The Color of Eternity by InitialA
Summary: A rainbow of colors surrounds these final, defining moments. What is the color of eternal happiness?
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1. The Color of Eternity by InitialA

The Color of Eternity by InitialA

The Color of Eternity

By: InitialA/TuxedoUranus89

Disclaimer: I don’t own InuYasha… *sniff* I’m not going to be getting over this end thing anytime soon.

Author’s Notes: Well, the end of this hit me pretty hard. I loved it, I hated it, I dreaded it, I wept for it. All sorts of things. But the image that touched me the most was the scene where InuYasha pulled Kagome up from the well, and they stood there staring at one another. And that’s where the idea for this drabble came from. I hope you enjoy.



The earth at the bottom of the well stared back, just as dark and damp as it had been three years before, when she’d fallen onto it in a vain attempt to return to her heart’s desire. She felt a deep longing in the hole that had filled her chest for so long. ‘I want to be with you…


How she’d felt for so many days. The color stared back. The sky. Her eyes widened, and frail, hesitant hope bloomed in that aching hole.


Her mother’s hand signaled her comforting presence. It was hard, but she understood, and gave blessing. She nodded a final time, and fell.


The vines hadn’t changed a bit, perhaps a little thicker since she’d last climbed out. Sturdy as ever, she grasped them and heaved herself skyward.


His hand pulled her up, more strength in one arm than she could ever hope to achieve in her lifetime. In those eyes, those guarded, beautiful, wondrous eyes, she saw what she’d been feeling for ages: loneliness, desire, despair. She also saw what she felt now: hope, love, peace.


His arms were the only things she wanted, the only place she ever wanted to be. As long as he was nearby, she would remain complete, the aching hole in her heart sealed as tight as the well below her. He was her forever, not even time could stand between them for very long; he’d certainly proven that time and again. With peace falling into her being, she fell into eternity’s waiting arms.


((This honestly should have taken fifteen minutes, but I fought with that last paragraph for an hour. Four different people told me it was fine, and I had to wrestle with it a bit more. XD I tend to overdo. Anyway, I hope you liked it, and reviews are always, always, always welcome. I love feedback!! <3))

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