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FOR NEO by ED Staff
Memories, Old and New

Kagome stood shivering, her gloved hands shoved deep into the pockets of her long, grey, wool peacoat. Her earmuffs fit securely over her ears, and her knit hood with kitty ears was pulled low over her forehead. The attached scarf was wrapped so tightly around her neck she thought she might choke, but she was not about to let the cold wind whip around her neck. Her dark blue, skinny jeans were tucked snuggly down into her dark brown Uggs, and her feet were shoved into thick, cotton socks. Occasionally she would jump up and down to get her blood flowing while she waited. One did not take chances when it came to keeping warm outside during the Japanese winter.

In her excitement she was 30 minutes early to their favorite coffee house and found herself standing outside on the street so Inuyasha wouldn’t miss her. It had been four years since Kagome had been back to this place. Before then it had been months, and years since the last time she had been here with Inuyasha. Eyes scanning the passing crowd for his face, she got lost in thought.

As kids their mothers, who had been college roommates, would get the families together a few times a year to visit and catch up. During the holidays they would meet up and go Christmas shopping together, dragging the two little ones along. The only thing that kept the mischievous duo moderately well behaved was the promise of coming to this coffee house for cake and hot chocolate. Their mothers would put Inuyasha and Kagome in a booth with their snacks and cocoa to eat and play while the women would sit at a table next to them and chat. October through the end of December had always been Kagome’s favorite time of year, and she loved all the chances she got to spend time with her friend.

It was harder to keep this tradition as Inuyasha and Kagome got older and younger kids came along. Then when the pair were old enough to meet up on their own they rarely found the time, both involved with friends and school activities. Suddenly they were going off to college, and there wasn’t any time during trips home. Throughout the years they had kept in touch over the phone, then email and Skype, but it wasn’t the same. They literally hadn’t spent any time together in years. Now they were both graduated and home, and they could pick up the tradition again. At least for now. Inuyasha was her oldest friend, the one who knew her best, and to say she was excited as she bounced around on the sidewalk outside the coffee house like a nut, trying to look at every face that walked by, was an understatement.

Inuyasha had changed his shirt three times before finally settling on a dark grey Henley to go with his dark jeans and tan Sperrys. He drug a brush through his long, silver hair, looked himself over one more time before saying, “Fuck it,” and heading toward the front door. Putting on his tan Carhart and zipping it up, he grabbed his flannel scarf and walked out. He was instantly blasted in the face with a gust of cold wind coming through the breezeway of his apartment building, which made him head back into the apartment, change his Sperrys for heavier hiking boots, put a sweater on over his Henley, and grab his gloves. Checking his watch he cursed, seeing he was going to be at least 10 minutes late. As if he wasn’t suffering enough anxiety, now he was going to be late and drag it out even longer.

As he huddled down into his coat and scarf, he walked the familiar route to their favorite coffee shop. Inuyasha couldn’t believe how long it had been since he had been here with Kagome. One minute they were kids, hanging out with their Moms while Christmas shopping and trying not to get caught acting up. He chuckled at how sneaky they had become. When their Moms weren’t looking they would braid shirtsleeves together, or tie different shoe laces together, making odd pairs. They would lick their fingers and touch magazine pages so they would stick together, and mix up crayons in their boxes. If their mothers had known he was sure they would have gotten smacked in the head, but instead they wouldn’t get caught and would end up at the coffee house in their own booth with cake and cocoa. Kagome was the best co-conspirator he ever had. No other kid ever came up with the devilishly harmless pranks she did, and he never had as much fun with anyone else.

Inuyasha had missed seeing her over the years. As they got older life had just gotten in the way and they saw each other less and less. Suddenly they were headed off to different colleges, and years had gone by before he realized how long it had really been since he’d seen her. But now they were both graduated, and back in their hometown. She went back home to her family shrine for a while, and he went right into a designing job that afforded him his own place. He was glad they had kept up over the years, and Skype had really been a Godsend. Being able to see her had made him not miss her so much, but he had still missed her. When he was a kid he didn’t appreciate the ease that came with being a kid and being around your friend. He was expected to hold her hand and look out for her when they were together, even though she was a few months older, and they would snuggle up for naps, her presence helping him sleep soundly. Now it would just be weird to grab her hand and ask to take a nap together. If he was in bed with a woman it was because other things had lead him there, but a nap was not one of them. He didn’t want to think about that now, though. He just wanted to get to the shop.

Rounding the street corner Inuyasha saw the ears before he saw the girl. Those crazy ears on top of Kagome’s hood made him laugh out loud. Nothing was like her anywhere on the planet and he was glad. She had had a thing for dress up when they were kids, but as she got older he realized something was loose in her noodle. Dress up became cosplay and she was going to conventions dressed as all kinds of people from manga and anime, and the costumes steadily got more revealing. Not trashy, but she showed more skin than he cared for. The electric blue and light grey knit hood with cat ears on top was perfectly her style. And when he got a look at her face he wasn’t surprised by the electric blue contacts he saw.

“Cheshire cat?” he asked, sneaking up on her.

“Inuyasha!” she squealed, throwing her arms around his neck. Laughing he caught her in a bear hug.

“Hey, Kagome. I see your wig matches your eyes.” He smiled at her fondly; glad she hadn’t changed a bit.

“Well, yeah! I can’t be Chesh and only do it halfway. You should be grateful I didn’t do the makeup, and went with something more subtle.” She let go of his neck to slip her arm through his and snuggle into his side. “Let’s go in, huh? I’ve been out in this cold so long my hair turned blue.” Both laughing Inuyasha opened the door for her, and Kagome slid inside.

Waiting in line Inuyasha looked around. “Can you believe it’s hardly changed a bit? I’m glad for that. At least something in this damn city isn’t changing at the speed of light.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kagome sighed. “People always comment about how the shrine is so old fashioned, but it’s a shrine! What is it supposed to be? It’s not like we’re going to level the place in favor of a western church. Dumb asses. We have wireless internet in the house, and do you know people complain that it’s locked, and they can’t use their smart phones while they are there? Dumb asses.”

“You said that already,” Inuyasha smirked at her.

“Yeah, and that doesn’t make it any less true.”

Reaching the counter they placed their order, Inuyasha insisting it was his treat, then moved aside to wait. A few minutes later they were handed their hot cocoa and slices of tiramisu, and headed toward their booth.

Settling in, Kagome remarked, “How many hours have we spent in these seats, watching the people walk by with our faces all chocolaty and our hands covered in icing?”

Laughing, Inuyasha replied, “The best ones,” and smiled.

The afternoon slipped by quickly and before they knew it twilight was falling over the city. The stores were turning on their Christmas light displays, making Kagome smile.

“Still your favorite, huh?” Inuyasha sipped his cocoa.

“Of course! It’s all so beautiful and twinkly and festive. Christmas is only days away and even though I’m 22 I still get the same excited anxiety I got when I was a kid. When I decorate the tree the garland still steals my breath away, and I’m still wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree as soon as it goes up. The wonderfulness of it all never changes for me. I can’t wait to find someone to share the holidays with, and have my own family. How great would it be to share all this with our children?” This statement made Inuyasha quirk a brow, which Kagome didn’t seem to notice. “Then Sango and I can set the same winter tradition our mothers did, and drag our children around during the holidays, making them sit in this booth with hot chocolate and cake while we chat it up. I love those memories of us.” Smiling brightly she brought her mug to her lips and sipped.

Inuyasha loved that smile, even if skewed by her Cheshire cat get up. It just made her more endearing. “We should probably get out of here. We’ve been dominating this booth for hours. You have anywhere you would like to go?”

“Can we walk around and look at the lights? Then I’ll quit bugging you and go home.” Kagome collected all her trash and slid out of the booth. Walking over to the can she threw it away, then came back, bundling herself back up. Following suit Inuyasha did the same, and they headed toward the door. Taking his arm again Kagome snuggled into his side and Inuyasha moved to put his arm around her.

“Better?” he asked as he held her close.

“Much,” she smiled up at him, wrapping her arm around his waist.

They strolled slowly through the area, window-shopping and looking at lights. As it got darker it got colder, and they got hungry. Deciding to stop at the first place that smelled good they found Sakura and went in.

Ordering a healthy dose of sushi, Inuyasha was amused to see Kagome order a bowl of udon. “Comfort food?” he asked, surprised.

“Mmm hmmm,” she replied, closing her eyes and breathing in the steam off her bowl. “Some food is as much for the body as it is for the soul. I don’t understand how you can be eating cold, raw fish as cold as it is outside.”

“I’m a man and a carnivore. It appeals to the beast in me.” Inuyasha winked at her before stuffing a spicy tuna roll into his mouth.

Kagome laughed. “Still the ravenous swine, I see. I’m glad some things haven’t changed.” Taking her spoon in hand she reached for the hard-boiled egg in her soup.

Remember she always started with the egg first, Inuyasha smiled and replied, “Yeah, me, too.”

Inuyasha again paid for their meal, much to Kagome’s chagrin. “You know, I do have money. Don’t feel like you have to pay for everything.”

He gave her an indignant look. “Hey, I’m the guy! My pride would be hurt if I let you pay for anything.”

“Well, it’s not like it’s a date or anything, Inuyasha,” came her curt reply.

Stopping he turned to face her and took her into his arms. “Isn’t it, Kagome?” He lowered his head slowly and kissed her gently on the lips

Kagome looked at his amber eyes closing as his face came toward hers. When she felt his lips kiss hers she closed her eyes and kissed back. This simple gesture would change everything between them and she was ok with that as she kissed him back.

Inuyasha hands brushed against Kagome’s cheeks and he held her to him, breathing her in. The kiss began to change as she sucked on his lower lip and he ran his tongue across her top one. One kiss turned into many smaller ones, each braver than the last.

Breaking apart they rested their foreheads together, eyes closed. “Want to go to my place,” he asked, eyes downcast.

“Is it nearby,” she asked, looking up into his eyes. Nodding he wrapped his arm back around her, and she snuggled back into his side as they strolled.

Once at his apartment he took her coat and hood, hanging it on a hook in the hallway. She took her gloves off and put them in her pockets. While she made her way into the living room he watched her straighten her cream cardigan down around her hips. The sheer femininity of such a simple gesture captured his attention. Looking over her shoulder she smiled at him, knocking him out of his trance. He hung his coat and scarf next to hers, and made for the kitchen.

“Make yourself comfortable and I’ll make us some tea,” he called. A few minutes later he joined her on the couch. She had made what looked like a nest with his throw covers and was bundled up, lights out and his blinds to his patio opened, watching the snowfall.

Taking her teacup she breathed in. “Mmm, jasmine. Is there anything here that I wouldn’t like?” she teased.

“Nope,” he answered, taking a sip of his tea. “I was hoping you would come by eventually, so I picked up a few things I knew you liked. Just in case.” He leaned forward to place his teacup on the coffee table, and Kagome saw her chance. The back of his jeans gapped open and she shoved her cold hand into his boxers, grabbing Inuyasha’s bare ass.

“HEY!” he squealed, jumping off the couch to face a hysterical Kagome. “So not funny. Do you know how cold your hands are?!”

“Indeed I do, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab such a great ass,” she replied, sipping her tea as if she hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.

“Alright,” he said, eyeing her suspiciously. “I see how this is going to go.” He sat down next to her and placed his hand around her shoulders and under her hair. Trying to make it seem as nonchalant as possible he ran his fingers over the back of her neck, caressing her.

“Mmmm,” she responded, tilting her head toward him and exposing more of her neck.

“You like?” he asked.

“Very much,” she replied. He saw that her eyes were closed and she was very much into what he was doing.

“Can’t have that,” he responded, and moved his hand away.

Kagome turned her head up to glare at him. “Jerk,” she said scathingly, and then went back to her tea.

Laughing, Inuyasha picked up his cup and took a sip. They sat in companionable silence as they watched the snow.

When the snow stopped falling Kagome stood from the couch, and collected up the teacups. Taking them to the kitchen she turned on the faucet to put water in them, then returned to the living room. Standing in front of Inuyasha she said, “I should really go. It’s late and Mamma will be worried.”

Looking up Inuyasha said, “Call her and tell her you’re here with me. I’ll return you tomorrow.”

Kagome looked down at him sitting on the couch. “Ok. I suppose you’re taking the couch?”

Laughing, Inuyasha said, “No.”

While Kagome was on the phone with her mother Inuyasha went to his bedroom and shut the door. He changed into a clean pair of pajama pants and t-shirt, and got out a festively wrapped box, sitting it on the bed. He stepped out of his room just as Kagome was hanging up the phone.

“Everything’s fine. She said as long as I’m with you to come back whenever. Cute jammies.” Kagome gestured to the polar bear covered polar fleece pants he had on.

“Hey thanks. I have something for you. Come on,” he took her hand and led her toward the bedroom.

“Oh, wow, subtle, Inuyasha,” she laughed, rolling her eyes.

“Totally not what I meant, but it could be…” he waggled his eyebrows at her suggestively. Leading her into the bedroom he motioned toward the present on the bed. “Open it.”

Excited, Kagome pounce on the bed and ripped the box apart. “Oh my goodness, they’re FABULOUS!” She held in her hand a pajama set with the Cheshire cat printed all over them in various forms and expressions. “Where did you get them?”

“ I had to order them back at Halloween time to be sure I had them for tonight.”

Putting the pajamas in her lap she look at him. “So, you’ve been planning this?”

“Sorta. Yeah. Maybe.” Inuyasha looked at her, grinning.

“Well, ok, then, let’s get this show on the road! Get out so I can change, then we can start this sleep over. Go make some popcorn.” She sprung off the bed and pushed him through the doorway, slamming his own door in his face. He stood in the hallway grinning.

Several minutes later Kagome opened the bedroom door and popped her head out. “Hey! I don’t smell any popcorn!” she called down the hallway.

“Because popcorn isn’t part of my plan to seduce you,” came Inuyasha’s cocky reply.

“Who said anything about seduction? And in those pants? I don’t think so,” Kagome feigned to slam the door again but Inuyasha caught it and pushed his way through. Kagome screeched and ran for the bed, standing in the middle of it. Not to be outdone, Inuyasha jumped on the bed, wrapped his arms around her, and body slammed her to the mattress.

“Hey! I’m a girl!” Kagome yelled through her laughter.

“Yeah, I know,” Inuyasha smirked down at her, capturing her lips again. The kiss quickly caught fire and the couple were virtually wrapping themselves around each other.

Inuyasha undressed Kagome slowly, savoring the taste of her skin like fine wine where as Kagome couldn’t touch all of him enough, her hands working quickly to remove his cloths so she could rub her skin against his.

Whispering in his ear, Kagome requested, “Please tell me you have a condom.”

Inuyasha relinquished his hold on her, and reached for his nightstand. Opening the drawer he pulled out a silver square, pulled it open with his teeth, and withdrew the slimy prophylactic. Kneeling between Kagome’s legs he unrolled the condom over himself, and settled back over her body.

Kagome wrapped her hand around him and guided him into her, sighing in relief as he slid in. At first he was gentle, not wanting to hurt her her first time, and she appreciated the thought but she had experienced enough self-pleasure that it wasn’t necessary. Hearing her whisper in his ear, “Please,” was his encouragement, and he increased his pace.

Wrapping his arms around her he rolled them over and whispered to her, “Ride me.” Staying chest to chest she tried out the new position before she gained confidence and sat up. His hands on her hips he guided her pace while he pushed up into her. Feeling her lower stomach begin to tighten she leaned forward and put her hands on the wall above his head while he leaned up and took one of her hard, luscious nipples into his mouth. Feeling the build up Kagome quickened her pace. For a split second she felt nothing before all her nerves flew into overdrive and she flung her head back, moaning loudly as she rode him out.

Feeling Kagome tighten around him Inuyasha drove into her until he felt himself get harder, then release as deep into her as he could. Reaching between them he held the base of the condom while Kagome eased off of him ad sat on the bed to his side. Grabbing a tissue he wrapped the condom in it and dropped it into the trashcan by his bed then used a second to clean himself up and threw it out. Turning to her, he opened his arms, and Kagome repositioned herself over him. She leaned forward and rested her head on his chest. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

“Mmm,” she groaned, nuzzling under his chin.

“It’s better with a partner, I think.” He poked Kagome in the side with his finger.

She twitched, then giggled, but didn’t relinquish her spot. “What do you mean, you think? You don’t know, lady’s man?”

“Not until now,” he confessed. This made Kagome raise her head and look at him.

“I thought you were all about some chicks while you were in college.”

“I was, but I was never willing to cross the line.” He chuckled to himself.

“Yeah, me, too.” Kagome settled back down on Inuyasha’s chest and closed her eyes again.

“But you slept with me,” Inuyasha half asked, half stated.

“And you slept with me,” Kagome smiled.

Inuyasha laughed. “Yeah, I guess we did.” Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled the covers over them. They slept through the night wrapped around each other, spending the first of many Christmases together in just the same way.
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