Family Reunion by kmoaton
Summary: 500 years is a long time to wait, but some things are worth it.
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1. Chapter 1 by kmoaton

Chapter 1 by kmoaton
Author's Notes:
This was written for the Advent Calendar for the LJ Comm inuyashaxkagome.  I hope you enjoy.  Thank you, Madmistress for betaing this fic for me!  You Rock!

"Stop worrying, Koibito."  Inuyasha offered comfort to Kagome by wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close.  Kagome sighed and continued to stare out of the window.  Tokyo was blanketed with a deep covering of snow, painting the world a calming white.  The serene scene had little effect on Kagome, her insides knotted with nerves.
It had been over 500 years since she had seen her family.  After mating with Inuyasha, their life forces also bonded.  Kagome was given a yokai life span and with it the ability to see her family again.  Kagome had to wait until she went down the well for the final time and it sealed to avoid running into herself.  So many times she had to fight the urge to go and see her family before it was the proper time.
It had been Rin's idea to surprise them.  An invitation had been sent to Mama, Jii-Chan and Souta inviting them to a Christmas celebration.  It was simply signed "The Tashio Corporation".  The company had been sponsoring the Shrine for years so Kagome was certain they would come to the celebration.  She hadn't realized until receiving the R.S.V.P. that she had been practically holding her breath.
Inuyasha felt the tension from Kagome.  He, too, had missed the family that had accepted him and made him feel as if he belonged.  He could imagine the shock on their faces upon seeing them again.  During the time that passed, he and Kagome had raised a fine family.  There were three boys, two girls and now countless grandkids.  He couldn't help but wonder how Mrs. Higurashi would react to meeting adult grandchildren and their spouses?  A smile graced Inuyasha's lips as he realized that Mrs. Higurashi would simply love them like she did when she met him.
"You know, it's only been seven months for them," Inuyasha murmured in Kagome's ear.
"Yes, but it's been a lifetime for me."  Kagome gave another sigh.
Inuyasha could smell the fear and excitement pouring from Kagome.  Cuddling his wife closer, Inuyasha was pleased to feel her relax slightly.  He knew the passage of time had been hard on Kagome at first as she mourned the loss of her family.  As time moved on, Kagome accepted the fact that there was a possibility that she'd see them again in the future.  After breathing in Kagome's soothing scent, Inuyasha focused his attention to other sounds in the house.  He could hear his family laughing and talking in the other room.  
'My family,' Inuyasha thought with pride.  Something he had never held out hope for was living and breathing in the next room, thanks to the love of the woman he held in his arms.
The sound of the doorbell caused Kagome to jump in Inuyasha's arms.  Turning shiny, excited eyes to Inuyasha, Kagome could barely control herself.
"They're here!" she exclaimed through a wide smile.  Inuyasha returned the smile.
"Go let them in."
Kagome hugged Inuyasha and checked her hair.  Taking a deep breath, she looked back at Inuyasha.  All the kids and extended family had surrounded him, waiting for this moment.  Holding back tears of happiness, Kagome opened the door.
"Ka...Kagome?" a stunned Mrs. H stammered.
Kagome smiled, tears running down her face. 
As the two tearful women embraced, Inuyasha saw a circle come to a close.  Their lives were now truly complete.

Merry Christmas!   Happy Holidays!  Joyeux Noël!  Feliz Navidad!  Kurisumasu Omedeto! 

All of that to say, Merry Christmas from Kmoaton!

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