Licked by Wannabe
Summary: Inuyasha succumbs to a natural urge. (Cute humor.)
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1. Chapter 1 by Wannabe

Chapter 1 by Wannabe
Author's Notes:
Just as I said in my fable, I am moving my IXK short-stories off of my FF.N account to here. Enjoy this cute myth. :)

He couldn’t resist—the urge was just too great. He opened his mouth despite his mind’s protest, his tongue reaching out timidly for the final touch.

It brushed against her cheek, leaving a big, sloppy trail.

She eyed him strangely. “Inuyasha, did you just lick me?” Kagome asked skeptically.

Ah, yes, Inuyasha truly was a dog...

End Notes:
Kawaii desu ne? X33 Quick, easy read. Comments appreciated.
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