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For Kag0me313 by ED Staff
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Story title: Changes In a Break
Rating: M
Kagome couldn't get over how cliché the scene between them truly was. She and Inuyasha had grown up together as neighbors, played together, gone to school together, and graduated together. They shared a group of friends. They worked during their summers when they became old enough. And now that they were old enough one of them was going off to college, but it wasn't her. Inuyasha, with his need to run wild and free, was going across the country to further his education while Kagome stayed close to home, not wanting to leave the shrine and it's care to her aging grandfather. Now she found herself standing with his family on the sidewalk, his and his father's trucks loaded with what he needed to live in the dorms until winter break.

Inuyasha found himself conflicted. He wanted to sweep Kagome off her feet, stuff her in the truck, and take her with him. He would get an apartment for them instead of living in the dorms, they would take classes and work, and after graduation he would marry her. He looked at the love of his young life, aching to tell her what was in his heart. Instead, he hugged his childhood friend tight, kissed her damp cheek, and promised he would be back by Christmas to make as many macabre snow people as they could manage.

Kagome hugged back just as tight, wishing him luck, and promising to write him every week while he was away. The drive from Nagoya to Tokyo was only two or three hours, but she knew he lifelong friend wouldn't be making that trip every weekend. He had plans to work, and throw himself into his studies. When your chosen university has produced four Nobel Prize winners, you don't go in a slacker. At the last minute, just as he pulled away from her cheek, she kissed him. Her right arm wrapped around his neck, and her left hand rested on his face while she tasted him. Drawing his bottom lip into her mouth she ran the tip of her tongue over it, getting him to open up for her. The kiss she pulled him into said everything they both needed it to, and when they pulled away their hearts were full, however their minds were confused. Smiling, they let each other go.

As the heat of summer made way for the crisp air of autumn Kagome kept her promise and wrote Inuyasha every weekend, mailing her letters out on Monday. She studied in Tokyo, lived at home, helped her family with the shrine, unpacked her cold weather clothes and packed away her warm weather clothes. All the same things she did at the same time the year before, except Inuyasha wasn't draped across her bed making fun of her wardrobe. There was no laughing, clothes war, or sitting on the floor eating sandwiches and watching T.V. with her clothes scattered all over the room. It took her half the time to get done, and she didn't enjoy it nearly as much.

Then she noticed Inuyasha's letters began tapering off. At first he was writing her back every week, talking about all the freshman events the university had, how good the food was, all the different places there were to eat on campus, the things he was doing off campus in his free time, the new friends he was making, and how tough his classes were. After the first few weeks, though, they began coming every couple weeks. By the time he had been gone to school three months she had written him 12 times, and he had written her seven. Even though she couldn't find anything new to tell him about herself she still managed to keep him up on what was going on with their friends and in their neighborhood, keeping him anchored to home. Inuyasha's increased lack of responses felt like he was breaking away. In Kagome's mind the worst possible thing was happening; he was making a new home for himself and leaving his old one, with her in it, behind.

Life at school was hectic for Inuyasha. First he had to unpack, and if anyone told you that wasn't a learning experience they were a liar. He had never moved homes so he had no idea what it was to pack what he needed, get it where he needed it to go, and then unpack it. His mother had been a Godsend, having packed all his stuff, but at the same time a curse, because he had no idea what was in each box and suitcase. Instead of opening and unpacking one container at a time, he opened and dug through them all until he found what he was looking for. He figured this way his stuff would get put away as he needed to use it. The problem was after the first month he still wasn't unpacked, his room was a shambles, and he got tired of hunting for things so he went out to buy what he couldn't find.

He thought it was great the university had so many freshman functions until he found he was required to attend at least four of them and write a paper on his experience at each one. The paper was to be turned in to the professor who handled his classes and oversaw his university experience. It was all part of his admission process as a first semester freshman. Then classes started. They were a bitch. Inuyasha had always been a good student, not advanced, but A Honor Roll, scored highly on entrance exams, and always produced topnotch work. Nothing could have prepared a student like him for classes like this. His class load wasn't heavy, but the classes themselves were intense, with many additional hours of research spent in the library or online to understand the daily work. The midterm exams were given at the beginning of the of semester and final exams were given at mid term to allow the students ample time to thoroughly research their answers and give thoughtful, thorough answers. Some classes require projects whose grade weights were almost as heavy as midterms and finals.

Inuyasha found just going out for a beer and pizza with classmates had to be carefully scheduled in for a specific lot of time unless it was a study meal, in which case it was usually ordered in and everyone crashed at someone's place. Meals rotated around classes and included studying, he didn't date, he couldn't work like he had planned, and there was no chance of coming home during long weekends. Those were extra study time, and a day to catch up on sleep. Then there were Kagome's letters. At first it was easy to keep up with them. He was homesick and grateful for any news she could give him about what was going on back home. He also found he was heartsick and missed her more than he had expected. He knew he couldn't tell her what was really going on at school; he was overworked, didn't eat or sleep enough, and could barely make it from day to day as the semester drug out. It was easier to just not write until he had to.

Kagome checks her calendar. She thought Winter Break would never get here! It felt like it had been months since the last time she had seen Inuyasha, and even though it had, they felt like they were the longest months of her life. Now she was down to a few short days, and she was certain they would be the longest days of her life. Giving a long sigh she walked over to her desk and settled back into her chair, her short break leaving her somewhat refreshed and ready to finish her algebra homework.

Just as she finished her last problem the doorbell rang. Opening her bedroom window she yelled, "I'll be right down!" before closing it again, slipping on her house shoes, and heading for the stairs. Being so close to the holidays the deliveryman was wearing out her doorbell, and she had to learn quick to time her studies around the time he delivered, or he would interrupt and aggravate her beyond belief.

Stopping before the door she straightened her sweat suit, and brushed some stray hairs out of her face, trying to restrain them back in her ponytail holder. Satisfied she was at least presentable enough to answer the door for a deliveryman she opened it.

"Can I help you?" The smile froze on her face. "Oh my goodness, Inuyasha! What are you doing here!"

Inuyasha stood in Kagome's doorway thinking he had never seen a more beautiful sight. She was in her old high school sweat suit, black hair pulled up into a messy ponytail with little flyaway hairs sticking out in random places. The way she always looked when she studied.

He stepped in the doorway, closing it behind him, and it was all Kagome could do to not launch herself at him. She stepped back while he took off his coat and hung it on a hook on the wall and slipped off his winter boots. Once that was done he held his arms out to her, a clear invitation. She stepped into him, allowing him to wrap himself around her like his hugs always seemed to do. Her arms wrapped around his barrel shaped chest, and she buried her face in his neck, breathing him in. "I've missed you," she whispered.

He pulled away to look at her. "I've missed you." This time he took the kiss, and it was just as sweet as the last one. Kagome pulled away, taking his hand.

"Come with me." She tugged at him, backing away, then pulling him toward the stairs. There was nervousness between them, but they didn't doubt what was going to happen.

Once in her room Kagome closed and locked the door. Already sitting on the bed Kagome straddled Inuyasha's lap. He looked up at her and said, "This is not a fling."

"Of course it isn't."

Winter Break went by quicker then either of them would have liked. Inuyasha hid out at Kagome's with her family for a few days of peace and rest before heading home as scheduled. He helped her study for her final exams, and once they both were finished it was like every other winter holiday they had together. They watched holiday movies, bought and decorated a tree, went to Christmas parties and dinners, hung out with friends, and went sight seeing and shopping. They even broke out their copy of Calvin & Hobbes and tried to recreate all of Calvin's scenes of snowman mayhem. This year the only difference was how they chose to spend their time alone together, which was usually in bed.

Before they knew it Winter Break was over, and it was time for Inuyasha to head back to school. This time he promised to call or Skype instead of write, and he would be home for Spring Break, even if he had to bring schoolwork home. With things developing between he and Kagome, he wasn't willing to waste a week of no classes and not go home to see her.

His promises seemed to pacify Kagome, and she was pleased that she would see him in a few weeks time instead of having to wait until the end of another semester. In the mean time, Kagome went back to her schoolwork and helping with the shrine. She found, though, come spring when it was time to start integrating her summer clothes, some of her pants weren't fitting. She didn't seem to notice so much with her winter clothes because they were roomier to allow for the weight she always gained thanks to her mom's rich winter meals, and tasty winter baking. Deciding to give it a few days, Kagome continued to finish hanging her clothes and get back to her schoolwork.

When Spring Break finally arrived Kagome was ready. She had worked ahead in her syllabus so she wouldn't have any assignments that would take away time from Inuyasha. Her last Skype call with him on the day he was due home had her pacing the house the last hour of his drive.

"Kagome, why don't you sit down? Your pacing is making Buyo nervous." At the sound of his name her fat cat meowed lazily from his perch on the chair cushion under the kitchen table. "Besides, your color isn't good. Let me get you a glass of tea." Mrs. Higurashi pulled out the closest chair, and shooing the cat away, offered it to her daughter.

"I'll take the tea, but I can't sit down, mama. I'm too nervous." Her hands covered her lower belly, rubbing the slight bump unconsciously. The gesture wasn't lost on her mother. Mrs. Higurashi had been noticing changes in her daughter since Christmas break she didn't think her daughter had noticed in herself. Such as when she was relaxing her hands rested over her lower abdomen instead of by her side as they used to. She was snacking more often at all hours of the day and night. Her color was a little off. Some mornings she was more pale and sluggish than others, while other mornings she was bouncing and glowing. And her shape was slowly changing. Especially her lower belly.

"Kagome, please sit down. I'll go make your tea, and sit with you." Kagome did as she was asked as her mother smiled and retreated into the kitchen.

Coming back several minutes later with two tea cups Mrs. Higurashi began the conversation she had been rehearsing in her head for several days.

"I noticed you and Inuyasha have become closer." She smiled at her daughter's blush in her cheeks over the rim of her teacup as she took a small sip of her jasmine green tea. "I'm very happy for you. But I have been noticing some physical changes in you, dear, that have me concerned, and I would like you to do something for me."

She looked at her mother, confused. "What kind of changes?" Her mother conveyed her concerns, to which the young woman replied, "You think?"

"Yes, I do. My last trip to the market I bought a pregnancy test. Would you go take it?"

"Sure, mama." Kagome smiled at her mother. She knew no matter the result she would be in good hands. Her mother may be disappointed, but she knew she would help her do the right thing. Rising from the table she smiled nervously before asking, "Where is it?"

"It's in my bathroom under the counter. It should only take a few minutes, and afterward we'll talk, ok?" She smiled at her daughter and took her hand in hers, squeezing it assuredly. "Go on." Taking a deep breath the young woman left the room.

A full half hour later Kagome finally emerged from her mother's room, the pregnancy test stick in hand. Inuyasha had just arrived, and he and her mother were sharing a cup of tea at the kitchen table chatting about his drive. They both turned to her with smiles on their faces until they noticed her sway on her feet, and her eyelids flutter. Both people were out of their chairs, rushing toward her. Inuyasha caught her before she fell to the floor.

"Lay her on the couch," Mrs. Higurashi commanded, following him. Once laid out she sat next to her daughter, touching her face. "Go to the bathroom upstairs and wet a washcloth for her forehead." Once he left the room she got up off the sofa and went to retrieve the stick her daughter had dropped when she passed out. Kagome was pregnant, just as she suspected.

Handing the washcloth over to Kagome's mother, Inuyasha picked up the throw blanket off the back of the couch and covered Kagome with it. Picking up her feet her sat on the couch and rested them in her lap. Looking at her mother he said, "Well, that was sudden."

Dabbing at her daughter's forehead she spared him a glance and said, "You'll have a lot to talk about when she wakes up." She handed him the stick. Looking at it he groaned and let his head fall back against the couch.

"What did you think would happen? Neither of you came to me for protection, I'm guessing you didn't go to your parents, either, and you obviously didn't get it on your own." He shook his head no. "I'm not scolding or judging you, Inuyasha. It was simply inevitable if you didn't protect yourselves. And what about STD's?"

"There weren't other partners." He didn't even think to be embarrassed to admit to his girlfriend's mother they had been each others' first. This conversation left no room for anything but complete candidness.

"I'm relieved to know that's one less thing we have to worry about since we have our hands full enough." Deciding she had fussed over Kagome enough, she left the wet cloth to rest over her forehead, and retrieved a chair from the kitchen. Sitting it next to the couch, she sat down facing Inuyasha. "I have suspected she was pregnant for a while and have had time to think about options."

"I am going to be blunt, Inuyasha. Kagome will need you here to love and support her. Otherwise your relationship will probably never survive if you continue to go to school where you currently are, although you have plenty of time to finish out the semester before she will really need your help."

"Here is what I am prepared to offer you if you decide to keep the baby. The two of you live here, both will continue to go to college here, and raise the baby together. I will help as best I can, and one of you will have to work to help support the baby."

"I do not expect you to marry. And I know you both need time to get used to this change, think about things, and talk things through, however, you do not have all the time in the world. This is going to happen fast. She is possibly three months along already. There are doctor appointments, shopping, a nursery to get ready, classes to get through, your parents to tell, and you must decide what to do about the pregnancy."

Inuyasha raised his head and looked at her confused. "What do you mean?"

"Kagome has options, Inuyasha. She could choose abortion, adoption, or she could choose to keep and raise the baby." Mrs. Higurashi was trying to be as gentle as she could, but she had to be practical as well, and this boy obviously needed someone to lay it all out for him. "She may decide she isn't ready to be a mother."

"But I know her. She wouldn't kill our baby. She values life too much to do that." Inuyasha knew she was trying to help, but he was starting to get pissed. Who did this woman think she was to suggest Kagome would spread her legs and allow someone to suck their baby from her body? Did she not know her daughter at all? And he wasn't any happier about the idea of adoption, either. He found out he was going to be a father all of about 15 minutes ago, but the thought of someone else taking the one thing he and Kagome had created together out of love, and never being able to see that child again had begun to eat away at him. There was no other answer for him but to take her offer and raise their baby. "Of course we'll take your offer. I would have it no other way."

Mrs. Higurashi smiled. "I'm glad to know you will support her, but you should talk this over with Kagome as well."

Inuyasha nodded, and let his head fall back against the couch.

Coming too several minutes later Kagome opened her eyes slowly. She noticed she was laying on the couch, her mother sitting next to her on a kitchen chair, and her feet in Inuyasha's lap. She Sat up slowly, drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

"Mama, can I have some water?" Her throat was scratchy, and her mouth felt dry.

Inuyasha reached over and wrapped her blanket over her shoulders. "Kagome, we need to talk."

"I know. Just give me a minute, ok?" Taking the offered glass from her mother Kagome took a few small sips before handing it back.

Sitting the glass on the coffee table Mrs. Higurashi said, "I'm going to give you two a few minutes." She smiled and the young couple and left the room.

Not knowing what else to say Kagome started with, "I'm pregnant." She had been looking at her knees for the first ten minutes after her mother left waiting for Inuyasha to say anything. When he didn't she decided to lay it all out on the table and get the worst over with.

"I know." He replied. He had been leaned over, elbows on his thighs, rubbing his hands together for those same ten minutes, not knowing what to say to start. He didn't want to admit he knew too much and push her when the news was obviously a shock for her. "What do you want to do? Your mom says you have options."

"Options?" Kagome was genuinely confused. Once the stick told her she was pregnant her stomach was in knots, then she threw up. She had been so happy and excited and nervous and scared, but there was no question she was going to keep their baby. So what was he talking about? Did he not want the baby, too?

"Yeah," he stood and started to pace. "Like adoption, or…"

Kagome cut him off. "Oh, I see." Her tone was instantly nasty. "Go ahead and take care of the problem so you can go back to college, live the academic high life, and leave here worry free. I thought you knew me better than that." She stood up to stomp away, but as soon as she was on her feet one hand went to her forehead and another to her stomach. She stood completely still. Inuyasha was at her side in an instant, easing her back to the couch and wrapping her back up.

"You can't jump up like that or your blood pressure will drop. Let me get you something to snack on to settle your stomach." Inuyasha walked into the kitchen. Kagome could hear him rummaging in the cabinets before he came back with her favorite, oyster crackers. "Makes no damn sense," she heard him grumbling.

"What?" She took the offered bag.

"They don't even taste like oysters."

"Cause that would be gross." She dropped a few in her open mouth.

"Anyway, it was your mother who said you have options. She was warning me you might choose one of them instead of the most obvious choice, which isn't even a choice for the Kagome I know at all." Now he was being all cocky, sitting next to her on the couch with his head resting in his hands behind it.

"Which is?" She popped a few more crackers.

"I told her you'd never go for that. She actually gave us an option, if you're interested." He cocked his left eyebrow and peeked at her out of the corner of his left eye as if challenging her.

"Meh. I guess." She shrugged in feigned indifference.

"For us to finish our semesters, then me transfer back to Tokyo, move in here, get a job, and help you with the baby while you go to school, too." He paused for dramatic effect. Stretching, he added, "I told her I'd think about it."

Reaching for her water Kagome took a sip before she added, "Yeah, maybe."

Inuyasha took her glass from her and sat it back down on the coffee table. Lifting his arm Kagome took her place underneath it, appreciating the offered snuggles.

"So, you'll move in after finals?" She looked up at him for confirmation.

Kissing her forehead he replied, "Absolutely."
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