Chance Meeting by Knittingknots
Summary: One day, while watching Rin and Kagome in a meadow, Sesshoumaru talks with InuYasha about Kagome's return.
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Genres: Comedy, Oneshot
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Series: After the Manga, Towards Tomorrow
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I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

1. Chance Meeting by Knittingknots

Chance Meeting by Knittingknots
Chance Meeting

Kagome was chasing Rin in a summer meadow, and their laughter echoed across the field.   The miko finally caught her, and after a quick tickle, both of them collapsed on the ground, panting to catch their breaths.  After a few moments, Kagome knelt down near a particular plant and showed it to Rin.  The younger girl looked up and nodded, and turned to begin looking herself.  Lost in their work, they didn’t realize that they were under the scrutiny of a lone figure dressed in red.

He stood near the edge of the clearing, his triangular ears twitching from time to time at sounds near at hand.   One presence though, he sensed before he could even hear or scent it.

“Sesshoumaru,” he said, as his brother came and stood next to him.

“The tales are true, then, Little Brother.  This Sesshoumaru had heard your woman had returned.”  Sesshoumaru looked out at the meadow watching as Rin returned with several plant stalks to give to Kagome.  Kagome gave an encouraging pat to her back and went on with her own work.

InuYasha didn’t bother to turn and look.  “Yeah.”

“This Sesshoumaru has also heard you have taken her under your roof.”  The youkai stood next to his brother.

“I have,” he said.  His right ear twitched as a bird landed near them.

“And that you were joined according to ningen rites.”   He watched as Kagome called Rin to come see something.  The girl, not so young as she used to be, was beginning to develop the figure of a young woman, something that became obvious as she bent over at the knees, her backside facing the two brothers.

“You heard correctly,” InuYasha replied.  He took a sidelong look at his brother, who was still looking at the two in the field.

“Yet your woman wears the robes of a miko.  Why is this?”

“It was the old miko’s idea.  She made Kagome her apprentice.”

“This Sesshoumaru had heard that miko were supposed to be unmarried and untouched, and had wondered if your joining was merely a formality.  That you were being her guard dog.”

InuYasha growled in the back of his throat. “Use your nose.  That’s what it’s there for.  You tell me.”

Sesshoumaru sniffed, and one eyebrow lifted.  “And you were going to inform this Sesshoumaru of our father’s grandchild when?”

InuYasha smirked.  “Oh, you would have noticed it eventually.  Don’t think I don’t smell how often you come by to check on Rin.  Like today.”

Sesshoumaru said nothing.

“She’s certainly growing up.  She’s only about two years younger than Kagome was the first time I saw her.”

“Hn,” said Sesshoumaru, looking as disinterested as he could.

“A few of the village boys have started watching her as well,” InuYasha commented.  His brother’s eyes flashed for a moment.

“Do not mention seeing me,” said the Daiyoukai, and then he faded back into the woods.

“Next few years may be kind of interesting,” InuYasha muttered as he went to join the others.
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