Skirt by InitialA
Summary: Kagome digs out an old favorite...
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I don't own InuYasha!!

1. Skirt by InitialA

Skirt by InitialA


By: InitialA/TuxedoUranus89

Disclaimer: I don’t own InuYasha!

Author’s Note: Yes, I know I need to be working on Growing Up Hanyou, there’s part of a chapter in progress, I promise! But, shorts beg to be written…

“Kagome-chan, why are you wearing your school uniform?” Sango asked, bouncing her son on her knee gently.

The miko put Mona Lisa to shame with that secretive smile, and held her finger to her lips. Footsteps, and InuYasha’s voice mocking Miroku, were heard coming closer, and Kagome proceeded to crawl on her hands and knees towards the fire pit and build the flames back up for the evening meal. She heard the reed mat rustle, and a choked gasp was heard; the mat flapped back into place, and Miroku’s own yelp and protests abruptly followed. “InuYasha, what—”

Sango’s eyes were wide as Kagome settled back on her knees. “And that, my dear Sango, is why I’m wearing my uniform.”

Just then, a fiery InuYasha stormed back into the hut. “Sango—”

“Gone,” She replied hurriedly, and fled; in the back of her mind, she made a note to ask her friend to borrow that skirt sometime.

((I don’t really remember if Kagome left her backpack in the past at the end, which would have spare uniforms in it… if not, then it’s kind of not canon, but hey, we all know Inu always wanted to pounce on her while she was wearing it. ;D))

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