Keh by InitialA
Summary: It's finally over... Kagome has one more question though.
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1. Keh by InitialA

Keh by InitialA


By: InitialA/TuxedoUranus89/MidnightArticuno

Disclaimer: I don’t own InuYasha… *sniff* It’s ending!! T___T

Author’s Notes: Just a little something that popped into my head after reading the scanlation from today (June 11th), and also reading a supposed spoiler about next week’s final chapter? Dunno how much I trust it, but here goes! Takes place right after Ch. 557 ends, some spoilers.


Her head fell against his shoulder, letting him hold most of her weight. She didn’t care what happened next, so long as they had their right now. He came for her, just as he always did; her pillar of strength. And they were together, and that was all that mattered right now. Their ending was just as she’d always hoped it would be: everyone alive and well, and the Shikon no Tama vanished forever. “It’s over… It’s finally over…” She murmured against him.


At last…

She felt him tremble slightly; even her great hanyou must be worn out from this long day. “InuYasha?”

He looked down at her with somber amber eyes. Her mahogany ones met his. “What happens next?”

He shrugged. “Keh.”

I don’t know…

She weakly clutched at his haori; she hadn’t realized how tired she was until just now. “If… when we make it out of here… I know our quest is over, but… as long as you’ll let me… Can I stay with you?”

He seized her up, hard and fast. Before she could blink, his lips crashed against hers in a bruising kiss. She was swept up in what felt like years of pent-up emotion, hidden until just now. Her hands clutched at his neck, his hair, his ears, whatever they could grasp, as his lips, surprisingly soft, moved against hers. A ball of tension eased in the pit of her stomach, as a fire lit somewhere deep within; she wanted nothing more to be with this hanyou, this man, who ignited such passions within her with a simple kiss.

When they broke, he rested his forehead against hers, gazing into her eyes with more passion than she’d ever seen before from him. She trembled slightly from it. His lips brushed against her nose once, before he whispered, “Keh.”


Her hanyou was a man of little words, but she understood him every time. As she hugged him tightly, she mentally rewrote her ending; now it was perfect.


((Shortest thing I’ve ever written that’s getting published, 334 words. X3 Hope no one was too confused at the italics, I didn’t want to just have him say ‘keh’ all the time, so the hidden meanings idea was born. La, hope you enjoyed, reviews/comments are always welcome =D))

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