Good Morning by kmoaton

This takes place five years after Kagome's return. Inuyasha reflects on the perfection ofhis life in the early morning hours.

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1. Chapter 1 by kmoaton

Chapter 1 by kmoaton
Author's Notes:
This was written for the 2nd Anniversary Contest here at Eternal Destiny.  Happy Anniversary!

Inuyasha watched as the early morning sunshine played across his sleeping love’s face.  Even though it had been five years, his heart still swelled with love at the sight of the woman who had set his soul free.  Mornings were his favorite time of the day.  Before things got to hectic, before the children and the villagers interfered with demands, Inuyasha could take in this quiet time to just be in awe of Kagome.


Time had done nothing to diminish the love and passion between the couple.  Even after the birth of their children, in Inuyasha’s eyes, Kagome was the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world.  She was HIS world.  Moving a stray raven lock from her face, Inuyasha couldn’t resist placing a gentle kiss on her lips.  In response, a still sleeping Kagome snuggled closer and returned the kiss. 


Resisting the urge momentarily to pursue the kiss further, Inuyasha moved his hand through the fold of Kagome’s yukata and stroked the satiny skin of her barely swollen belly.  He wondered would this be the little girl they both desired.  He had held out hope that he would one day have a family.  Kagome had given him not one but two beautiful sons.  Now a third little one was on the way and Inuyasha was surrounded by the unconditional love he had always longed for and had never known before Kagome.


Listening to Kagome’s quiet breathing, Inuyasha began to reflect on their lives.  From the day they met, Kagome and Inuyasha’s lives had been an adventure.  Even after Naraku’s defeat, the adventure continued with separation, being reunited, marriage and family.  Inuyasha was content, waking beside her every morning, watching the sunlight dance across her face.


Kagome lay drowsing in the early morning.  She could feel the gentle touch of Inuyasha’s calloused hand on her gently swollen belly.  As she drifted in and out of sleep, Kagome thanked the kamis for allowing her to return to him.  True, she missed her family but she couldn’t imagine a life with Inuyasha by her side.


The last five years had been the happiest she had known.  They lived in the hut built by Inuyasha in a clearing near the well.  Her proudest accomplishment was giving Inuyasha the family he never really had.  Her heart always swelled with joy whenever she watched him and the boys wrestle in the clearing.   Keitaro and Eiji followed Inuyasha around like shadows, mimicking his every move.  Inuyasha acted in his usual gruff manner and tried to be manly with them but Kagome knew he doted on his boys.  Kagome couldn’t imagine a better life than the one she had now: raising her family, training with Kaede and loving her husband. Now, they were bringing another new life into their world.  Kagome wanted it to be a girl but she would be happy if they were blessed with another healthy child.   The love she shared with Inuyasha was evident in the creation of their children


 She was complete.


Kagome stretched and open her eyes.  She was used to waking up staring into golden eyes only outdone by the sun.  Smiling, she wrapped her arms around Inuyasha and pulled him closer for a better kiss.  The kiss was impassioned and full of the desire Kagome still held for her husband.  She felt his hand roaming lower but before he could reach his destination…




The cry of Keitaro, the oldest son, interrupted the quiet morning.  Kagome had to smile as Inuyasha growled in her ear.


“Good morning.”


Kagome kissed his cheek.

 “Good morning, Love.”
End Notes:

Name meanings:  Keitaro - Blessing    Eiji - Excellent second son

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