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Summary: he leaves for alittle while and everything is destroyed. will he find anything left in one piece, or will hew discover that he is all alone, and drowned in grief.
Rated: Reserved
Categories: Myths
Characters: InuYasha, Kagome
Genres: Poetry
Warnings: Religious
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 469 Read: 8979
Published: April 03, 2008 Updated: April 03, 2008
a poem that comes in three parts, each part unfolding another piece of this short story. its not my first poem, but its the first thing i have ever posted.

1. Chapter 1 by puppylover1x1 [Reviews - 0] (174 words)
its a tad bit sorrowful, depending on you read it.

2. Chapter 2 by puppylover1x1 [Reviews - 0] (130 words)

the second part. its alittle sad


3. Chapter 3 by puppylover1x1 [Reviews - 0] (165 words)