Meant to be by Inuyasha_lover
Summary: I thought this up while listening to Amy lee's version of Sally's song. Inuyasha hears Kagome singing...He decided to sing a song of his own
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I do NOT own Inuyasha and i do NOT own the song's featured in this short little one-shot

1. Chapter 1 by Inuyasha_lover

Chapter 1 by Inuyasha_lover

Kagome sat in the dark watching him out of the corner of her eye. She put her head down as Inuyasha once again went off to see Kikyo. She had stopped questioning him, She couldn’t handle it any more so she just looked the other way. She sighed as she stood and she walked away from the group. Sango and Miroku noticed the sadness in Kagome’s eyes. Kagome walked until she came to a small clearing. She had wandered to far from the group but she didn’t care.

She had chosen to stay by his side, She had chosen to stay in the feudal era with him when the well closed in order to finish the search for the shikon Jewel. Kagome would never see her family again, Her goodbye to them had been tearful, and In fact Inuyasha had to carry her, Kagome was crying so hard she couldn’t see where she was going. Now Kagome felt more alone than ever. She had stopped wearing her school uniform and now wore pants and shirts with long sleeves in order to cover her arms.

Kagome had found a way to end the pain, The only one who knew was Miroku. During one of his fights with Sango, Miroku had stormed off. Only to find Kagome sitting in a small pool of blood. When he questioned her it led to Kagome breaking down and throwing herself into Miroku’s comforting arms. That was the first and only time Miroku had ever held Kagome to him and he didn’t try to feel her bottom.

The wind began to softly blow so Kagome too her hair out of its tie, She had changed greatly since choosing to stay in the feudal era, Her hair now reached her waist, she now had muscles In her arms from archery. She didn’t have to stop as much to rest either. Kagome came to a small river and she sighed as she sat on a rock. A song came to mind, She had written it not long after she realized she loved Inuyasha. She began to sing slowly,

I sense there's something in the wind
That seems like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend

And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be

what will become of my dear friend
where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd
in their enthusiastic cloud
try as I may, it doesn't last

and will we ever end up together?

Inuyasha had been walking back to the camp when he heard Kagome singing. When he realized it was about him, He fell into a tree and he tears began to fall….She loved him…as much as he loved her….

And will we ever end up together?
No, I think not, it's never to become
for I am not the one

Kagome stopped singing and she began to cry…Inuyasha’s heart broke at the sound of her sobs. As she stood to walk back, Inuyasha stayed in the darkness. He was coming up with a plan to get Kagome back into his arms…. For good. Kagome made it back to the camp and she sat in front of the fire, she pulled her knees to her chest and she got lost in the flames. Sango looked up and her eyes went wide, She grabbed Miroku’s arm to get his attention. Miroku saw what she was looking at and he dropped the piece of meat in his hands. Inuyasha stood behind Kagome holding a small flower bouquet. He cleared his throat and Kagome looked up, She saw the flowers and her eyes went wide, Inuyasha smiled as he slowly spoke and then he gradually went into a singing voice,

"My Dearest friend if you don’t mind, Id like to join you by your side.

Where we can gaze into the star’s"

He knelt down and Kagome smiled as she sang with him,

"And sit together, now and forever, For it is plain. As anyone can see, were simply meant to be."

Kagome took the flowers and she smiled as a tear slipped down her cheek. Inuyasha wiped the tear away and he pulled Kagome close. He leaned down and the couple held each other in a passionate kiss. Kagome pulled back and she smiled brightly, She sang once more in a soft angelic voice, "for it is plain, as anyone can see, were simply meant to be..."

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