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AN: Ok, wow, I have some explaining to do. I don't think I ever menioned, but I am 18 years old now and a freshman at college. Its curently 1 few minutes past 6 am on Sunday February 23, 2009, and its approaching bedtime. I have utterly allowed time to get away from me and have been updating... well, pretty much never. I'm sorry about that to anyone who reads. I haven't gone off the map or anything. I'm just a bit overwhelmed. These days I often fall asleep during daylight and wake up to do things at night. Its all ery disorienting. I'm swamped and useless half the time. I am not giving up though. I am hereby promising to try and be better about this. I have chapter 5 of BFGP floating around in my head, in fact, so I really need to write chapter 4 soon so I can get there. Don't give up on me just yet people.†

Hi everyone. This is Rachel, also known as the vampire liaison. Please excuse the penname, but itís similar to my name and that helps me to remember it.

†I love to write, and fan fiction is one of my favorite things of late.†I appreciate reviews, so send me some. I accept all kinds, and won't delete them if they are flames. All feedback is welcome.I intend to write for more than just Inuyasha. I also have a Cirque du freak fic in the works, as well as one for a Vivian Vande Velde novel, and a few other things which I will add. Those can't go up here, but if you like those concepts (as Iím living proof that they share some fans) they will be up on soon.†On the off chance that you donít know what that is, you can just ask me. I'd be happy to tell you.

Anyway, lots of love to you all, and I hope to have more up soon.

WARNING: Despite constant attempts to avoid it, I seem, when I review,†to come off as a bitch...a lot. I just want you all to know that I donít mean anything by it, and I don't do it on purpose. I'm just moody and 17. Sorry, hopefully I will grow out of it soon. I love you all!

I just learned something. I am not the only person who does their updating at 4 in the morning. Good to know that someone else in the world will probably sleep till 2 in the afternoon tomorrow. Yes people, that loser who keeps a vampire's hours would be me, and no, that has nothing to do with the penname.

Updating:† I Change this section depending on my pace. I recently added my latest work, Boy of the Future, Girl of the Past. That is because I recently wrote it. I post, usually, within the hour from when I finish any work. I happen to be going on a little trip for a week or so (I seem to do that a lot, don't I) But I will try to get Chapter 6 of The Great Jewel Hunt up before I go. I may even manage chapter 2 of BFGP, but I would advise you not to hold your breath. I wouldn't want anyone passing out on my account.

Reviews and comments: TO ME: Say whatever you want. I gratefully accept flames and bad reviews, if thatís your honest opinion. I can take it. I also love it when you talk about more than the story itself. If you want to tell me something random, then feel free during reviews. If I have reviewed your work you may notice that I write novellas rather often, and get off topic, joking or talking about themes or anything else I feel like. Go right ahead and do the same. FROM ME: I can dish it out to. I wonít lie to you. I will not, however, bad mouth if I just donít like the plot when it is still well done. I will point out the severe errors that I donít think people old enough to read this stuff should make when writing. For example, People who jump between the past and present tense in their writing bug the crap out of me. That is very amateur and really unacceptable from people 17 years old or more. Even younger writer ought to know better. It is an inexperienced mistake that is easily corrected, but I absolutely will call you on it if I should see it. I wont nit pick about spelling errors. I donít have a beta and make them too, and I wonít whine about pairing that I donít like.

†I donít read the crossovers with Naruto or Ramna 1/2 or other things (sorry to all who like to author them) only because I would only understand half the story.

FINAL NOTE: PLEASE REVIEW! I love reviews. I want to hear from you. It's great. Tell me what you think. I love to know. Even hearing honest criticism makes me smile. †

P.S. I know I have mentioned reviews...well, a lot. Probably too much. I canít help myself. I love to hear from readers. Itís my addiction.

I updated my bio, as it was mentioned to me that the grammar in the previous version could actually put off readers from my work, and I would like to be judged on my writing, not my random rants. Thank you Concealed Rose. I fixed all that I noticed. There is likely more, but I have again missed it, it seems. Shame on me.


Febrary 15, 2010†

Ok, so I know its been a ridiculously long time. I feel pretty idiotic about it just now.† But I have officially retunred from wherever the hell my brain has been. I am already halfway done with chapter 2 of BFGP, and should post it before the week is out if all goes well. After that, I will be resuming regular updates. Maybe not weekly, but not another year long siesta either. The other fics should be updated soon after, as they come to me. Shouldn't be too long though, as they have taken up their former place in my head, and are clouding out all other thought. So, bear with me everyone. I am still alive!!!!!

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