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I am 21 years old and live in Kansas. 

I'm a junior in college (at least I am right this moment), studying English.  I hope to go on to get my master's and then PhD in the same field and become a college professor.  My real passion, however, is writing. 

I am in the middle of writing a novel-length book, but am constantly writing little short stories or poetry when I need a break.  I only recently picked up the habbit of fanfiction writing for the same purpose.  I never plan out or put too much research in my work when I do these kind of things - they are simply an outlet for my creative frustrations.  If any of you have noticed that they aren't exactly publish-worthy material, hopefully this explains it.  I hope you like my work reguardless. 

Some of my stories (especially on this site) will have materials unsuited for persons under the age of 18 in them.  For this reason, I will always post two versions (one edited and one not) of any chapter containing offensive materials.  I know those of you that are underage find it annoying when you can't read a good story because of one or two chapters.  I also know that even those of you who are of age aren't always in the mood to read a sex scene, but still want to read the story in question.  I hope my solution satisfies everyone.

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