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Hello, my sweethearts. I just wanted to announce with no lack of precocious nostalgia that I have finally made up my mind about giving up my activity as a writer on any IY-fandom website. This may come across as a rash decision (it's not, actually) and I apologize to those of you who really want me to stay (I know there are a few out there who fit that description), but I have developed new values, and to me - seeing as I don't want it to sound insulting to fellow writers, who are fantastic at what they do - the act of writing little fics has lost its meaning and is time-wasting as I discovered other, more beneficial to self-knowledge, personal development and life in general, activities to indulge in.

I'm not one of those writers who cruelly close their account completely, taking down all their stories, because I know I've experienced the frustration of not finding a particular fic anymore, so my stories will remain here to be read, but I will not answer to any reviews, comments, etc etc. I won't read them, either.

That being said, I wanted to really from the bottom of my heart thank you all for walking with me this far, and a special, heartfelt thanks to Say0mi Saki, Desenchanter, and Kinky Hoe, who were particularly b.a.d.a.s.s./amazing . I also wanted to truly apologize to purduepup, to whom I've been incredibly rude by forgetting to write that first chapter for our would-have-been, jointly written story 'Kikyou's MILF' after it being my suggestion.

As for wishes and hopes for the future? Firstly, there are no regrets, but I really, truly wish IY-fandom remained something magnificent, despite the onslaught of - at the risk of sounding offensive - inane stories that have been posted lately, though there are still mind-blowing authors out there who do the exact opposite of giving Inuyasha a bad name.

Also I HAVE to thank InuGrrrl and her awesomeness for coming up with this amazing community and all her other websites that allow us, avid readers and writers, to share bits of ourselfves. So thank you, InuGrrrl, and thank you, Eternal Destiny.

Much love and stay as healthy and loved and loving as possible,
~ eine.hexe

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