That Jewel, That Well, That Hanyou by MomoDesu
Summary: Kagome was thankful for the life she had today, a life she wouldn't have had if it weren't for that jewel, that well, and that hanyou.
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Inuyasha and all related characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi. I am not making any money off of this.

1. That Jewel, That Well, And That Hanyou by MomoDesu

That Jewel, That Well, And That Hanyou by MomoDesu
Author's Notes:
Written for ED's "Let Forever Begin" challenge. I'm still amazed that I placed. Like woah. Thank you very much!

Tokyo, Japan; 1999
"Number one, not bad 'eh Kagome?"
Kagome Higurashi leaned into her husband's side as they lay in bed and looked over the 'best sellers' list in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. "Not bad?" she replied. "Inuyasha, do you have any idea what this means?"
His amber eyes twinkled as he smirked. "It means we don't have to live in this crappy apartment anymore." He gestured up at the fading wallpaper and the rusted flower baskets hanging on the window.
She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "We're going to be rich if the later volumes keep this up."
Inuyasha laughed and threw the paper aside, tackling her into the mattress.
Contrary to the popular belief of their readers and their own ideas of how the series would end, the well didn't close after the final battle with Naraku. With the help of Shippou's artistry, and her own talent for story telling (which Grandpa swore came from him), she and Inuyasha had managed to turn their tale of adventure, sacrifice, and love into a manga and anime sensation that quickly swept through Asia like wildfire, and was currently making a sensation over in the United States. It wasn't entirely expected; she had wanted to preserve the tale after encouragement from her mother. The idea of getting all of their friends involved had come from Shippou. So, with the help of all of their friends on the other side of the well, the story of Inuyasha and their tales of shard hunting was spun and delivered as a fantasy to the unsuspecting people of the modern era.
Kagome snuggled into Inuyasha's side. The battle had been terrible; she had almost lost Inuyasha forever thanks to Naraku's trickery. When it came right down to it, the battle itself was rather lackluster. They had all assumed it would end in some massive showdown instead of it being more of a personal battle. She made a note to talk to Inuyasha about that, adding more of the fantasy and adventure element to the ending of the series when they finally got there. It needed a touch more zing, something that would truly satisfy the readers.
Their peaceful respite was shattered by a small body bounding into the room and jumping into the sheets with them.
Inuyasha's rich laughter filled the room as their daughter rooted her way in between her parents, snuggling into Inuyasha's side where Kagome had been before. "Daddy!" she shrieked, making Inuyasha flatten his ears back to his head.
Inuyasha buried his nose in his little one's hair. "Morning, Droplet."
Finally they had the familial bliss that he had always wanted. After a few years of trying and failing to have their own child, Inuyasha finally broke down and they adopted the sweet little girl that had made her way into their bed that peaceful Sunday morning.
The four year old turned to her mother. "What's for breakfast?"
Kagome rolled her eyes. Biological child or not, she was definitely Inuyasha's daughter without a doubt. She always seemed to be thinking with her stomach.
"Hrm..." Kagome scratched her chin in mock contemplation. Iza always wanted the same thing, but had turned breakfast into a guessing game. Mama was silly when they played their game.
"Miso?" Inuyasha said, still reading the paper.
Iza shook her head. "Nope!"
"Chicken?" Kagome asked, still scratching her chin like she was thinking.

"Chicken isn't for breakfast, Mama!" the little girl said, giggling.


Head shaking negative.


Iza launched herself from Inuyasha's side into Kagome's arms. "Right, Mama!"

Kagome planted a kiss on Iza's forehead, then leaned over to give her husband a more lingering kiss on the lips before getting out of bed to make her family breakfast, her daughter bouncing along on her heels.

Making breakfast was a bit of a chore with a hungry four year old bouncing everywhere, but Kagome managed. Just as she finished stirring the batter for the waffles, the phone rang. She set the bowl aside and picked up the cordless phone receiver that sat on the counter. "Hello?"

"Oh my gods, sis!"

Kagome held the phone away from her ear. "Woah, Souta! Are you trying to make me go prematurely deaf?"

"Did you see the paper yet?"

"You read the paper?"

She held the phone away from her head as her brother gave her his own version of a lecture, returning it only when she was positive he was done.

"I totally did not expect it to be such a hit!"

Kagome returned her attentions to the waffle batter that was in danger of being cooked by a four year old. "You're telling me! It means Inuyasha and I can actually start achieving some of the familial bliss we dreamed about."

"Don't tell me? Iza making perfect grades, you keeping house, and him having as much ramen as he wants to eat?"

"And a sports car. Can't forget the sports car."

The batter sizzled the moment it hit the hot waffle iron. Hearing the hissing, Iza squealed in the background. "Is that waffles I hear?"

Even though he couldn't see her, Kagome shook her head rapidly. "Nope. Not waffles." She didn't want to have to make breakfast for eight; she and Iza would eat one serving while her hanyou husband and her bottomless pit brother would eat enough for six people. "See you tonight at Mama's for dinner." Before he could reply, Kagome ended the call.

Waffles cooked quick, so Kagome had breakfast on the table in record time. As she was setting the table Inuyasha came into the kitchen, if their daughter's shrill shriek said anything.

He flattened his ears and dashed after her, mock growling and chasing her around the kitchen. "The big, bad youkai is gonna get you!"

Kagome sat at her place at the table and watched her family. For years she had cursed that well, the jewel, and the hanyou Inuyasha. Her teenage years of going to the mall with friends and finishing high school were ruined; the feudal era made her grow up too fast. In the end, she couldn't have been more thankful.

If it hadn't been for that jewel, that well, and that hanyou, she wouldn't have married the man of her dreams.

If it hadn't been for that jewel, that well, and that hanyou, she wouldn't have the beautiful daughter that she had now.

Most of all, if it hadn't been for that jewel, that well, and that hanyou, she wouldn't have a hit manga series.
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