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Bio: Holy Smokes, its literally been ten years since I've posted anything to ED, and after seeing so many of my friends get back into updating and revamping their old fanfiction, I decided to finally jump in and update mine as well. I also made so many wonderful friends on here over the years that I'm still in touch with, and it's great to see this site is still going!

I hope you enjoy the updates, and ED is forever my favorite Inu x Kag fanfiction site. ALL HAIL DA NOTORIOUS ONE!
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Favorite Authors
1. Ai Kisugi
These are authors you have to honestly respect because their writings are just so amazing! I <3 them!!!
2. bluezinthos
I don't know WHERE the hell I have been, in a hole, maybe, but I am JUST discovering her stories. I'm SO in love with them, especially with modernized Inuyasha in a few of her tat and peircing stories. Her stories are more than enough to ruin my panties, and give me wet dreams for the next year. XD Sorry if that was so crude, but dammit, I LOVE her stories!!!!!
3. chanda
I really love a lot of Chanda's stories! I blame Selina for getting me hooked onto them! But they are just so damn good!
4. fallenangel7583
I love her work. Period.
5. Inu Hanyou Nikkie
Absolutely one of my most FAVE authors, I love her cutting-edge stories, and I seriously wish I had her writing talent. Her stories are BEYOND amazing! So...edgy and downright sexy.
6. inufan625
What can I say? I just love her work!
7. InuGrrrl
She created this site AND is a badass author! What more can I say?
8. kagome313
Hey, she writes HELLA sexyness! My favorite story is "Wanting More Than". I absolutely love the story and her!!!! (As an author, lol!)
9. Karaumea
I love her story "When She Comes Back". I mean, it's flat out perfection!
10. kayeh687
She does amazing work and she's a great author and a real sweetie! <3
11. KeiChanz
I love her story "Love Untamed"! It's great!
12. kirarakat55
I absolutely love her stories and she's a total doll! But seriously, her stories rock!
13. Knittingknots
A-MAZING authoress and so many stories! I believe she was the 'sensei' to all of us just getting into writing fanfiction you know? Pay serious respects to her and her stories because they are GOOD.
14. mayu28
Her stories are hilarious! Omg, especially "Dancing Moon". I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time!
15. RipVanWinkle
I <3 her story "A Good Hostess"!!! She's an amazing author. Go check out her work. ...Why are you still reading this? GET GOING!!!!!!
16. Roxotaku
Rox is amazing. I mean, point blank. If you havent read her stories, you are missing out BIG TIME!
17. Say0mi Saki
I have SUCH a crush on her newest story: "Behind The Glitz and the Glam". Never read anything quite like it before which I love! AND she's a total sweetheart! I recommend her writing; you won't be disappointed!
18. Selina MacCloveror
Oh, hohohoho...I have been WAITING to get to Selina. In a nutshut, Selina is my sensei! She is by far, hands down, my favorite author ever. I love her works, and her critiquing is fair, and very much appreciated! I seriously consider her stories to be amazing, and she was one of my very first reviewers on AFFN. I have much love for her, and she is just amazing to a young author like me! Respect her, respect her work!
19. Sunset Miko
Great author! I love her work, but my favorite will ALWAYS be "Chronicles Of The Moldy"! I lourves it!