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Bio: I am a 23 year old female from both sides of the USA: Was born in California, moved to New Jersey when I was ten, moved to San Fancisco when I was 18 for college, to LA when I was 20, and back to NJ to take care of my mother when I turned 22. And here I am, a year later, still stuck.

I'm trying to go back to school, but it's harder than they said it would be in the movies. :P

I tend to be optimistic about it all. I love my job (a karate instructor and graphic designer for Cochran's Ultimate Weapons), I love my friends (whom all mostly live in Philly), and my dogs (whom I missed dearly while romping around the west coast). And yes, I love my mom as well.

Anyway, I discovered Inuyasha my freshman year in high school via the girl that sat behind me in homeroom. I had been writing fanfiction for series like Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing up until then. Inuyasha sweeped in and took over my fanfiction life. XD

I usually stick to what I'm best at: Inuyasha/Kagome fluff/love/sex/drama/angst. Angst and romance most of all. Why? I just love a good story of people suffering, only to have it come out okay. I love writing about scary, life-threatning situations, and having my characters saved by their true love (chivalry at it's best!). Maybe that's why I took to Inuyasha so well? I mean, who's more of a natural hero than Inuyasha? Yum.

I love AU's, as well. I love the challenge of keeping a character in character, and despise OOC-ness above all else. (I have been known to make exceptions and read fics with OOC-ness, but it means there's a different aspect to the fic that overshadows it in some way. I call these my guilty pleasures. ^.^

Anyway, I'm fairly new to this site, and I hope you all enjoy my fanfiction!


P.S: Feel free to IM me if you want to discuss fanfiction, whether it be mine, yours, or just in general. ^.^ It always says I'm offline on Yahoo, so just IM me anyway, and if I'm on, I'll answer! XD


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