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Real Name: Janelle
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Bio: Ive been reading fanfictions since I was in the 6th grade. Mostly InuYasha fanfictions. Yeah my parents were a bit strange to let their 12 year old onto the internet, but hey my mind was already polluted with '18 and up' material. Thank you HBO and 1990's version of MTV! (Parental blocks sucked back then, didn't really get them till I was in middle school, the damage was already done.)

Anyways I remember the first InuYasha fanfiction I read was Crazy little thing called love.' Was reading it when it first started. I've been addicted ever since.

I do read real books, I actually just finished reading the Dark Lover series, well the ones that are out. I love mysteries, thrillers, and suspense, so basically I like the stories that have a plot that just drags you in.

Love to listen to all types of music too, except country, but its starting to grow on me.

Thats really the gist about me!
Gender: female
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Favorite Authors
1. KeiChanz
2. ShouraiChan
So...awesome chick just love her stuff.