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I am a girl of an age you will never know, in a place that keeps changing. I have two cats, though I hope one day for a fox. I have loved Inuyasha since I was a little girl, seeing so much of my self in him. I will never write 'Angst', (though with Inuyasha, you kinda have to with his past and all) 'tragedy', or any other sad story, Inuyasha (and I) have had enough in our lives to relive it all again. I sure I would make a grate tragedy/angst writer only because I've lived it, but I refuse to relive it. If your looking for that, your in the wrong place. I will also never write 'Yaoi', 'Yuri' or 'Inu-cest'. I only use canon pairings and in Inuyasha, (as far as I know) there is no Yaoi or Yuri. I came here for Inuyasha and Kagome, nothing else. I will also only use the parings of Sango and Miroku, Sesshomaru and Rin(always older), Koga and Ayame, Toga(Inuyasha's dad) and Izayoi.(I will also only use Kikyo if I HAVE to, otherwise she will not even be in it at all) I respect Rumiko and her pairings. I would love to publish a book I have been working on for some time but I am too scared to for fear of people taking it into there own hands and seeing fit to place who with whom no matter who they are. My stories will always have Fluff/Waff/Squish, whatever you call it. My stories will only have happy endings, and I will never beat around the bush. I'm sure were all tired of the 500+ ch. in Inuyasha where it never ends and they never get any farther, and Fan Fiction was made to give the fans what they wanted, so my stories, no matter how few, will be 'short, sweet, and to the point' emphasis on sweet.^_^ Except my first, 'A Wonderful Life'. This story takes place in the game, Harvest Moon, and in this game, the PC(playable chara) only marries at the end of the first year and has one child. so my story will take a years time, but will still follow my 'S,S,ATTP'.^_^ I may also do *some* sexual situations. BUT, they will only be a small part, and tasteful. I will not be doing PWP or anything dirty. Inuyasha AND Kagome will always be virgin in my stories. I never liked it when in a story, Kagome's a virgin, and Inuyasha isn't. I don't see that as very fair, or realistic. (if its canon) In the main canon story, Inuyasha is shunned by EVERYONE. No one wants to be near him let alone let him touch them, and he's too honorable to rape, and even Kikyou wouldn't let him more than a foot away at all times (except for once in the movie) And I have seen a lot of stories where they write that Inuyasha had been with Kikyou in a canon fic and in a way that is imposable. I'm not saying you cant do it, you can do what ever you want, but if your story is canon, and you do something like that, well, it makes no sense and I wont do anything like it.    I will also say here I will not start a new fic until I finish the old one. I BIGEST pet peeve is a author who never finishes a fic because the got distracted my a new one.

My stories so-far: (I will go ahead and say, nothing will be updated until I get a beta to look over everything, no point in moving forward if I'm on shaky ground) A Wonderful Life-   'A Wonderful Life' takes place in the beautiful world of Harvest Moon. In Harvest Moon, you always start out in a farm that you got ether from your father(AWL,AWL2,HMDS,HMDS2,HMB&G), your grandfather(FOMT,HM64,BTN) or to 'Save The Homeland'. In all (but STHL) you ether have to marry, your you can marry up to 11 bachelors/bachelorettes. (for more info, go to

In all of the Harvest Moon games, they all take place in a time that's more simple, the only real technology is a TV, and the kitchen. There are no cell phones, no mp3s, no cars, no tractors, no anything. Every thing is done by hand so if anything seems odd, or if the customs seem dated, its 'cause it is, but this is the  way I like it. (I'm quite 'old school my self)

I will also tell you that in the game, you have 'heart events'. there are 4. (in the game I'm using) "There are 9 potential wives in the game. If you plug in your copy of Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town, you can then bring that up to 14 wives to choose from. The 5 normal wives are Nami, Muffy, Celia, Flora, and Lumina. After them come the 4 special wives; the Harvest Goddess, Leia the mermaid, Witch Princess, and Keria. Lastly there are the 5 girls you can only get from the GBA connection. Those are Popuri, Karen, Mary, Ann, and Elli.   You will need to give gifts in order to increase a woman's interest in you. There are two values to her affection level. The Love Points will determine her heart color and her Friendship Points will factor in what other random events you might run into with her. The LP are more important than the FP values.   When her Love Points are 60,000 or higher then you can marry, but only if you have completed the other requirements. Besides having the woman at a red heart color, you need to also own the Big Bed, activated all 4 of her Heart Events, and have rescued at least 60 Harvest Sprites. Only after you have completed all 4 tasks can you give her the Blue Feather. The Feather will become available for purchase at Karen's store once you have a woman up to an Orange (50,000 LP) heart level."   (FYI- the blue feather is what you purpose with. Yea, I know, no ring. AND, in AWL, you don't even get a wedding! You just walk around town telling everyone your married and then the game skips to 2 years later and you have a toddler.)

In this story, Inuyasha gains his farm from his father, and after so many years, all the buildings have since rotted away, the only thing standing is a tree in the middle of the field. I named the farm 'Tokia' because I always named my farms 'Tokia'. I would have named it Tessaiga, but in the game, if you go down the 3rd mine to the 55th(I think) Lv, you talk to a princess, and she will give you a sword to unblock a path under a waterfall. That, I will be Tessaiga. I also only put charas like Koga in for a large part of the plot. (I'm not good with tempers, so he will always be a little OOC) I would have used Houjo since the place Koga holds is for the 'Rival'. but with my plot, I would like to have more youkai. There are a few other charas that I could move, and if any of you think you know of a better place, or chara, let me know.^_^

 I am even(maybe) planning to do a 'for girls' (just like most of the HM games all have a 'for girls' where you play a girl and marry a boy)taking place in HMDScute and put Kagome in the place of Jill/Claire and put a VERY OOC Inu in the place of Skye (

And please disregard any mistakes here, its about 3 in the morning here and I'm tired. (I also have a laundry list of learning disabilities that make writing VERY hard, in all of this alone, I tried to type the words 'all' and 'less' and typed 'lla' and 'ssel'. I cant make this up. I may put my list up here, but until I can spell it all, that will have to wait.)

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