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Hello! I currently reside in the shitty state of Michigan... Although I normallly haven't been known to be an animie fan I couldn't help but fall head over heals for InuYasha! For some reason I relate to the back story... you know the one that isn't about chasing demons and time travel but is about over comming your inner demons and learning to live again. I find hope in all the characters and can relate to them on different levels but mostly I find myself drawn to InuYasha himself due to the fact we share similar pains... Saddly though not similar amazing cute ears... In some ways his story reflects my own and I find comfort in that... but I think I've babbled enough now! i do hope that anything I post is enjoyed!!

I would also like to thank ALL who have R&R my stories! You are the reason I post!!

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unforeseen battle between light and dark. Kagome & Inuyasha must face their
entwining destinies to combat an ancient magic. *TITLE CHANGE from Testing the Fates*
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Song In My Heart by RandomReader504 Rated: Reserved starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]


I've been a fan of Ace of Base for years, but I don't think I've seen any InuYasha fics w/ their songs. Could someone change that for me?

Owning a dvd or a cd does not give me the right to claim I own InuYasha or any Ace of Base songs, only the right to watch, listen & enjoy them.

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This is to be a collection of one-shot stories (or two parters) written by the various writers on this site. It will be left as a "Round Robin" to allow for the chapter updates. I invite everyone to join in and participate in this.
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These words he speaks are true. We're all humanary stew, if we don't pledge allegience to the Black Widow. An Alice Cooper Songfic.
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