Anniversary by bluezinthos
Summary: A little drabble (i know, i don't need to write one and i can. i have to write one and it ends up thousands of words) inspired by ED's anniversary and all the work that was done for us "lovlies"!
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I do not own or make monies from Inuyasha or any characters therein. Inuyasha is owned by Rumiko takahashi and Viz media.

1. Anniversary by bluezinthos

Anniversary by bluezinthos



Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Kagome. Those characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and VIZ media. Who took long enough to give us our happy ending.


For Eternal Destiny’s anniversary. Though technically it should have been a cotton anniversary.



Kagome paused in the doorway and almost walked back outside to see if she was in the right hut.


Gone was the folded pile of laundry on the futon (abandoned when one of the women in the village went into labor early that morning). Instead the bed was laid out and covered in a beautiful patchwork blanket that appeared to be made from scraps of silk. Littering the floor were dozens of intricate origami flowers. Something rich, smelling of poultry, simmered on the cooking fire and fat beeswax candles filled the air with scent.


And there was her husband, her hanyou, her Inuyasha setting plates on two bamboo trays. His silver hair glinted with golden light from the fire and candles, his puppy ears twitching madly, and his lean upper body bared for her pleasure.




She knew he was aware of her. He probably heard her as she rounded the bend to their home, but he looked up with surprise in his amber eyes.


“Welcome home, Koibito.”


She decided to tackle the strangest thing first.


“What happened to your shirt?”


He rose and took her basket of herbs from her, leading her to the pillows by the fire.


“Keh, the soup boiled over. I wasn’t watching it and I got it all over me,” he replied with red cheeks.


Curious, since her hanyou rarely cooked, Kagome lifted the iron lid and peered inside. A smile lit her face and she tackled her husband with a chuckle.


“You made me homemade ramen? This is why you’ve been driving Kaede insane for the past week?”




“What’s the occasion?”


Holding her at arms length, sun-bright eyes glowing, Inuyasha turned serious.


“It’s after midnight, Kagome. It’s been one year since we’ve been married.”


She gasped. “Our anniversary!”


Brushing her lips with his, he crushed his miko to his chest. “I know you’ve talked about what couples did to celebrate in the future. Dinners, the moving pictures, flowers. I wanted to give you something of that since you’ve given me so much.”


Tears glittered on her lashes as she returned his kiss with fervor.


“You are the greatest gift I could ask for, Inuyasha. Never forget that.” She glanced at the soup kettle. “Do you think you can wait for the ramen?”


Inuyasha grinned as he scooped Kagome into his arms.


“Right now there’s something I want even more than ramen, wench.”



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