Three Times I Love You by MomoDesu
Summary: Inuyasha and the gang go on another sake fetching mission for Mushin and Inuyasha isn't prepared for - three Kagomes?
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1. Three Time I Love You by MomoDesu

Three Time I Love You by MomoDesu
Author's Notes:
A little ditty written for Inu Hanyou Nikkie after a discussion in the ED forums.
"I'm not gonna do it, and you can't make me!" Inuyasha crossed his arms and stared his companions down. "I know what happens there!"

Kagome stared right back at him. "Master Mushin doesn't ask for much, Inuyasha. The least we can do is go get his special spirits."

The hanyou shook his head. "No way!"

Kagome stomped her foot. "It's his birthday!"


"That's the best you can come up with?"

Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and Kirara sat on the sidelines, their gazes moving back and forth between the two, their heads shifting with every verbal attack like they were watching the ball at a tennis match.

"Do I hafta remind you of what happened last time?"

"So we all got a little drunk..." Kagome's voice carried off, "but we made Master Mushin very happy!"

Both Inuyasha and Kagome looked up when they realized they were alone.

"Where do ya think you're goin'?" he shouted after their traveling companions.

Miroku just looked over his shoulder. "We're leaving the children at home while we complete our task," he said, waving them off.

Kagome darted after them. Inuyasha soon followed. "Hey! Wait for me!"

The six of them walked the familiar path to the mountain where they could get the special youkai made sake for the aging monk. The path hadn't changed much, nor had that mysterious 'fog' that enveloped them.

Inuyasha began to feel warm. Very warm. He looked to his companions. Kirara seemed to be affected the worst; she was curled up on Sango's shoulder purring peacefully. Shippou had been the smart one, a damp rag draped over his face. Miroku and Sango followed suit, wrapping damp pieces of fabric over their nose and mouth.

He looked to Kagome. Something wasn't right! There were three Kagomes in front of him, all three with starry eyed expressions. "Inuyasha?" they all asked at once. "Are you alright?"

The warm feeling was intensifying, as was the urge to say whatever came to mind. He smiled stupidly. "You're pretty, Kagome. All three of ya!"

The three Kagomes blushed prettily and reached out to touch his face, though for some strange reason he only felt one hand. "I'm going to get him out of here, alright?" the Kagomes said.

He looked in the direction that she spoke in. The three Mirokus, Sangos, and Shippous standing there nodded.

"Whatever you feel is best, Lady Kagome," the three Mirokus said.

The three Sangos nodded in agreement. "We'll take care of this!"

Inuyasha felt himself being led away by the hand, the three Kagomes leading him toward the wood at the base of the mountain. "Ya know, Kagome, when all of this is over, I'm gonna marry ya. All three of ya."

The Kagomes giggled. "After a nice nap you will forget about all of this."

He shook his head, almost violently. "No I won't!"

"Just a little further," the Kagomes said. A clearing finally came into view. "A nice nap and you will feel one hundred percent better."

Inuyasha allowed himself to be tugged into the clearing and helped to the ground. He took one of the three tiny pillows being offered to him. "Thanks Kagome number two. You're the one in the middle!" he declared, giggling. "Kagome one and Kagome three hasn't helped much. Maybe I don't wanna marry one and three..." He rolled over onto his stomach and yawned into the pillow. "But I love ya, Kagome. Al three of ya. You're just too adora..."

His eyes slowly closed while all three Kagomes watching over him with a worried expression in their eyes.

When he awoke it was dark. A small fire was going and the smell of ramen filled the air. He peeked around the makeshift camp. There was only one copy of everyone, so he assumed the worst was over. Shippou was happily eating while Miroku and Sango talked amongst themselves. Kagome came into his line of vision.

"Feeling better, Inuyasha?" she asked, smiling at him. In her hand was a bottle of water, which he happily accepted after he sat up.

"Much," he replied. He drank the water greedily. His mouth was so dry! "Thanks for getting me out of there." He blushed and looked down, embarrassed at his actions.

"It's what friends do!" she replied brightly. "How many times have you had to save me?"

He quickly finished the water and handed the bottle back to her. "Too many." He gladly did it, but coming so close to losing her so many times was a serious breach of his comfort zone.

After a quick dinner, Inuyasha stood. "Let's get this stuff back to Mushin. I actually want to sleep in a bed tonight."

They quickly packed up the camp and put the fire out and were soon back on the path back to Mushin, special delivery being carefully held by Miroku. Inuyasha made sure to stick close to Kagome, their pace slow. She looked down, and he had a good idea why. It wasn't like Kagome to look so sullen.

He slowed his pace even more, waiting for the monk and the slayer to move out of ear shot. "Hey, Kagome!" he called to her.

She slowed her pace to match his. "Yeah?"

Her visible discomfort and sadness were apparent now that he was able to get a good look at her.

"I do love you, ya know," he said, smiling. Kagome's face brightened and Inuyasha felt his chest tighten. "All three of ya!"

He crouched down in front of her, his back to her. "Now come on. Let's go home."
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