Penname: Foayasha [Contact]
Real Name: aimee
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Bio: I could post the same thing I have on, but whats the fun in that. In fact, I am horribly bored at work right now, so I'll just write up something while I wait for the time clock to tick away.

So... Foayasha, that's me. You could probably find all sorts of stuff about me just by searching that name a bit. I've dabbled in fanart, also starting up some fanfics recently as well. I probably won't post anything up here for a while. I don't know... it just feels kind of funny to post a story in two places.

I'm an old lady. Ok... not that old, but I'm old enough to feel old. I'm a UX Designer/Web Master/Marketing Professional/Quality Assurance Tech/Support Official... /give me a hat rack because all these damn hats are going to break my neck pretty soon.

But really... I'm a graphic designer.

In my spare time I have been doing a lot of reading, writing and drawing. I also started exercising as of Jan. 1 for a my new years resloution, and at this point I can do 22 push ups. Holy crap... thats a lot. We'll see if in a couple months when I re-read this little bio if I am still doing them.

Anywho... thats about it. That took about 1 minute to write. Damn... 17 more to go.

Gender: male
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