Come On Already by Terrygurl
Summary: A little something I came up with while I was at the library, I hope you like It!!!!!
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1. Chapter 1 by Terrygurl

2. Chapter 2 Yay Inu has a brilliant plan! by Terrygurl

Chapter 1 by Terrygurl
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  Kagome sat st the well house for at least twenty minutes, waiting on him. Him being her annoying best friend/love intrest/source of all annoyance. She waited and waited for him to come to get her, knowing full and well that he wouldn't be coming. Kikyo, her loves former intrest was in the area, in the feudal era of course, and Kagome knew that Inuyasha had only told her to go home to see that zombie of a person. Kagome stood and looked down the ancient well; all of her anger towards Kikyo becoming evident with each passing moment. Kagome reared back and yelled at the well as if it was the sourse of all her pain.

"Inuyasha, why can't you see, you idiot, that every time you send me back here, I waste more time thinking about you than I do studying!" Kagome stopped.

"So come on already." Kagome whispered as she sat. With that, the well lit up blue and Inuyasha sprung from it.

"Feh, Kagome You really shouldn't yell, secrets might be heard." Kagome jumped back, and in an embarrassed stupor, she feinted. Fin

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Chapter 2 Yay Inu has a brilliant plan! by Terrygurl
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As soon as Kagome registered what had just happened, she still couldn't believe it. Her head swam and she became lightheaded. "I-inuyasha? ...crap" kagome managed to whisper before the poor girl fainted. Inuyasha, who had been at the bottom of the well the whole time, just smirked as he caught the little miko before her head hit the stairs behind her. Picking her up bridal style he made his way to her bedroom window. as he was going, inuyasha got a brilliant idea, if Kagome can't do her work because she's thinking of him, he'll have to help her study, right?! With his newfound resolve in place, inuyasha was off and in two bounds was in her room. The poor boy was too excited about his perfect plan, that he failed to notice that his passenger had awaken. When Kagome awoke, she couldn't believe her eyes, all she could do was pray to Kami that this was all just a horrible nightmare... Too bad for her, I'm not feeling that generous. BWAHAHAHAHA!! Fin.
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