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On the 12th day of Christmas

My true love gave to me

“What is this?”

InuYasha was confused. The hut was covered in weird lights and his mate had even managed to bring and fit a small pine tree into the center of their small home. How was that even possible? It too was decorated in odd lights and round objects. She even hung red socks up by the fire pit.


He could smell her. She had been home recently. A quick sniff took him back outside. What was his mate thinking? It was freezing outside!

“What the fuck?”

A bra. Her bra was just lying on the ground in front of the hut. A few steps in front of the bra had her underwear. A red thong. InuYasha growled and hoped that he found his mate soon. He had been with Miroku in another village taking care of a demon that was terrorizing them, and it had taken a whole week. A week was altogether way too long to not be with her, inside her, lying on top of her..... Sighing, he picked up his pace. The path of clothing took him through the forest, past the Goshinboku, and back to the hut. 12 clothing items in all.

12 clothing items

As the hut came into view, InuYasha noticed black smoke filtering out of the front door. Excited, he bounded into the door, not realizing that the smoke obscured his sense of smell.


A sharp jolt to his entire body and InuYasha’s vision turned black.

Groaning, InuYasha first opened his eyes. He was inside his hut, in the bedroom. A quick sniff and he finally noticed that his sense of smell wasn’t quite right. Growling, he went to move and a shock to his wrists and ankles told him he was tied up. On top of the bed. Spread eagle. Naked.

Red seeped into his eyes and a dangerous growl began from deep inside his chest.


The growl stopped and his eyes turned back to his gold as the sound of his mate’s voice filled his ears.

“Kagome? Where are yo-.....”

Kagome stepped into his field of vision and InuYasha choked on his words. She was wearing a red strapless dress with white fur caressing the top of her breasts, that were practically falling out of the top, and along the bottom, barely covering the junction between her legs. Black thigh high boots and a red triangular had with the same white fur in a ball on top and along the bottom completed her outfit.

“Surprise mate.”

Slowly, she approached InuYasha, swinging her hips side to side and bouncing her chest as much as she could in her scandalous clothing. She ran a finger along all 11 knots holding InuYasha to their bed.

“I knew you would be eager to take me, and believe me, I’m eager too. But good things come to those who wait. So I had to slow you down somehow my love. Knots seemed to be a good idea. Add a little of miko energy to them and you’re all mine. At least for now.”

11 naughty knots

Kagome grabbed her yellow backpack and took out 10 bottles. Lining them all in a row, InuYasha was flooded with scents and smells, some that he recognized, others were new. Tilting his head and flattening his ears, he was for the first time, uncertain about what his mate was about to do to him.

As if sensing his thoughts, Kagome leaned forward and rested her hand on his cheek.

“Do you trust me?”

InuYasha’s insecurity deflated and the tension in his muscles immediately left him. He met his mate’s eyes and saw the love staring back at him. He nodded his head in consent, letting his mate do whatever she wanted.


She grabbed each bottle, one by one, and drizzled a little onto her lover's body in various locations. Across his nipples, down his chest, on each of his testicles and of course along his rapidly hardening length.

“You’ve always been delicious. Add a little chocolate here, a little cherry there, raspberry over here....With all 10 of these flavors.....I just want to devour you.”

10 tasty flavors

A smirk was all InuYasha saw before she lowered her face and began the slow task of licking off everything from his body. InuYasha valiantly tried to keep his head up and his eyes open to watch his amazing mate, but the feelings were too much and his lids slowly closed. His head finally fell back with a hard thump to rest on the bed while his mate paid special attention to his hardened dick, pulling him as far into her throat as she could and humming.

InuYasha only hoped she was going to stop soon.

“Ka-......Kagome......Stop. Please.”

He didn’t want to get one before her but fuck. He was getting there. Not to mention he was tied up. InuYasha tried to squirm and press his hips into her welcoming mouth more only to be met by the answering jolt from the enhanced knots. And damn if it didn’t make him even harder.

Giggling, Kagome stood and walked backwards away from her whining mate. Yes whining. He may have asked her to stop but why was she walking away!?

“I’m not leaving you. I was working on something while you were gone. All I want you to watch.

And watch he did. InuYasha was mesmerized. She danced. Spinning and twirling, InuYasha moaned loudly at the sight of his mate moving her hips like she was. Her hands were running over her body, touching everything that he craved to do.

9 teasing moves

InuYasha’s eyes bulged when she removed her hat. Her hands slowly ran over each button that was barely holding in her bulging chest. Inch by inch, she slowly began to reveal her skin to his eager eyes.

She really wanted to speed this up, but she worked so hard to perfect her moves. She did move a little faster though. Her practices took her at least 15 minutes to completely remove everything. This was going to be much quicker than that.

8 minute strip

Once she was completely naked, she skipped over to her bag once more and removed a book.

“I have one more gift for you InuYasha.”

Curious, InuYasha watched as his mate walked over and straddled his chest. He could feel the wetness seeping out of her core and the heat she was giving off. He twitched and moaned loudly. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

“I thought you might want to try something new. And then I saw this book and I knew it was perfect.”

Kagome slid her body down, pressing her breasts into InuYasha’s chest and her hot core right above his hard dick. A slight rock would put him inside and he tried desperately to ignore the rope and burns from the miko energy in an effort to get that extra inch.

She flipped to a random page, made a noise in the back of her throat and turned the book around to show her mate. InuYasha’s eyes widened and his jaw fell wide open. It was a sex book that showed a couple in a very detailed position. Even step by step instructions were given on each page.

A snarl filled the hut and Kagome found herself on her back with a highly aroused hanyou turned full youkai between her legs.

7 second freedom

Kagome was stunned. He wasn’t supposed to break free! She gathered her energy and prepared to shock her mate one more time. She wasn’t done playing with him yet. Her plans were quickly put to a stop when InuYasha released his youkai, quickly smothering her rising powers.

InuYasha quickly reached over to the book, searching until he found one he liked. A smile split his face and he roughly maneuvered his mate to the proper position.

“I believe this is called ‘The Plough’.” And he proceeded to plow into his mate as hard and fast as he could.

6 new positions

Kagome moaned, mewled, screamed and groaned as her mate continued to move her around. His movements changed from rough and desperate to slow and loving. She was pretty convinced he was trying to compose a symphony. He was doing a damn good job too.

InuYasha was in heaven. Lying with his mate was never boring. But this book she got him gave him ideas. Fantastic ideas. And he was loving how the new positions made his mate sing for him. Her voice always seemed to soothe him, but her new sounds only served to make him want to never leave her again. And to never allow her to dress and leave the bed.

5 brand new sounds

The couple was quickly losing track of time. Minutes turned to hours while the couple rolled around their small hut. Some of the time was spent against a wall. Some was spent sprawled across a floor or making love in bed. Being a hanyou certainly helped when you can get multiple orgasms. He could go all night.

4 screaming hours

InuYasha groaned as his latest orgasm washed over him and he released into his mate. She was exhausted and he could tell. He rolled his mate over so they were spooning and he was able to stay embedded inside her core. Wrapping his arms around her, he threw a leg over the two of hers and pressed his nose into her hair, taking a deep breath of her scent saturated with his own.

Kagome pressed her body deeper into his embrace and looked at her mate over her shoulder.. “Did you miss me?”

Snorting, InuYasha rolled his eyes. “What do you think wench?”

“I love you.”

3 short words

InuYasha smiled and tightened his arms.

“I love you too Kagome.”

Three weeks later, Kagome left Kaede’s hut with a bright smile. She was pretty sure she knew what was going on but having it confirmed meant a great deal. Directing her feet towards the Goshinboku, she wasn’t surprised to find her mate resting on a branch.

Before she could even open her mouth, her mate dropped down and landed in front of her.

“Well? What did Kaede have to say?”

Kagome’s finger pressed into her mouth and her eyes went to the sky. She wasn’t sure how to explain this.

“Ah...hmmm. Okay. InuYasha. I’m 2 weeks late.”

2 weeks late

Cocking his head to the side, InuYasha waited for her to elaborate. She looked excited. But when it was clear that he wasn’t reacting like she thought he would, her face slowly fell and her shoulders drooped.

Kagome sighed and shook her head. She should have known better than to beat around the bush.

“I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a dad.”

She squealed when she found herself in a tight hug. Her mate lifted her by her hips and spun her around, laughing the entire time.

A dad! He never thought he’d be a dad. But thanks to the wonderful, beautiful, amazing woman in his arms, all of his dreams were coming true. What would he do without her?

He finally stopped spinning her and kissed her with all the passion and excitement that he could. When he pulled back and allowed them to breathe, words escaped him. All he could do was stare at his mate and smile widely.

Kagome smiled back at him and knew he was more than a little bit excited.

“Merry Christmas, my love.”

And one truly awesome really big surprise.
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