Finding Us by Patty530
Summary: Written for a the LJ prompt "Soul" and based loosely on the book "Finding Laura" by Kay Hooper
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I don't own or make money off of Inuyasha. He belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

1. Chapter 1 by Patty530

Chapter 1 by Patty530
Author's Notes:
A love so strong, so perfect not even death could destroy it.

Inuyasha, Kagome and a smidge of Miroku, Sango and Ayame.
Inuyasha settled more comfortably into the park bench. Raising his face to the sun, he closed his eyes in contentment, enjoying the quiet.

All to soon his peace was shattered by a shrill female voice. Nearly growling at the sound he grimaced as he opened his eyes to see three women settle on a bench near him.

Unashamedly eavesdropping, he realized that the shrill voiced woman was criticizing her friend for not accepting a date with some guy. Apparently, her friend thought her odd for not wanting to date.

On and on that voice went. Inuyasha just shook his head. He wanted to shout, “Leave her alone.” But he couldn’t. He felt sorry for the woman sitting quietly with her head down. He knew how she felt. His friends harassed him with the same questions and arguments. His perceived lack of interest in women was something his friends felt needed fixing. He had reasons he didn’t date. He was waiting on one special woman. He was waiting for her.

He grinned as the silent girl suddenly jumped to her feet, fire in her eyes and anger on her face she said something that effectively shut the chattering woman up. Whatever she said he didn’t catch, he was no longer paying attention. His gaze caught by the fire in her eyes. There was something familiar about that look. As she raised her face to the sun, he felt his heart clench, his eyes totally focused on the unknown woman in front of him. He stood quickly, breath catching, hands trembling. It was her.

Slowly, the young woman turned to face him. Her eyes mirrored her thoughts, the emotions changing so rapidly it was hard to keep up. Her eyes becoming glazed, he let a prayer slide through his thoughts. “Please let her remember me.”

As the emotions swirling in her eyes calmed, she smiled, took a few steps toward him and he knew his prayers had been answered.


Kagome had listened to all she could about her lack of a love life. Her friends could never understand. She knew, knew with an absolute certainty that there was a man, a special man, made just for her out there somewhere. She would wait.

Jumping to her feet, she turned to Ayame and with quiet anger said, “That’s enough”.
Raising her face to the sun to control her temper she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. Turning, her gaze collided with the most intense amber eyes she had ever seen. The handsome man in front of her, stood as if made of stone, only the fine tremor in his hands, barely noticeable, spoke of life. Studying the man, she felt her heart begin to pound, breath catching in her throat, as if a veil was lifting from her mind, she saw, she remembered, ancient places, long forgotten places, villages, castles.

She knew that this was the man she had been waiting for. She did not know his name or recognize this face but she and this man had spent lifetimes together.

Her emotions calm, love shining in her eyes, she smiled. Watching a look of relief cross his handsome face, she stepped forward raising her hand towards him.

“Kagome”! Her friends gasped in unison.

Stepping up to her he took her hand in his. “Kagome” he said huskily “what a beautiful name.”

Raising her other hand to cup his face she let her thumb caress his cheek, asking “and what is your name this time”?

Lifting a finger to gently stroke her lips he answered with a grin, “Inuyasha”.

Pulling her closer he dipped his head to just touch his lips to hers. It was subtlety different yet deliciously familiar.

A tingle swept through them both. This was not loves first kiss; this was a reconnection, a reaffirmation.

Arms around each other they walked away, leaving her friends gasping after them.
Just when they thought nothing could get weirder, a dark haired man with laughing violet eyes stepped up to the bench saying, “Ah. I see he finally found her again.”

Seeing the confusion on the two faces turned to him, he apologized. “Sorry. My name is Miroku and I’m a friend of his.” Pointing to the couple, now completely lost in each other.

“What do you mean again”? Ayame asked suspiciously.

“What do you think I mean? Miroku arched a brow. “And may I know the names of the two lovely women I have the pleasure of talking to?”

“Ayame” said the suspicious one. “Sango.” Said the quiet one, eyes lowered demurely.

Stroking his chin thoughtfully, Miroku studied the women in front of him.

“You don’t believe in soul mates?” Ayame narrowed her eyes, but Sango blushed.
“You don’t believe in a love so perfect, so pure that not even death can break the bond?”

Ayame vehemently shook her head but Miroku had his eyes locked onto Sango.

Glancing at Ayame all Miroku could say was “That’s a pity.” Looking back at the blushing woman in front of him he said, “Sango was it?” At her nod he held out his arm so she could take it,” will you let me buy you a coffee?”
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