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TIMELINE EDITED March 6, 2009 (105 entries)

In case you're interested, I've started a chronological list of my post-InuYasha manga stories. It's kind of interesting to read them in order.   Now, not all these stories are on ED; some of them aren't appropriate and some of them I haven't loaded up yet.

Faith (April 5, 1557)
First Night (April 5, 1557)
Second Night (April 6, 1557)
Heart Talk (April 7, 1557)
The Kami-kiri: A Hairy Tale (April 12, 1557)
One April Night (April 12, 1557)
Let Me (April 12, 1557)
Firelight (April 12, 1557)
His Miko (early April, 1557)
Reversals ( Late April, 1557)
Hidden Spring (2nd or 3rd week of April, 1557)
Touch (4th week of April)
New Moon (April 28, 1557)
By the Light of the Lamp (April-May 1557)
Important Business (Early May, 1557)
The Long Way Home (Early May, 1557)
Lazy Afternoon (Mid-May, 1557)
Dark (Mid-May, 1557)
The Bet (Late May, 1557)
To Protect (May 28-29, 1557)
Force of Nature (Late May, 1557)
Afternoon Diversion (Late May, 1557)
Not What, Who (First week of June, 1557)
Weeds (early June 1557)
Baka (early June 1557)
Shopping List (Second week of June, 1557)
Home Again, Home Again (Third week of June, 1557)
Humidity (June 26, 1557)
Inugami (Late June 1557)
Painful Lesson (Late June 1557)
Presumptions (Late June 1557)
Laundry Day (First Week of July, 1557)
Sasayuri (early July, 1557)
Of Rivers and Reality (July 11, 1557)
Full Moon (Night of July 11, 1557)
Rescued (about July 20, 1557)
The Water Sprite (Late July, 1557)
One Morning (July 26, 1557)
Chance Meeting (first week of August, 1557)
Quiet Night (Second week of August, 1557)
Theft (about August 10, 1557)
The Clothes Line (Mid-August, 1557)
Stormy Weather (Late August, 1557)
After the Storm (Late August, 1557)
Afternoon Surprise (Early September 1557)
Possibilities (Mid-September, 1557)

Too Quiet (Late September, 1557)
Nue (Last of September, 1557)
Measuring (Early October, 1557)
Lunch Break (Second Week of October, 1557)
Welcome Home (Second Week of October, 1557)
Midnight Return (Second Week of October, 1557)
Moonlight Visit (Late October, 1557)
Cold Morning (Mid November, 1557)
Fragile (Late November, 1557)
Fragile Pt. 2 (Late November, 1557)
Recovering (First week of December, 1557)
December Sunshine (Mid December, 1557)
The Present (First week of January, 1558)
Winter Day (Early January, 1558)
Bandits (Early January, 1558)
Once Upon a New Moon (January 19, 1558)
House Call (Late January, 1558)
Attack of the Little Oni (early February, 1558)
Mood Swings (Late February 1558)
Morning in Early March (1st week of March, 1558)
Early Spring Surprise (Mid-March, 1558)
Anniversary (Early April, 1558)
This Night (April 23, 1558)
Father (April 25, 1558)
The Gift (June 1, 1558)
Reality (Mid-May, 1558)
Peony (Mid-May, 1558)
Introductions (last week of May, 1558)
One Rainy Night (Late June, 1558)
Tired (Early July, 1558)
Bath Time (2nd week of July, 1558)
Aftermath ( Early August, 1558)
Just Another New Moon Evening (Sept 12, 1558)
A Bad Day (Mid September, 1558)
Separation Anxiety - (Early May, 1559)
Might Have Beens ( Late May, 1559)
Rin Alone (mid-June, 1559)
The Return (early July, 1559)
His Now (mid-August, 1559)
Once Upon a Summer’s Night (September 15, 1559)
The Snow Woman (early January, 1560)
A Visit to Toutousai (Mid May, 1560)
Remembrances (Early June, 1560)
A Pleasant Afternoon (September, 1560)
Missing (Late September, 1560)
Outside Influences, (Summer, 1561)
One Night On the Way There (Summer, 1561)
Mother’s Blessing (Summer, 1561)
Change Unchanged (Early August, 1561)
Ambush (Summer, 1562)
At the End of a Bad Day (Summer, 1562)
Moon Magic (late Summer, 1562)
The Best Place (late July, 1563)
One Spring Full Moon (April 26, 1564)
Just the Four of Them (Mid July, 1564)

Pieces with indefinite time period, or reflecting ongoing events

Before the Moonrise (takes place before Augst 1561)
Costs (after April 1558)
Making It Better (after 1565)
Once and Now (after 1565

I picked the year 1557 kind of arbitrarily on purpose (it's based on some historical assumptions I've made, including the fact that Oda Nobunaga, who is mentioned in the Manga, was a rising but not dominant power, the level of peaceful things going on in the Musashi area in 1554, and because of other arcane and obscure historical reasons. This really is my own assumption, not from anything RT said. But it does give me some place to hang my timeline from!)
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Not as dark as all the warnings imply, really.

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