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Put simply, I write what I see.

A friend just told me this a while ago, and now I realize how true it is. I try my hardest to paint a picture in my mind, then explain it with a narrative flare. I'm a visual thinker, so I believe that helps some.

I've been on FF for close to three years now I think, and am learning new things about myself as a writer almost constantly. However, because of this, there can be a slight inconsistency in my story organizational skills. I haven't developed a strict writing plan yet, and probably won't anytime soon. I'm too scatterbrained for that, LOL. I'm an amateur at what I do obviously, but my goal is to publish an original novel someday, so I practice going through the motions of an author through my works here.

Reviews and firm feedback are CRUCIAL for me. Not really for any sort of ego boost (though I'd be lying if I said that didn't help too), but just so I can improve. It's very important to me.

Besides that, on a more personal note, I absolutely do not mind getting PMs from people and actually welcome it. I don't bite, really! ;-) I'm just your average teenage girl in most ways, if not a bit nerdy and quiet (unless I've had coffee). I don't mean to intimidate people or be rude, and try very hard to be nice and considerate, so please do the same for me, ok? I understand being frank, but you get what I mean. Otherwise, some more details about me below if you care to know them.

-[Important Information]-

Writing style: My expertise is mostly in the angst/drama category. I also write pretty descriptively, including all the senses and what not.

I write In-Character: For the most part, I have a strong conviction to stay true to my character's original personalities. This does not necessarily mean they will be EXACTLY the same as in the actual series though. By 'In-Character' I mean this with consideration to the circumstances I put them in.

I only use InuYasha characters: For right now, my main focus on FF is this anime.

I have limited knowledge of Japanese culture: I try to be as accurate as I can with Japanese locations, traditions, and terms, but being American and strictly English speaking as I am, I'm bound to miss things.

Updates come when they come: This basically means I do have a life, and don't operate on any specific schedule, sadly. I try not to wait too long between updates but remember, quality stories and chapters take time.

My grammar sucks: Having this talent is something I wish I had mastered, but for right now, I haven't. *cries pathetically* But I do have an editor, so that helps.

-[Personal Info]-

Name: Victoria, but I prefer to go by Saria or Tori.

Birthday: October 31st. Go on, laugh. I know you want to.

Age: I'm 16, not some smelly ol' stalker who eats children, LOL.

What else I do with my time: Video editing, reading, school and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep ;-)

Genre of music I like: Rock and Heavy Rock mostly. I enjoy most bands from this type too. My favorite is Breaking Benjamin.

Non-Anime TV shows I like: The Mentalist, Castle, Alias, Cold Case, Law and Order, Avatar The Last Airbender (its NOT anime), TOME (Youtube series), Danny Phantom.

Beta-reader: No
Gender: female
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