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   I'm not really sure what I should put here, Bio's have never been my strong point. I love InuYasha fanfiction (especially Inu/Kag) with a borderline obbession. I also write, but not nearly as often as I read. I am currently going through a massive rewirte with one of my stories. Because I found as the chapters progressed I just didn't have it set up to my satifaction. Ok to be perfectly honest, I wanted to try my hand at erotica, but the story just wasn't set up for that. Although I have to say the rewrite is going very will (when I find time to work on it). I guess this is also where the person is suppose to give you a little peek into their life. So here it goes: I am married to a wonderful man and we have 3 wild, but sweet children. A wolf dog, ferret, 2 cats, tortise, bird and hamster. As you can see the human to animal ratio is unbalanced, but we manage. So I think that's all really, I mean how long do you really want me to go on about myself?         



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