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I am a WOHM, separated, age 44, with an almost 7year old son. I have been writing InuYasha fanficssince 2003 - with a hiatus from 2004 until 2007. InuYasha/Kagome are my fav pairing to write about - 99% my stories center around them. I live on East Coast, USA. and most of my stories are Adult (read - Rated X). All my stories can be found on MediaMiner, all my hentai onAdultFanFiction, including myother fanfics that are not InuYasha. I have written over 100, not all Inu/Kag - mostly for contests on LJ although I still write my chapter fics.

I always wanted to be a real published author and I have a fantasy novel I wrote from age 14-19 that I am too chicken to try and get published

I love this site - it is by far the most beautiful site I have found for InuYasha fanfiction. I look forward to putting my fics here and to reading fics by others who are as obsessed with the InuYasha/Kagome pairing as I am.

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Favorite Authors
1. Inu Hanyou Nikkie
2. Knittingknots
The queen of post manga canon, abd especially of Inu/Kag drabble fluff! I true literary quality writer, incredibly talented!
3. Selina MacCloveror
Wonderful writer, top quality! And great lemons! :)
4. vikikibouki