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For ChiuuChiuu by ED Staff
Author's Notes:
Recipient's name: ChiuuChiuu
Story title: Romance of the Two Kingdoms
Rating: PG-13
"Lord Sesshoumaru! Lord Sesshoumaru!" the panicked voice of his loyal servant rang through the throne room.

The kappa slid to a stop in front of his king, hunching over and taking deep breaths, "Lord... Sesshoumaru..." he wheezed.

"Jaken, kindly stop the theatrics. Why did you feel the need to interrupt my peace?" the demon king pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. It was a trying time for the king of the Ice Kingdom. He didn't have time for dramatic kappas and their... drama.

"It's that no good half-bree-ack!" Jaken was interrupted by Sesshoumaru's strong grip on his throat.

"Half-breed he may be, he is still my brother. And your prince," Sesshoumaru glared at the suffocating servant, making sure he understood the full extent of his displeasure. He finally released Jaken, giving him a few seconds to catch his breath. "Now, what has my brother done now?"


Inuyasha looked around the destroyed pub, grinning with satisfaction. He tossed a bag of money to the stunned bartender, "Let me know if this doesn't cover everything Hiten."

He bent down and picked up a tooth from the floor, 'Another trophy!' he mentally cheered.

He stepped over the groaning wolf demon who formerly owned said tooth. He snickered to himself until he ran smack-dab into a hard chest. He looked up into the angry face of his brother.

"Sesshoumaru! Buy you a drink?" he offered lamely.

Sesshoumaru took in the scene of destruction that surrounded him.

"Another bar fight, Inuyasha?" Sesshoumaru scolded in disbelief.

"Hey, I was just here to have a pleasant drink!" Inuyasha tried to justify, "They started it!"

"Is that the prince of the Tundra Wolves lying there on the ground?" Sesshoumaru asked in disbelief. He couldn't believe the foolishness of his brother! This could cause a major diplomatic incident. Again!

"Did... did you throw him through a window?" Sesshoumaru's voice raised in his version of a bellow.

"Only a little," Inuyasha replied.

"Two windows, your majesty!" Hiten helpfully called out.

"Yes, thank you Hiten," Inuyasha said with a forced grin, "that's not helping!"

Disgusted, Sesshoumaru snatched Inuyasha by the back of his neck and started to drag him roughly back to the palace. Inuyasha started to protest, but was swiftly cut off by Sesshoumaru's poison tipped claws digging into his neck.

"You've really done it this time, half-breed," Sesshoumaru growled. "I have just the thing to deal with you!"


Sesshoumaru grinned at the response he'd just received from King Higurashi of the Snowflake Kingdom. Like Sesshoumaru, he was also having problems with one of the younger members of the royal family. His granddaughter Kagome was causing all sorts of hell. She was far too strong willed for her own good, and the king was worried that she'd never find a suitable husband.

Sesshoumaru's proposal of forming an alliance by marrying her to his younger brother was well received. The hope between the two kings was that the two younger royals would expend all of their fighting on each other instead of raising hell everywhere else.

Sesshoumaru called for three of his best guards.

"Please escort Prince Inuyasha to my study and have the servants prepare some overnight bags for us. I have some... news to give him about a trip," he grinned.

The guards gulped. A grinning Sesshoumaru never meant anything good.


"No!" Inuyasha bellowed. "No! No! No!"

Sesshoumaru just smiled patronizingly at his brother's tantrum, "It doesn't matter how often you yell that. It's already been arranged, and it's too good of an alliance to pass up."

"I refuse!" Inuyasha's eyes flashed red and his ears twitched in agitation, "I will not be traded around like a whore for your precious kingdom! It can melt for all I care!"

"This arrangement was good enough for your mother," Sesshoumaru replied carelessly.

Inuyasha screamed in rage and leaped at his brother, "You shut up about mother! I'll kill you!"

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes and twisted Inuyasha's arm behind his back, "Calm down brother, I didn't mean anything derogatory by that. But your mother and our father initially joined to cement an alliance between us and the Sunshine Kingdom."

"You just... you make it sound like a business proposal. Like our happiness doesn't matter," Inuyasha said dejectedly.

"That's because it is a business proposal. That doesn't mean you'll be miserable," Sesshoumaru replied. "Queen Izayoi was a very happy woman right until the end. As was our father."

Inuyasha tried his best to look over his shoulder at his older brother, "That's funny, I don't remember Dad being a happy woman at all."

Sesshoumaru whacked his little brother over the head.

"We're heading out to visit the Snowflake Kingdom tomorrow morning. I don't care if I have to drag you out and sit on you to make you stay put, you are going to cooperate."


"Hey! Get offa me!" Inuyasha yelled up at his brother.

"I did warn you," Sesshoumaru replied to his screaming cushion. He was disinterested in his little brother's antics and was going over reports that had been supplied to him by his spies and diplomats.

"Ow!" Inuyasha cried out as their carriage went over a particularly bumpy patch of road.

Sesshoumaru looked out the window at the passing scenery. The harsh ice and snow covered fields of his home were giving way to what looked like a more gentle, calm snow covered landscape. They were getting closer to the borders of the Ice Kingdom and the Snowflake Kingdom. He adjusted himself on Inuyasha's back, as he dug back into the reports. The hanyou was a surprisingly comfortable seat.

"Are you really gonna make me smell like your ass when I meet my future wife?" Inuyasha complained loudly.

'This is going to be a long few hours,' Sesshoumaru thought to himself as he continued reading about the Swamp King's plans to attack the Spider Kingdom.


"No!" Kagome bellowed. "No! No! No! No!"

Her grandfather groaned and took some calming breaths, "It's already done, child. There's no going back on it."

"We'll just see about that!" Kagome declared defiantly. "I'll just scare him away like I did Kouga, and Houjo, and -"

"You will do no such thing!" her grandfather interrupted. "The future of our very kingdom may well rest on the alliance this marriage will bring. If you anger the Ice Kingdom's prince it could send us into a war! Is that what you want?"

"No," Kagome answered, "but I don't want to be traded around for your convenience either."

"It's not like that," the Snowflake King said. "You're not getting any younger Kagome, and you'll be taking over this kingdom eventually. You're going to need an heir to continue the Higurashi line."

"So what's my future husband like?" Kagome asked, resigned to her fate.

"Well... he's a very, very proper young man..." the old man lied, hoping the young prince would be concerned enough about making a good impression that he'd wait until after the wedding to start his usual antics.

"Great, sounds boring," Kagome muttered.

"His mother came from the Sunshine Kingdom," her grandfather continued, "the Ice King seemed to feel the prince would be happier here than the Ice Kingdom..."


"Well, Inuyasha, this is Kagome," Sesshoumaru introduced the two teens, "she is obviously, the princess of the Snowflake Kingdom."

"Well, isn't that special," Inuyasha mumbled to himself. Sesshoumaru cuffed him on the head roughly and sent him a warning glare.

"King Sesshoumaru," King Higurashi interjected, hoping to avoid a fight, "Why don't I show you our ice garden and we can let the happy couple get to know each other."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at his little brother, promising death if he screwed this up, "Indeed."

King Higurashi lead Sesshoumaru from the lounge, shutting the door behind them.

"You do realize they're going to run from that room as soon as we turn the corner," Sesshoumaru warned.

King Higurashi waved off that concern, "The room is bespelled. They're locked in there until we let them out. Now... that ice garden has a particular sculpture that will be a perfect spot to spy from."


Kagome mentally counted down from ten and walked over to the door. She pressed her ear against it, listening for her grandfather. She didn't hear anything, but she had to be sure.

"Hey," she turned to her dog eared companion, "put those things to use and tell me if they're hovering outside the door."

Inuyasha snorted but came over to the door and listened carefully, "I think we're clear to get the hell out of here."

"Excellent!" Kagome grinned and started to open the door, and was surprised with a zap. "Ouch!"

Inuyasha quirked an eyebrow, "Problem?"

"That old sneak! He put a spell on the door so we can't leave!" Kagome cried indignantly, "It's like he doesn't trust us!"

Inuyasha swore and looked over at the window, "Let's try the window."

He ran over and leaped toward freedom, only to be repelled back and thrown into a wall.

"Well, that didn't work," Inuyasha grumbled, and rubbed his head where it smacked into the wall.

"We're stuck..." Kagome pouted and slid down the wall, taking a seat beside her fiancťe.

Inuyasha looked at her from the corner of his eye, "So what'd you do?"

Kagome looked at him, surprised, "Huh?"

"What'd you do to piss off the old man and get stuck with me?" Inuyasha clarified. "Must be a reason you're being forced to marry the half-breed freak from the Ice Kingdom."

"Grandfather says I'm too strong willed and unlady-like," Kagome answered. "It might have something to do with you being the sixth attempt at marrying me off. What about you?"

"I might have gotten into a bar fight. Or twelve," Inuyasha answered, looking down at his hands. Anticipating what Kagome was going to ask next, he continued, "I never start them. I just finish them."

"But that's a lot of fighting!" Kagome gasped.

"Keh, Ice Kingdom's got a lot of assholes. My mother was from the Sunshine Kingdom, so they hate that. She was also human, so I've got that working against me too," Inuyasha explained.

"I've always wanted to visit the Sunshine Kingdom," Kagome said wistfully, "I've heard it's beautiful."

"It is," Inuyasha replied sadly, remembering his summers of visiting his mother's homeland. Before she'd died.

"So..." Kagome looked slyly at Inuyasha, "tell me about your brawls."

Inuyasha laughed, 'This girl ain't so bad!' he thought. He'd been worried that his brother had married him off to a female Sesshoumaru.

"Well, there was this one asshole, Kouga-"

"From the Tundra Wolves?" Kagome interrupted.

"Keh, you know him?" Inuyasha asked.

"He was suitor number one," Kagome explained, "I think there must be pig somewhere in his family lineage."

"Well, he pissed me off a few days ago..." Inuyasha started to tell the tale of his latest victory at Hiten's bar.


A few hours later Sesshoumaru and King Higurashi decided the two (hopefully) lovebirds would be hungry and should be let out to have a nice dinner. They walked in on Inuyasha laughing uproariously as Kagome fell into his lap.

"How'd you keep him asleep long enough to shave that word?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome blushed and fiddled with the wolf tooth necklace Inuyasha gave her after regaling his tale of his fight with Kouga.

"I have a gentle touch," Kagome offered as an answer. "And I didn't shave the word into his head, I shaved the negative space around the word."

This just made Inuyasha laugh harder, until they noticed their kings staring down at them.

"Hey, the wardens are letting us out!" Kagome cheered, "Now I can take you to that pub I told you about! They have this onion thing..."

Inuyasha let himself be pulled up and out of the room passed the stunned monarchs.

"Smell ya later Sesshoumaru! Don't wait up!" Inuyasha called out.

"Well," King Higurashi said as they came to their senses, "that went really well. I just might get great-grandchildren yet!"

Sesshoumaru grinned, "Let's push up the wedding date. I don't want to wait to be an uncle."
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