Action-Adventure, Alternate Universe, Romance
Warnings: Character Death, Domestic Violence, Explicit Sex, Graphic Violence, Implied Rape, Language, Rape/Non-consensual
Chapters: 29 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 70096 Read Count: 4499

[Report This] Published: February 22, 2008 Updated: March 20, 2008

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: March 03, 2008
Chapter number: 1
Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One

Pretty good for a start. The descriptions and details are very nice. I am pleased by it. I like Kagome's fiery spirit and Inuyasha's entrance. Keep it up.

I did see where you contridicted yourself. Here: "We made a deal Naraku! I get t’ passengers and some o’ t’ spoils," Inuyasha growled..." In which you implied there is a confirmed contract between the two of them. Only to say the opposite here: "As you pointed out Captain, we made no agreement on passengers, then she must be considered part o’ t’ booty....." You might wish to revise this to which way you want it that yes, they have the contract or no, there was no contract.

Author's Response:

Well  Thank you for pointing that out to me, and I'll go ahead and revise that.

Thank you for the review, I'm glad you're enjoing this so far.


Author's Response:

Well  Thank you for pointing that out to me, and I'll go ahead and revise that.

Thank you for the review, I'm glad you're enjoing this so far.


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 07, 2008
Chapter number: 2
Title: Chapter 2: Chapter Two

I'm really enjoying this chapter. And sorry to be a right pain... the correct nautical term for a sailing ship to be moving is called "under sail" not a sail.. Family has a sail boat.. so it's part of the nature of the beast. If you need help with getting nautical terms I'll be glad to help out. I do like the way InuYasha is a pirate! I did giggle over Kagome getting his Lucky Charms. So Kagome knows how to handle a sword very nice touch! Though I am curious as to why she was defeated so quickly... was it because Inu is so smexy she became engrossed in his rippling movements? Smirks.. Yep.. I'm enjoying it! Great descriptions! I love the dress Inu gave Kag. I bet by the next chapter they'll be wanting to pull out their hair because of the other.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. To be honest, I don't have any nautical experience, and I used a nautical website and ‘a sail’ is what the term for the ship to move was. So, I’ll fix that. I probably have it in my other chapters as well.  No, you’re not being a pain…lol. You’re being constructive and your insight would be very beneficial. Your advice will be taken seriously, and I would be honored if you would help me with my nautical terminology.As far as Kagome and InuYasha, well he is very ‘smexy’ and if it were me, in that situation, I would have submitted defeat, just to admire his wonderful manly physique. Oh, and the ‘things’ I would allow him to do to me…. Um, okay now that’s been said. I couldn’t find anything about swords play techniques, until I decided to look up fencing techniques instead, which you’ll find in later chapters. Kagome was just trained with a sword, she never had to fight, and InuYasha, had more experience. Therefore, he just bested her. This is one of my older stories and if I were to completely rewrite this chapter, I would have added more depth and intrigue in the scenario between these two. Yes, even though the dresses sounded nice, I don’t think that I would ever wear them. The research I came across: a woman actually named her dress the ‘fatigue dress’ hence the reason for sniffing salt….lol. I hope that when I take my writing composition classes, this remedy will be fixed, and be able to apply it to any new Inu/Kag stories I write.Thank you again for your wonderful review.Chanda


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 25, 2008
Chapter number: 3
Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three

**grrr.. I've left reviews posted.. my internet is being a right pain...**

Darn.. Is InuYasha ever the face-sucker!! @.@.. Poor Kagome how is she ever going to be able to fight against those tactics? Maybe she can rub those ears!! I do like how he got his ears exposed! Nice touch! and his possessive little 'Only my ears will she touch"! Great job with capturing the speech of the pirates!

I love the new and fresh look you gave Shippou! I am wondering why the choice for dog ears on a fox demon as opposed to fox ears? are you switching him into a half dog/half fox demon character? Is this what you referred to as being OOC?

Poor Kagome! They seem to only have rum aboard the schooner.. no water!

Poor Kagome.. in shackles.. and drunk. I wonder if InuYasha is going to be upset with himself for aggravating her injures and making them swollen again? I can see the wonderful cat and dog fighting between them and the subtle hints (on Kagome's side) of attraction.

A quick question for you.. is this set in about the 1900's? if so I have a sailing book written by Capt Joshua Slocum in which he sailed around the world which would contain some terms, phrases of the time peroid. Like to put someone off a ship "fire them from a job" it's referred to as "chucked them out" .. to board a ship.. one does say "permission to come aboard".. during light storms or strong winds the sails are "reefed" meaning they are shortened and the excess tied down to the boom. The sail that comes forward of the Bow with no boom is called the Jib or Jibs for multiples.. the cable that is the "spine" to the Jib is called the Jibstay. Of course the ever common Port -for left, and Starboard for right.

Author's Response:

LOL.… My, my, what a review. I am sorry to hear about your internet, I also have problems, so I feel your pain.


One day I was browsing through some of the FF artwork and I came across a picture of Shippo with two dog-ears perched on top of his head. I liked the concept so much; I added it into my fiction. Unfortunately, I could not find the picture again, to give credit to the artist.


I guess he would be considered a fox/hanyou and yes totally OOC.


Rum was usually kept bellow, and yes, they did have water. Which is kept in a barrel on deck? When it rains, seamen would open the top to let the rain water fill up the barrel, and a ladle was usually kept next to it. Rum although was a precious community to seamen, and I would assume used for medicinal purposes as well.


Inuyasha right now is not concerned with her injuries, as he’ll be in future chapters, I think right now she’s a conquest, and demands submission. Therefore, if he couldn’t be with her he would lead her around, like a pet. I’d say since I don’t recall bringing the wrists up in future chapters, that they are more or less chaffed, and yes the shackles, agitate them, but no permanent damaging.


No, this story does not take place in the 1900’s. This story is set Post civil war- probably 1860. I never read your book that you have suggested, but I did hear: Permission to board, and Jib. Interesting stuff you have acquired, I don’t think that the terminology has changed over the years. However, I didn’t want to screw anything up. Man, where were you five years ago when I wrote this…LOL.


Thank you, again for your review, I am certainly looking forward to the next,


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 26, 2008
Chapter number: 4
Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four

.. I was pre-InuYasha deprived! *sniffles*

I just can't stop giggling over InuYasha kissing Kagome into agreement. I guess it works better than his deep throaty masculine voice.. *giggles*

I am really enjoying this story so far! I give huggles to Vikiki for giving me that wonderful pep-talk into reading this. Great decision! (though I am pouting over the lack of male pirate reference piccies for me to sketch Inu for you)

Oh! I like this twist in the plot developement! InuYasha was a slave??! Talk about the line Sleeping with the Enemy!

I did the anime worthy face fault when Inu demanded to know if he kissed the same as her fiance. What a fragile ego he has about kissing! Of course the kiss was better. Her fiance is 'safe and known' while Inu is 'dangerous and unknown'. and now he is gone to biting her in his Alpha mode. I am liking this.

This line is conflicting: "Inuyasha was steaming mad, "How dare she defy me, th' great pirate o' th' seven seas?" he whined to himself." wouldn't he be snarling more in his mind or indignant? It seems like he is a four year old being told no cookies before supper.

Here it seemed like the lines are out of sequence... or is it me? "Captain I’m sorry t' interrupt but we be about t' port sir, what be your commands?" a very nervous Miroku asked. {Inuyasha yanked her behind him while approaching the door to open it and face his second in command.} wouldn't that go more with the line before Miroku's question? It feels awkward...

'The door flung open to a surprised Miroku. The second in command could not help but stare at the half-naked beauty behind his captain, with a perverse grin.' same with this paragragh.

Andrew sounds like an american version of the Japanese Hojo? Was Hojo your model for him?

I'm beginning to think InuYasha is somewhat Bi-polar.. and that adds such intrigue and suspense to his character!

I wonder if THIS dress is going to survive in one piece! Kagome seems to be racking up the tab of ruined dresses!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

I think the phrase: 'Tar the Deck' meant to fall asleep upon your watch... I'll double check that one. The beds upon the ship are called a 'Berth', same for the dock where a ship is assigned to 'moor' upon - also known as a 'slip'. Mooring is also done at night when the ship weighs anchor.

Another phrase about surviving a storm at sea without damage is "meeting Neptune in his wrath but he found me not of his contempt so he suffered me along"....

Author's Response:

LOL, again your adeptness knowledge of ships astounds me to no end! And I’m in awe with your reviews and the questions you ask me. I’m not complaining one bit no, no. As I said before, where were you five years ago??? Hmmm??? LOL.

As far as the Miroku and Inuyasha, I had no idea, but I can’t see it the way you see it. So, your honesty is most helpful, and I’ll be happy to revise that, because your right, that would make more sense.

I haven’t re-written this, just changed the dialog and grammar. And the terminology was from a Pirate website glossary. Therefore, that is probably why a lot of my terminology wasn’t in the story, and if they have it wrong, then I have it wrong as well. I’d be happy to send you my links.

Andrew is American, and no he’s not a Hojo model. Hojo is in the story, and he’ll play an important role towards the end.

Yes, I had to add the Inu, Alpha mode in there, which was my homage to Inuyasha fans.

"Inuyasha was steaming mad, "How dare she defy me, th' great pirate o' th' seven seas?" he whined to himself. I agree with you, he should be snarling, not whining. It would seem though Inuyasha is a very prideful pirate, smug and maybe even Bi-polar, as you suggested. I thought of it more as he wanted Kagome to swoon over him and she just stuck her hand in the air dismissively, which upset his pride greatly.

Your going to draw me a picture of Inuyasha??? Wow!!! What an honor, I’ve never had anyone draw a picture for me, before. Warm hugs, I’m so excited, and I’ll be happy to describe him. Is it okay if I add you to my friends list on LJ? I would love to discuss this with you further. My image of him was from the movie ‘The Black Swan’ with Tyrone Power-- If that helps, but you can always smutty him up with a Jack Sparrow image. Either or, I’m not complaining…lol.

As far as Kagomes’ dress, well let’s just say you’ll have to continue to read….

The terminology as far as the ship goes that I know, is the main deck is called the poop deck, (I believe) and aft is the back of the ship. Mainmast is the mast in the center of the deck. Starboard, is right, port is left. I’ve also heard Neptune, or Poseidon.

Thanks again, and I do hope you enjoy the rest of my fic.


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 28, 2008
Chapter number: 5
Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five

Thanks! It helps that parents love sailing and use the phrases and terms in their everyday speech. And thanks for the clues for pirate references.. I found a bunch and I like them!

Kagome probably is going to feel that when her hang over sets in. Her temper and being lugged around like a sack of flour for a while. I loved how InuYasha got her to behave herself!

I must be weird but I thought it was cute and funny that InuYasha plucked Kagome from the rowboat and plopped her on top of the horse.. (too many parody movies maybe)..

"bandits sleepin', {I went t' Davy Jones' locker involuntarily them} and" this part sounds confusing.

perhaps a quick note or something to indicate that Miroku (and others if not alone) had gone ahead of the rest. It feels like they Star Treked "Beam me up" here.

yep.. Inu is pretty much Bi-polar. Flaunting his poor captive then glaring at the reaction he wanted from the others... *want to use rolled up newspaper* Kagome is certainly keeping her herself high above these turbulant waters! They don't know it yet but they are made for each other!

I can see the diaster coming like a freight train with no brakes down a steep hill.... *Cringes*... I guess Inu really did find his prostitute. And yep.. Kagome said as much! I love that you have her being jealous (after all the 'unwanted' special attention Inu paid her on board being directed to another female) brillant!! SHUDDERS.. I can just imagine how.. 'unclean' these tavern wenches must be... seeing that washing wasn't a big fad back then. I do wonder about Kagome.. seeing that she came from a very well-to-do family her 'bathing' habits would have been performed by the slaves/servants... is she capable of being able to do it herself?

I am shaling my head at poor Kagome's situation. She went from Painfully Stuffy and Prim Manners about male/female interactions to Widely Open and Brazen Make-Out male/female interactions!! I'm glad she is not one to Swoon!!

The verbal foreplay between Kagome adn InuYasha is certainly an entertaining sight!

Oh boy.. Inu is needing to learn never to tick Kagome off.. Poor Kouga.. I feel sorry for him.. he is going to be used as a means to Kagome's ends and escape!

Speed is measured in Knots, and depth is measured in Fanthoms. Term for the washroom is called the 'Head' but 'A-head' means before the ship. 'All in the Wind' refers to when the wind is blowing hard on the 'leeches' or the outward extremities of the sails. 'Hard A-Lee' is when the tiller is brought hard to as far as it can go. 'To foul the anchor' means just that - getting the anchor caught up on the bottom, in lines, etc... Refuge on the surface ie/like after a battle, wastes is called Flotsum and Jetsum. 'Avast' refers to stop/cease hauling. 'To Cun the Ship' is to direct the Helm's-man how to steer. 'Lubber' is a sailor who doesn't know his duty. 'Falling off' means the ship has moved farther from the Wind than she ought to. 'To Shiver' refers when the sails flutter and shake. 'Halliards' are the tackle(ropes) used to hoist the sails. 'To Sound' is when a sailor calls off depth using a line with a leadened "plummet".

Author's Response: I’m glad you found the nautical terms. I’m sorry I was going to send them to you, but I’ve been so busy.

Also with the rum, it was supposed to be ‘commodity’, not ‘community’. That was funny and I smacked myself upside the head for that mistake. I thought I’d clarify that first.

No, you’re not weird, with Inuyasha, plopping Kagome onto a horse. I too have seen many movies like that. I guess, it was an intentional parody on my part.

I like to have fun with the characters in my stories, so they are all probably Bi-polar but Inuyasha would be the winner if there was a contest. LMAO!

“I went t' Davy Jones' locker involuntarily them.” This is what the translator said, and I felt the same way with you when I read it. I was like ‘Huh?’ However, I kept it. If that is the way they used to talk, I didn’t want to take away their context. I’ll do more research on the subject.

Oh yeah, didn’t you know that Miroku has special powers…lol. I’ll fix that as well. I did not realize it, until you pointed it out… Thanks. J I can just see them now, the Inu gang in Star Trek… funny visual.

No Kagome has never drawn a bath herself, but she is very capable of washing herself. I don’t see her as someone who would be cruel with the slaves, and probably never ventured out to the slave quarters. That will also be addressed in later chapters.

She doesn’t like it, and yes she is hard to swoon. Unfortunately, I can’t say anymore about it. I don’t want to give too much away. In addition, I can imagine the prostitutes, being vulgar and hideous to the eyes also. Kouga and Inuyasha have an interesting relationship in this story, as you’ll see.

Yeah, nautical terms…lol. I’ve heard of Fanthoms as the depth and knots for speed, why I didn’t use them I am not quite sure. I always thought Lubber was an insult, and landlubber was the worst. I’ve never heard of leeches, or hard a lee. I cannot wait to revise this and I’ll try to add these terms in later chapters.
Thank you for the wonderful review, and your helping me now, which I greatly appreciate. Better late than never, aye?

Well until your next review,

Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 28, 2008
Chapter number: 6
Title: Chapter 6: Chapter Six

I am wondering about the awful smells those hanyou and youkai must endure from the unwashed bodies, rotting drinks/foods and whatnots in those taverns! *shudders*

Preoccupied and unable to scent.. >.> I'm so evil!! Poor wench. She should have known this would happen with the bi-polar pup. Probably ticked off at not snagging a handful of coin from InuYasha... (I do wonder has InuYasha ever been with a woman and had feelings of love?)

Very nice way you got Kouga introduced into the scene and Kagome! Very smooth indeed! I was right!! Kagome is going to use Kouga to gain her freedom!! And here goes Bi-Polar.. the stewing and simmering has started! Kagome can give as good as she gets!! Poor Inu.. maybe..

Oh yep. There they go! Fighting like dogs! It was a good jab at InuYasha for Kouga to point out he should go find the wench since he made that obvious he wanted her and Kagome has made it known she doesn't want him.

Poor Kagome goes from the fryer into the fire! Now she's in trouble... and yep... there goes another dress! Dang this girl is going to be black and blue and swollen permanmently!

Might need a bit more here: "He lifted her head up warily and began licking the back of her head where the ugly gash was." it sounds like he is just licking away at her hair... maybe something to the effect of keeping her hair out of the way as he tended her. and how did he see the gash when it is covered up by all her hair... the only thing he would be able to see is the soaked matted area from the blood.

For Inu's demon markings are you taking poetic license with them? I'm just curious cause I like him having stripes going down from his eyes area.

Giggle.. we had another Star Trek moment going from Inu upon the ground covering up Kagome's chest to re-entering the Inn.

I am cringing over the use of Sango's room and bed for putting Kagome down... after all there is alot of body fluids on the sheets and the very heavy scent of sweat and sex in the air. Unless Sango has another room -like a spare bedroom of sorts. Yes, it is great she wanted to tend to Kagome just feels awkward and ..'off' somehow to put a wounded person upon an unclean bed.. or maybe is just me and the First Aid training I'd gone through.

I do like that Kouga was quick to cover up for his friend and dispose of the bodies in a effective manner. I also like that he respects InuYasha!

Poor InuYasha he is having a guilt trip now. I wonder how and if he is going to make it up to Kagome. It was sweet that he took off her shackles like he did. He still hasn't noticed the wounds on her wrists, they are probably worse or bleeding from her struggle to escape.

Another awkward bit is that Inu put Kag's head into his lap. Making her nose if she is facing up reach his navel area... how can she be crying then into his chest? Sorry to point out all these problems..

I also liked Kouga's respectful manner and speech when he went upstairs to check on Kagome when she screamed. He too missed the wounds on her wrists... But with her being attacked and head wound I think I can understand that.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

General speed of sailing by a large schooner is about 4 seconds per metre per mile under good winds. Faster if winds stronger.
Afternoon Watch is done between 12 and 4 - done by two groups the Bow Watch and the Stern Watch.
Along Shore -means to be as close to shore as possible.
Run A-Ground - referring to burying the keel into sand, soft sea bottom or rocks.
Jiffy Reefing - when the sails are reefed in a fast 'dirty' method.
Head- I had also forgot it refers to a triangle shaped sail or top corner.
Give Away Together- command used for rowing large large boats.
I also forgot to mention that a Fanthom equals 6 feet.
Ditty Bags- a small kit sac used for storing/carrying small items or personal belongings.
A Coxswain is the sailor in command of a small vessel, ie/rowboats.

Author's Response:

You’re too funny. Are you hunting rabbits? ‘Cause I think I have a few more chapters, that are probably filled with those nasty rodent holes. LMAO!!!

Well, since I must not have described the scents of the tavern (shame on me). I agree with you about the stench, probably smells like some garbage dump. I believe a stable would have smelt better than rotting food. I shutter too. Ewww. Maybe that is why I didn’t add it. ;) I believe that demons and half demons, are probably tolerable to the stench.

No, Inuyasha isn’t a virgin but no he’s never been in love. Sorry I didn’t put more background on him. I guess I didn’t really give it thought. However, since you’re bringing this to my attention. I certainly will when I revamp the story in the future–a tweak here and there. I’ll give you fair warnings when I


Yes, Kouga and Inuyasha go back and are friends, in a mutual extent. You know when I wrote this I never thought of the characters being Bi-Polar, maybe moody and indecisive, but not out of control. I think it’s hilarious that you thought about it in this sense. Should I give them all medication to stop the madness. I’d hate for one of them to end up with a boot shoved up their assess.... LMAO ( I hope you caught the humor in this. I can be awfully sarcastic, but its all in good fun)! I’m certainly looking forward to what you have to say in the next chapter. ;)


Yeah, Inu and Kouga going at it. This story wouldn’t be right if that didn’t happen, I don’t care how cliche it is. It just to funny, how other authors come up with, and their one-liners are hilarious. There will be more of that to come in the story.

Yeah, another dress, and thank you for pointing out another Star Trek moment. Mind you I like the show and the movies, but I do hope nobody puts Inu and Captain T Kirk into a story, because of this, and if I do see one, I will automatically think of you and these reviews and probably fall off my chair cracking up. No, he’s not licking her hair and I will certainly add more detail into that part of the story as well. Good thing she doesn’t have lice or dandruff. No, you arn’t being a pain. I am most grateful of you pointing these things out, since, I didn’t catch them. There is still plenty more Bi-polar episodes to go through and probably some more clothes shredding moments as well, however, I let you read some more....

I like Inuyasha demon stripes going down toward his eyes as well, I probably thought that’s what I was trying to detail. However, I guess Thanks for the compliment with the poetic justice....

Omg!!! I am so ashamed, why didn’t I think about the smell of sex and sweat and ewww laying poor Kagome down on soiled sheets. That poor woman, hasn’t she been through enough. Good thing her sense of smell isn’t as good as Inuyasha’s eh?

Nobody has noticed Kagome’s wrists, blame the author for that I don’t claim to be Bi-Polar though, I leave that up to my characters....


Really, a ship could only cruise 4 seconds per meter per mile, under good winds. I didn’t know that, and I hope this information doesn’t hurt the upcoming chapter.

See, I know a punishment that British sailors would do to pirates, and other outlaws called Keelhauling, where they would tie a man to a rope and I believe throw him over the bow. I guess it was a catch 22 situation, ether way you were pretty much F’ked. The purpose was to leave the man under for a long amount of time, then bring him up. Sometimes, the pirate would drown, other times, the person would get cut from the barnacles that lay underneath the ship and later die of infections. Pretty gruesome punishment. So, its interesting to hear the term Run-A-Ground, and now have a perfect vison of the keel itself.

Jiffy Reefing? That one is confusing, I’ll have to Google it to see if there’s an image.


Head (we wont go there...LOL :P ) This one I do know what you’re talking about.

Give Away Together, I think I’ll have to use that one in Chapter 30, so I do some more research.

Ditty Bags- I’ve seen them in movies, or if it’s the right bags that I’m thinking of? Weren’t they usually filled with doubloons and were like velvet and had a string tie to close them? Another Google search...

A Coxswain I’ve heard of, but I think there was another term for them as well, that I used. I’m not sure, I will have to re check a chapter. If its not, then I’ll put coxswain in its place.

I am anticipating what your going to say in your next review.


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 29, 2008
Chapter number: 7
Title: Chapter 7: Chapter Seven

Ah! So they have become accustomed to the grand odors.. I get that!

and I later on after I left my review I got an image of InuYasha hacking up a hairball later on... *smacks head*

I can just picture the throbbing near migraine level headache Kagome must have right now. She should also have waves of nausea from the impact.

And dang it's smexy to read/hear InuYasha using that manner of speech!! *swoons then blushes*... Look at that!! You've gotten me swooning!! *beams*

Loved the realistic reaction to her awaking and feeling a man's presence. Kudos! And I did a fangirl squeal complete with little dance in the chair.... Inu released her!!

LOL!! I was missing him kissing her in the previous chapter! But everything is fine now!! Though maybe crashing down would be a bit painful after getting ones head used as a basketball...

*Gah!* No! *pleads with puppy eyes* don't give them meds!! LOL!! They are perfect with their Bi-polar moments! *snickers* more entertainment for the readers!

I think we are at Dress Number Three on the Dress Tab... *giggles*

Smart girl Kagome to question the deal with Naraku.. that would pose a means for him to obtain Kagome back. (if InuYasha would actually allow it.. Snorts NOT!)

Ohhhh! I love that Twist!! Kagome confessing she doesn't love her fiance!

Kouga was awesome!! He left them alone to sulk over breakfast. You captured that aspect of Kouga very well!! The type to fall in love like a lightswitch being flicked on. ... *thinks slightly evil thoughts about dim bulbs and whatnots...*

Intrigued by the new character.. and why does the idea of Kouga needing amug that says "If Full or Not Filled Don't Speak**" on it.. (**from Del's Broadway Bound story) Quick!! Throw him some covered Expresso Beans!!

I am on the edge of my seat with Kouga's reaction to the word about General Higurashi!! What a thrilling tie in!! I can't wait!!

Sango has returned and that was a great scene! I liked that Inu was tender! Smooth save by Inuyasha... snickers.. we both know it was because he was sucking her face off!! LOL!! and that image of the hairball has come back with Sango's words! (I do like Sango's character)

Insert evil laugh... Kouga can't do the Star Trek!! Only Inu's group can!! *more evil laughing*

Darn!! Naraku is too close for comfort!! *shudders*

That was a Brillant and Angsty cliffie!! I'm shivering!!

Author's Response:

Yeah, it only makes sense, since that was the time and that was the way everyone lived. Me and you, probably would probably be worshiping the porcelain goddess due to all that stench.

InuYasha hacking up a hairball... how classic is that? I guess you’re forgiven since you thought of that now.... Girl I’m about ready to fall of my chair with laughter. And here I only thought cats do that... boy was I wrong. ;P

Omg! Yeah probably one of those migraines, but she can’t deal with that now, the shit is about to hit the fan.


You swooning... *smirks* no complaints here... :)

Oh man, I always miss the good stuff. Dancing right now... LOL.

Don’t worry, they’ll be doing more than kissing... *Grins*

Okay, I won’t give them meds, and I guess they’ll have to stay insane and unpredictable. Your right, more excitement....



Well, I hope that there will be a number 4!

Hell no! However, you’ll have to keep reading.

I think Andrew, is more of a relationship of convenience. Besides, after meeting InuYasha, it’s more like Andrew who? LOL.

Oh a woman after my own heart... I think I’m thinking the same thing... I love being a hentai. LOL Poor Kouga and he thought he had a chance. (Yeah right!)

I hope Kouga doesn’t do a Star Trek move, nor anyone else for that matter. Moreover, if I give Kouga espresso beans I hope he doesn’t turn into Butthead and sing "I am the great Cornholio." LMAO!

I’ve never heard of that Broadway musical. *Sighs* Sorry.

LOL, another hairball moment. You know that would make a great picture... :P

I like Sango as well, she’s a fun character to right. Hell they all are, but something about her that you can go soft, and then turn her into a hard core, well you know.. LOL

Yeah, Naraku is one big Pain in the Ass, and yes a little to close to comfort....LOL

Oh goodie, I look forward to your next review.. *Smirks*

Until next time,


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: March 30, 2008
Chapter number: 8
Title: Chapter 8: Chapter Eight

*snickers* Hairballs! Bi-Polar!! Star Trek Moments!!!...all the makings of a kick-butt story!!

Oh mys! A flashback of poor Chibi InuYasha's past! and now we know of what caused Chibi Inu to go Bi-Polar.. *pets Plushie Inu ears and sniffles*

*adjusts Dr Phil non-hair hair piece and moustache* Well, this will definitely put a huge cramping wet blanket into the relationship now won't it. *cringes* Gonna be bad... the poop will hit the rudder....

Got a pretty sexy picture there of Kagome all puffy eyed (like from a bee sting) and runny nose.. LOL! But yea.. I can see both sides and it is not going to go down well. I can say right now that Kagome isn't going to HEAR Inuyasha's side from the simple fact it's her father and she won't believe he is capable of such cruelties.

OH noes!! Hojo is the messenger?! :keels over in shock: Bangs head.. I guess Kouga needed to say that to get his point across and yep.. he did say he wouldn't hurt him but that didn't include his family.

OUCH!! Didn't see that happening.. Poor Inu.. Poor Sango there goes her room!! I was correct that Kagome was going to go ballastic. I did chuckle at "hold still so I can hit you" comment. How will Kagome be able to replace Sango's belongings when she has nothing right now? I would expect Sango to be more upset at Kagome.. after all she is a complete stranger destroying everything in her room that she has attachments to in what would look like in Sango's eyes a very childish temper tantrum. She seems OOC here to just shrug off the damages and mess to her room. Kagome should be made to clean it all up.

I smiled at Kouga's comment about Kagome hurting herself with the sword and him getting a slash in response.

Nice touch having Kagome reveal her last name that way.

What a huge mess they are all in now.

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you InuHanyouNikkie. I’m truly glad you’re enjoying it.

Aw, I want a Inuyasha Chibi *pouts* I’ll have to remedy that… LOL!

Dr. Phil would by pulling what little hair he has left… LOL. * Rest hands under chin* I wonder….

Yep Hojo is the messenger… Are you okay? Oh, I thought he said that I’ll kill you and your family….

Sango must not have really cared… Hmmm, maybe she had other thoughts, but don’t worry Sango will be compensated.

Yeah, Kouga should learn not to place his foot in his mouth, maybe he’d keep the injuries to a minimal… *smirks*

I hope I don’t disappoint in the next chapter, and I'll keep the hairballs, Star Trek, Bi-Polarness going....

Until your next review.




Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signed
Date: April 02, 2008
Chapter number: 9
Title: Chapter 9: Chapter Nine

Hmmm.. I do like this chapter.. Only you're going to be ticked and annoyed at me for seriously picking this chapter apart....

My concerns are..

How did InuYasha know it was rape and murder of his mother when he was but a small child and knock out cold at the earliest part of it? He heard only her screaming. He saw nothing to say other than she was being attacked. As you said in his explaination.. he didn't understand the language of his "owners" and he was a child.

From the way you described it InuYasha escaped a year or so later or even less after scarring the General - so he was still very young.

How did he come to learn the language? He was placed with other slaves and beaten on a regular basis. He mentioned also the General made it a special effort to whip InuYasha. But nothing on how InuYasha knows it was General Higurashi who in fact committed the crimes. He only knew of a Black Haired Man who attacked his mother.

He may of had InuYasha's mother scent on him but there is no mention of the General tormenting InuYasha while on board the ship of his crimes. Enough time for the scents to have washed and faded away. Did he brag about his crimes? Did he rub it in at every opportunity he got? Too many unanswered questions and missing information come to light.

There are too many plot holes and loose ends.

And how can Kagome's mother give birth in one moment and tend to the wounds of the slaves in the next? Back in the Time you have set it up in... women would have remained in bed for much longer to recover from birth and the loss of blood. Medications wouldn't have been that great either and most likely made her sleep alot or be drowsy. Not only that the society view of women then would have decree that upper class(wealthy) women after birth receive special attentions and pampering... (also Doctor's orders)

Why hasn't Kagome thought of her sister previously until InuYasha reminded her? Not even the readers knew of this. And Kagome's reaction is more of a "Oh-Yah.. I DO have a sister don't I, well imagine that.. I had forgotten all about her.(insert vacant expression upon Kagome)" it really doesn't sit well in the story with all that you have done so far.

I know you're going to hate me after this.

I think you may need to revise this part of the chapter starting when InuYasha starts to tell his tale on down. Maybe go back into other chapters and include little bits of Kagome being worried/thinking about her sister so it isn't sudden shock to the reader and make Kagome appear to have a (please excuse the term!!) "Blonde" moment.

How can Kagome go from defending her father to believing he is monster in such a short span and from a pirate who had held her hostage, ravished her lips many a times, put her into shackles (and after reading this chapter wonder if he had been a slave and most likely in shackles why would he keep something that would bring back such cruel memories?) Demanded that she sumbit to him, bitten her, shaken her, make his own attempt to rape her.... It doesn't fit.

Author's Response:

LOL! Well, I am certainly not annoyed or ticked off at you….

(He had a sad expression on his face but complied with her wishes. "I was a young pup at t' time. We lived in a small village in Japan. I remember a group o' men broke down our door" He looked into her eyes as he continued, "I tried t' fight them, but I was so young. A tall man with black hair grabbed me mother. I called for her but instead I saw t' man slap her and take her aft into t' house. I could hear her screamin' inside. I tried t' fight, but t' men who held me. However, one o' them hit me over t' head, and then thar was silence. When I awoke, I was on a ship with other prisoners chained t' a wall. Their language was foreign t' me, so we could not communicate.")

Okay, Inuyasha didn’t know that his mother was raped until later in life, when he’s a slave, and General Onigumo told him. The reference to the other prisoners, were slaves and they spoke African. That is what Inuyasha was referring too. I should have added more detail and I’m sorry about that.


Inuyasha was growing up on a plantation, and when he was older, maybe a teenager, that is when he attacked the General.


The Higurashi family lived in Japan before they moved to the America. I know in history this probably didn’t happen, but since this is FF I made it so. General married an American woman, so Kagome is Japanese American.


As far as Kagome’s sister, I felt that it was important at the time to introduce her. And I disagree, women then usually did die after childbirth. However, Kagome’s mother was a strong woman, and usually after three-to four days, women were up and moving again. I thought a week was enough time. Inuyasha would have known, because even when she was pregnant, she would visit the slaves.


I believe when Kagome found out that her father killed her mother, she grew an instant hate towards her father, and she took Inuyasha’s word, because she didn’t see him as a liar. Yes, he did do all those things to Kagome, but compared to what she just found out about her father, it makes all that nil and void.

I re-read the chapter and you’re right I did leave a lot of holes or gaps into the chapter. I’ll be happy to revise it.

LOL! Blonde- moment. I guess it would be insulting, if I were a blonde. However, I’m a brunette-and I guess we have moments too.

Thanks for your review and bringing this to my attention.


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: April 04, 2008
Chapter number: 10
Title: Chapter 10: Chapter Ten

Snickers.. nah.. the blonde wasn't directed at you per say but at Kagome's OOC'ness...

Good chapter. I liked it. Kagome does seem to be in the Cry Mode right now. (still at Dress #3).. only a couple or so of things I found in error. You had a question mark at the end of this line: Little did anyone realize that a crewmember from Naraku’s ship was in the same vicinity and recognized Shippou? (felt it may end better with a period) and when Kouga hailed Houjo you used "hear" instead of "here".

It still feels awkward that kagome hates her father so much now based on that little bit of insight from InuYasha.

Kouga is getting all touchy-feely and heading for Poaching on InuYasha's territory. Seemed like InuYasha was too docile and "Houjo-like" when Kouga began grabbing Kagome and making claims on her. LOL!! His Bi-Polar character strikes again! Kouga certain doesn't care too much about his friendship with InuYasha from the why he is acting and speaking.

Now they are in trouble.. Naraku will know and Kagome will be captured soon.

Kagome will have to learn soon that in a tarvern that caters to prostitutes that knocking isn't an option. Want to bang head on desk.. Sango is one and Kagome hasn't clued in.

I am enjoying the story!

Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response:

LOL, I seen that after I posted the review, and thought ‘oh shit! You weren’t referring to me.’ I over looked that. Yeah, you’re correct with the last chapter, Kagome did have a blonde moment, or maybe it was a mental disorder. I do plan to revise the chapter, but, that means I’ll have to fix all the chapters from here on out. So, just an early heads up.


I’ll be happy to also fix hear to here and the question mark to a period. I usually go with what Word suggests, and I am learning that the program isn’t entirely accurate I have been thinking about investing in a writing software, maybe that will help me more with grammar and homework.

I’ll try like hell to fix that last chapter, add more detail, and maybe if I do it right, it will fit. As, I said in my last review, that Kagome believed Inuyasha, and just found out that her father killed her mother. My personal opinion, that wouldn’t settle well with me….

Sango is a serving wench, not a prostitute, (and yes forgets how to knock. Shame, shame, where's the couth.) Maybe I should have clarified that more in the story. Kagome isn’t that judgmental, she did however, disapprove the public display of affection, only because she was humiliated, by Inuyasha. You know that Bi-Polar ness tends to make one moody. LOL!

Please don’t bang your head on the desk…. I personally don’t want to be responsible for you causing yourself a concussion. :P lol.

As for Kouga, well, I can’t say to much, but expect some more Bi-polar behavior. *Smirks.*

I found a quiz on LJ, to see if you were bi-polar, I immediately thought of these reviews. I took it, and it said that I was 56% Bi-polar. LOL. Go figure....

Thanks for the review. I thought I lost ya!


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: April 04, 2008
Chapter number: 11
Title: Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven

Nope.. haven't lost me.. but I lost my internet connection to the site for a bit.. GLARES hard at computer.. wouldn't let me pull up stories for a while. Takes more than confusion to drive me away from a writer I really enjoy.

You got 56% Bi-Polar... That is too funny and ironic!!

I read this chapter and went.. oh.. Sango's not a prostitute.. Doh! So now we have Dress #4 (blue)picked out and ready to go!

I went all fangirlie again!! I loved thae InuYasha took Kagome's hand and led her to that beautiful room!! I think this Bi-polar part of InuYasha is doing sooooome goooood! and we have Dress #5 on the tab as well! I loved the way he is showing his romantic side! And I sighed when Kagome said hshe wanted a bath. MMmmm... Lavender my fave!!

I was actually sniffling for Hojou!! The poor dopey guy can't cut a break anywhere!!

I do like how you have Sango's heart belonging to Miroku and yet Miroku as much as he cares for her has many other women on the side. I wonder if Sango knows he has other lovers elsewehere...

I loved the way Miroku swooped in for Sango!! And he fought the men off for her! Did want to smack Sango for getting InuYasha and interrupting them while he is doing something right with Kagome but know Sango is one of those halpless women in this story.

I enjoyed the fight scene! Was very good!

I do like the way Kagome was all indignant over forgetting her dress in the other room... Poor guys... they always get pinned for the blame!

Nice for Miroku to propose to Sango! But I am curious.. is it because he loves her or is it because he just doesn't want to see other males touching his goods? I am hoping it's for love.

Author's Response:

Oh, I’m sorry that your computer is giving you some rough ways. *hands you a bat* this should help… J Thank you, I like you too… you’re also a damn good writer!

That 56% is me, but that leaves 94% to my muse, as you can see…lol.

LOL.. Lavender is one of my favorites too. I also love Vanilla. I also love the combo. I have lavender-Vanilla body wash and it’s become my favorite.

Yes Dress number five… yeah, was having fun with this era and the way he dressed… Just wait… Inuyasha will be dressed fancy too in later chapters.

Yes, Inuyasha is defiantly Sauvé, that’s defiantly a plus with his Bi-Polar ness.

Hojo is a decent person, but he will have some complications in future chapters.

Miroku is very much in love with Sango, and no, I don’t think letting Sango know about Miroku’s other relationships, is a good thing….

Yeah, Kagome must have had another blonde moment, when she forgot her dress, and then couldn't lace it.... Poor Inu, he's got it rough.... LOL!

I am glad you enjoyed the fight scene that was tough to write out.

Well until your next review,


Author's Response:

Oh, I’m sorry that your computer is giving you some rough ways. *hands you a bat* this should help… J Thank you, I like you too… you’re also a damn good writer!

That 56% is me, but that leaves 94% to my muse, as you can see…lol.

LOL.. Lavender is one of my favorites too. I also love Vanilla. I also love the combo. I have lavender-Vanilla body wash and it’s become my favorite.

Yes Dress number five… yeah, was having fun with this era and the way he dressed… Just wait… Inuyasha will be dressed fancy too in later chapters.

Yes, Inuyasha is defiantly Sauvé, that’s defiantly a plus with his Bi-Polar ness.

Hojo is a decent person, but he will have some complications in future chapters.

Miroku is very much in love with Sango, and no, I don’t think letting Sango know about Miroku’s other relationships, is a good thing….

Yeah, Kagome must have had another blonde moment, when she forgot her dress, and then couldn't lace it.... Poor Inu, he's got it rough.... LOL!

I am glad you enjoyed the fight scene that was tough to write out.

Well until your next review,


Reviewer: Inu Hanyou Nikkie Signedstarstarstarstarstar
Date: April 21, 2008
Chapter number: 12
Title: Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve

YAY!! Next review!!! Squeals with Bliss and does The Happy Dance.

I didn't understand what you were saying with this "the lack ness". I did laugh over Kagome and the dress! Seems like InuYasha is always going to be forced to smell sex-air... Poor guy!

*smacks Kagome* When Inu offers to tie your laces - You Accept!!

You had a typo when Inuyasha was ogling Kagome in her black dress. You used wHere instead of were.

Those are EVIL!! Side saddles!! Give me a regular saddle any day!! English! Western!

I sense some good Bi-Polar-ness being built up!! *rubs hands gleefully and readies the popcorn*

I love this tender character growth you are doing between Kagome and InuYasha. Though this sentence seems awkward: 'He hoisted himself up tightly holding on to his vice.' Do you mean he was still tightly gripping the reins of Kagome's horse? Or was it something else?

YES!! Star Trek moment!! Shippou went back to the ship! *Nikkie then proceeds to fall over laughing while remembering a certain delightful conversation with piccie*

Well that is some chicken!! That Kagome couldn't scent it when she got close to it! I know!! Tupperware and Rubbermaid!! *is having fits of giggles right now*

That kiss was so Romantic!! *insert happy fangirl squeal*

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Author's Response: Your back.… *Squeals with excitement* Did you manage to find yourself a new computer? Or, is the one you have finally cooperating?

I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote lack ness, I think word changed it. Hmmm, yeah, let’s blame Bill Gates… *Snickers*

True, true. Poor Inu, he has to tolerate, something he can’t have just yet.

Kagome was just having her normal episodes, ‘I don’t need a man’ type, or maybe it’s her illness. I’m not sure yet. Let me ponder on that for a moment.


Okay, I will say she’s having a ‘Bi Polar blond moment’ LMAO!! Of course, my answer would be: ‘Hell, who needs the dress.… You’re with Inu, for Christ’s sake.’

Thank you for pointing out my typo. I hate that when I type I mean one thing and write another.

I like western, I tried an English saddle and felt like I was going to fall off, the horse. I have never tried a sidesaddle, but they don’t look to comfortable just more figure flattering.

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Hmmm. Any one of those containers will work, as long as there pirate proof. The smell of the ocean killed the smell of the chicken, which Shippou cooked previously before the Star Trek moment.

Yes, Inu and Kags, had a romantical moment… lets hope they don’t screw it up! Muahahahaha

I am squealing in delight. I’m, so glad that you liked this chapter. You rock girl, thanks for the review….

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Date: May 01, 2008
Chapter number: 13
Title: Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen

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Oh poor Hojo!! I really feel for the guy!! He really is the scapegoat of the fates.

whoops.. typo here: "loosing" himself in her sapphire eyes. I think you may have meant losing. I do like this part very much!! The way you build up the steamy goodness and the way you write Inu and Kag kisses!! *munches popcorn eagerly awaiting the fate of the dress* Yes, there are worse things!! Like getting sand in places sand was NEVER meant to go!! Like between butt cheeks!! and under toe nails!! >.> I'll leave the really nasty ones to imagination...

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I can feel the ick and squick with Naraku eye-ing his victim.

"suddenly a firm grip on her arm 'staled' her movements" I think you may have meant stalled. InuYasha the steadfast warrior! *swoons*

Comes up to a screeching halt and a wtf? moment.. Rin is working as a tarvern wench for money for her poor family? Okay.. we need some background history to this for why- seeing that Rin is Kagome's sister and they had a planation with their father a General. It doesn't make sense.

I do thank you though... for making the rape scene realistic, terrifying and gritty. I have seen too many who write it as sexy, fun and cool. To this survivor I thank you.

I had this fun image of InuYasha hovering off the horse with legs still in the grip horse mode and then settling on teh ground.. oddness yes... but I need it. I squeed over the scene of sleeping Kagome in swaggering sauve sexy InuYasha's strong arms! ummm... he is heading to his own room.. I hope and not Sango/Miroku's room... cringes...

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Author's Response:

Yaaaayyyyy!!!!!! *Does a happy dance.* Welcome back, I’ve missed ya! @-->---- Have a flower on me….

No, IYFG, dq it way before I brought the speech pattern into the story. Its an ED exclusive. MM nor, AFF have the story written like this. They said there was an abundant amount of errors. They wouldn’t even allow me to join their site. It’s okay. It’s my second story, I just wish they could have looked past this and saw it for the meat.

LMAO!!! Yeah guys (even our Inu) can be totally predictable. ‘KFC’ Omg you’re too funny. Ah, the sins of flesh, even if it is part of her leg. Damn inu, and his Bi-polar ness. "Down boy, you can’t eat that bone just yet." LOL.

You have no idea what fate is in store for our dear Hojo.

Yeah, its supposed to be losing. Sorry. OMG, girl I know all to well what beaches and sand can do to ruin a romantic mood. Or little crabs, deciding to investigate, and I’m not talking about the std ones either…LOL. I am happy you liked that scene, which makes me squeal in delight.

Don’t worry about Sango and Miroku, they’ll be outdone soon enough. That I can assure you.

Yes, Inu is playing with fire, and he’s not thinking about the actions that he is about to cause.

I don’t like Naraku either, but I did like writing his character in this story, and in Stranded.

Yes another typo, it is suppose to be stalled. I know I swooned also. I would have melted right then and there, if I didn’t already… LOL.

Whoa, I never gave the identity of Kagome’s sister. No, Rin is just a young woman who is a prostitute. She unfortunately, was my extra for that one scene. And, no I don’t write rape to be pleasurable, because like you I know all to well what its like. Therefore, you are most respectably welcome. I hated killing off Rin. I really had a hard time with the decision; I guess it was a twist since people were expecting Kikyo.

Yummm yeah, I’ll have to revise that. Sometimes writing, my mind will go faster than my fingers, so that is probably missing a lot of info. The worse is when I have this perfect visual, and I can’t seem to get the right words on paper and by the time I do. It’s forgotten and I hate that.

Imaging Inuyasha carrying Kagome bridal style and then walks upstairs with her safely in his arms and kicks open the door…. Swoons at that thought. I don’t recall if that is the way it was written. Ah, but alas it’s not Sango’s bedroom. Inuyasha was wise and found his own, room.

Yes, poor Rin. I didn’t like that part of the story, as I’ve said above, she was the twist.

Writing about Inuyasha’s scars was an inner war with myself. I know that he’s a half-demon and his scars naturally would have vanished, however, like you said: ‘realism’ that is why I choose to keep them. Oh yeah! After all that sexual tension, I figured she should have initiated that she wanted more.

Naraku will get his I assure you… You’ll like how too.

I think that’s right: Either four or five…. NO worries will have six and seven soon enough… LOL! Or, five or six.

*Blushes* I’m glad you liked my lemony goodness. There will be more on the way… and yes, they are mates. I was cliché with it, but its so Inu fandom. I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for taking the time to review! I appreciate it. I will help try to find good Star Trek pics. I think we can consider ourselves Trekkies… They way we are going. OMG when I see that pic, I am probably going to piss myself laughing so hard… LOL. I hope not, I am to young still to have to wear ‘Depends’.