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hanmajoerin is a troubled individual who wants nothing more than to sit and read her manga with music or silence in the background. Unfortunately that almost is never the case. Her friends are hentai and obnoxious and sometimes this fanfiction author questions her choice in them, but decides to continue to love them with a huge heart anyway. Not all of her friends are hentai, there is one individual who is like the north to her south~! hanmajoerin is the bad influence and her friend is the good. InuYasha is this young teenager's calling and she hopes that years from now she will be just as in love with the show as she has been for four years. hanmajoerin never capitalizes her online name due to the fact it is what she calls her OC Erin, hanmajo does not really enjoy OCs with the exception of a few and feels awful for creating one. hanmajoerin turned 15 this year-May 6th-, she's 5 feet and 1/4 inches, and her weight will remain un-named for privacy matters, she is not overweight nor is she super skinny. She believes that the character she is most like in the series InuYasha is Shippou, but feels strongly connected to Kagome. hanmajo does not promise the most incredible fanfictions ever read...however she promises to produce fanfictions worthy of reading. Do not touch this woman's buttons she is a black belt in Tae-Kwon-do and can hurt you if she finds you. If there is anything on the planet that describes 'pushing her buttons' it's SessKag. The fanfiction author thinks it's ridiculous to go against the pairing already placed out in the series with an exception, of course. InuKag is baiscly her life. At the moment hanmajoerin is trying to branch out her fanfiction brain by reading fics that have InuKag but don't always major the couple. It's a good thing she is the co-author of the fanfiction Not so Sober.

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