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Real Name: maeve
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I'm finally joining a group of wonderful authors and fellow hentai's alike. I've been lurking on the web for years reading people's stories. I have had the good opportunity to read the scanned manga for years. Go there now and feast!

About me personally? I don't know if I want to out myself in any fashion. Call me chicken or paranoid. Don't care. But I will say this, I might post a story or two. Or I might not. I will say this about myself: I'm a domesticated (technically not married, but happily involved in a domestic partnership *Go insurance*) woman living in Fresno, Ca with a wonderful man and four cats.

Okay, that's enough about me.

Want to give props to Doggieearlover, who writes a recommended reading post on her Live Journal site that suggested any true hardcore fanfiction writere or reader needed to join this site. And here I am.

Cheers! Madjax36

Gender: male
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