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I'm a bookworm, I love to read and I'm a vampire whore lol... or mythical whore. Whichever. I love supernatural genre, dark genre on a whole and just reading things that aren't derived from what's "normal". Those "omg" or "wtf" moments when reading a book are what captures me. I really love reading a book that takes me to a whole other world, sort of like an escape.

I also enjoy writing too. For me, writing is a passion, it helps me to enter a world that's fully in my control and it's empowering to say the least. I write to escape, and reading draws me in, drowns me (in a good way). Ah~ It's just a stress reliever. I literally feel like I'm going insane when I haven't written a poem or updates my stories.

Writing is in every sense is literally my sanity.

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Favorite Authors
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2. ED Staff
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4. ShouraiChan
She tells it how it is, she's raw and fking talented!!! She's just loads of AMAZING!!! Both as writer and a friend!!
5. ThisIsMeSmiling
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