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Real Name: SakuraRyuu
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Bio: *I now have a Legends page. That's a pretty big deal to me. You can find mine, as well as many other deserving authors pages, up there in the bar under Legends.*

My pets own me, I don't own them.

I only write for Inuyasha, and most everything I've written is from a prompt of some Inuyasha group on LiveJournal, and has been limited by word count restrictions. I have no future plans to lengthen any of my oneshots. They are what they are.

As an author I don't post anything unless it's complete because that makes me insane as a reader. I can't even tell you how long my list is of fanfics I'm waiting to start reading but I won't touch because they aren't finished.

Most of my stories are based on personal experiences, and some of the OC are real people. Iím not going to tell you which ones, though.

I'm not much for leaving reviews unless something I read really strikes me, but I do share links and add to my Favs. I wish I were able to respond to my reviews, but alas, I'm not always able. So I'll say thank you now and hope you know I really enjoy and appreciate them all!

I don't read crossovers because I don't know all the fandoms. I don't write crossovers because there's a reason not all the fandoms are combined and never the multitude shall meet.

Some of what I write is tasteless. True story. So don't be surprised when you read it. But I don't hang my head in shame, bitches, cause it's mine. I OWN IT!

I'm a yaoi lovin' fool.
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