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Hey everyone! I'm 26 and I love Inuyasha! I just started writing fanfics so please be kind! ^w^ My very first story is called True Love: A Priestess and A Hanyou. I got an new idea and started my popular story Right Where I Belong. And now I'm writing a story titled Guardian! I'm super excited about this story and I hope you are too! ;-) Read and Review!

Just to let my readers know, I have postponed updates on my stories True Love and Guardian so I can finish Right Where I Belong! I feel inspired to finish it, and I'm not too far from the end! I'm excited so I hope this makes you excited too! XD Thanks for reading!


Guardian; Chapter 11

Right Where I Belong; Chapter 33

True Love: A Priestess and A Hanyou; Chapter 16

P.S. Thanks to everyone who voted for Right Where I Belong and help me get second place in the best fairy tale for the Destined Awards! I love all of you!

Fav Character Pairs:
Inuyasha x Kagome(always. No other options for these two. Period.)
Sesshomaru x Rin
Sango x Miroku
Koga x Ayame(though I don't always use them in my stories..)
Bankotsu x Kagura
Naraku x NO ONE!
Kikyo x NO ONE!

Pairings I can handle but not favorites:
Rin x Kohaku
Sesshomaru x Kagura (and sometimes Sesshomaru x custom characters created by the author. I have read some stories that the author had done a great job creating a character that fit him perfectly! :-P)
Naraku x Kikyo (only if they are evil against the main characters and/or they break up in the end. No lovey dovey stuff.)

Gender: female
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