Three Hints by MomoDesu
Summary: Kagome is keeping something from Inuyasha, and he doesn't like it.
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Story Notes:
Inuyasha and all related characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi.

1. Three Hints by MomoDesu

Three Hints by MomoDesu
Author's Notes:
Written for the iyissekiwa prompt 'hint'.
"You can't even give me a little hint?"

Kagome giggled at the childish antics of her hanyou husband. Ever since she told him she had a big surprise for him that he would get on the night of their first anniversary, he had been almost relentless in his harassment. It was starting to irritate her. "Not even a little hint."

"Kagome," he said, standing up straighter and puffing out his chest, "as your husband I demand that you tell me!"

"Inuyasha," she replied, mocking his tone, "as your wife I reserve the right to refuse your request."

He fumed for a moment before pouting. "Kagome!!"

The hint of whine in his voice grated her nerves. "Fine. Three hints: soap, lotion, and a yukata."

She tried not to roll her eyes at him, at the look of almost bliss that overtook his features. "Now, please leave! I need to prepare!"

Inuyasha mock saluted and grinned widely. "Yes, mam!" Then, with the speed only a hanyou or youkai possessed, he was out of the hut in a blur of red.

Kagome giggled to herself, picturing his reaction when she told him it was baby soap, baby lotion, and a tiny baby yukata that she had for him.

She shivered in anticipation.
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