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Hi! I am commonly known as Tina. My favourite animes are Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonaball GT...just to name a few. Okay, first and foremost, I go by two usernames. Here and on fanfiction, I am Angel449. On mediaminer, I am Angel_4_life. These are my ONLY Pen names. If you see anybody else taking credit for any of my stories, please tell me. There has been a really bad plagerism problem lately.

My Completed Stories

 •Waltz After the final battle with Naraku and the jewel's completion, Kagome teaches Inuyasha how to dance at a celebration festival in Kaede's village.

CPR What happens when Kagome keeps sitting Inuyasha in a river? What happens when Inuyasha gets water in his lungs and can't breathe? [slightly crack]

Through Amber Eyes When Kagome needs to go home for a while, she unknowingly uses a different method to convince the hanyou to let her go. She had no idea that it would hurt him so much.

Each Pixel A simple gift has the power to communicate volumes.

Work in Progress Stories:

The Soul Within Unable to accept the destiny her father has chosen for her, Kagome runs away from the life she has always known, into a mystery involving time, magic, love, and an angry youkai. InuKagAU


I love them! They make so happy and bubbly and when I get them. So, please review when you have the time, even short ones are great! I would have just left my stories in a folder on the computer if I didn't want feedback.  I always respond to them. ^_^


 "Shippo, your village just called. They said they were looking for their idiot."
-Inuyasha to Shippo (Lol, this is right after they defeat the thunder brothers. It is a classic quote!)

Sesshoumaru: after witnessing a small argument between Inuyasha and Kagome Inuyasha, your patience with this creature is astonishing to me. You protect her, indulge her, even seem to love her.
Inuyasha: Uhh...
-Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. (And that shuts Inuyasha up!)

Inuyasha pulls Kagome into a hug "I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified."
Inuyasha to Kagome. (I love this quote! Even though he was just saying it to get rid of her and steal the jewel shards...It's still cute because Inuyasha never lies!...Hardly ever...) 

Miroku: looking at the Water Goddess You're so beautiful, yet so tiny. It would be a first for me, but I'm certainly willing to try.
Sango: shouts Try what?
Miroku: Aah... Nothing! to himself Resist all temptation...
Miroku and Sango. (Miroku is too awesome!)

Miroku: weakly You, at least, have to make it out of here alive. For me, okay?
Sango: with tears in her eyes No! If you can't go on... then we'll die here together!
Miroku and Sango. (Best Miroku/Sango quote ever! So much raw passion)

Kagome: to villagers attacking Jinenji's hut I'll be at Jineji's so don't even think about attacking it, ok? Because if you do you'll all have to die because Inuyasha will have to avenge me!
Inuyasha: I will?
Kagome: You'd better avenge me! What am I supposed to do if you don't?
Inuyasha: Fine, I'll avenge you already.
Inuyasha and Kagome. (Lol, I think that this is my most favourite quote on Inuyasha. Especially since Inuyasha is all panicked about Kagome's safety later on in the episode)

Enjoy my stories!

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