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Ms. Kinky is a twenty-something female who currently lives in Switzerland. She grew up in the Rumic World, watching Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha and is now reading Rinne of the Boundary. The one thing you need to know is that her life is Inuyasha since to her, there is no other manga or anime as complete, instructive and gut-wrenching as Inuyasha.

If you read Ms. Kinky stories, be ready to jump head first into smutty drama and comedy with suggested tracks to listen to. On small occasions, dark stories might pop up. In any case, there is a fat chance the story is going to be AU.

The OTP is Inuyasha and Kagome. Period.

05/13/2017: Important Update

I want to inform my readers and people who have been peeking at my profile wondering where I was and when I would update again that I've had a rough year, and that was the main reason for my absence. I lost my apartment, then I had to face work problems until I decided to quit, and all of this led to a typical mid-twenties depression that I'm still trying to work on. I was forced to move back in with my family, which wasn't a relief for me, and the entire situation ended up with me delaying my graduation. Overall, I haven't been writing because of this, and not because I abandoned my stories and you guys. I graduated and I will be moving out soon, and I am still unsure about what will happen in the near future. I do want to finish my stories though, so I will focus on one story at a time and complete them all within this year. I am not sure I will write Inuyasha fanfiction past that, or at least not multi-chapter stories, until I am happy with my life again. Thank you for understanding.

Since editing on this website seems to be broken, I advise you to follow me on FF.Net.
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